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The impressive list of manufacturers and designers located on the manufacturers page is a culmination of over 74 years in the decorating business and our endless search of new and exciting companies that shape the current wallpaper trends in decorating. As you browse our site you will notice we have provided you with some links to the individual websites of these companies which gives you an opportunity to view the new collections and even verify patterns you are considering. When you have made your selection, submit your information on our easy" form or call our showroom tollfree with any information. How to browse our discount wallpaper. Search by pattern Name, number, or Term: search by manufacturer: Browse our manufacturers! Search by book name: Acoustica design by color Resource Edition business 2120th Anniversary Archive edition18 Karat by ronald ReddingAbby rose 2Abby rose 3Acanthe by sandpiper Studios Accent WallAccents by decorlineAcoustical Reference wallcoveringsAcoustical by Studio vueaffrescoAfrican queenAfrican queen iiaged Elegance iiainsleyAlabaster Alhambra seabrook designs Alicante by sandpiper. 2 - kidsPeel stick decor Vol. 2 - laptop skinsPeel stick decor Vol. 2 - movies and ComicsPeel stick decor Vol. 2 - seasonalPeel stick decor Vol.

funky wallpaper

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funky wallpaper

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I took some photographs (pictured below) during the process for the heck. We're very happy with the results, and glad to be rid of the plaid! kaye anfield Back to top disclaimer : The manufacturer and Licensed Distributor of the paperIllusion Product and Brand Name being offered for sale are the Owners of the registered Trademarks, Trade Dress and Copyrights in said Product and Trademarks. M, being an entirely separate company, is not related to or affiliated with the manufacturer or any of the licensed Distributors of this PaperIllusion Product and Brand Name offered for sale. Paper Illusions Home free 7-day ecourse buy paper Illusion Wallpaper Free resource network help Desk copyright All Rights Reserved wiggleWigal lc palmyra, va 22963 Email. Behr paints Chip, color, Swatch, sample and Palette. Image details, width: 705px, heigth: 405px, file size: 14686Byte, file type: image/gif 1974 Imperial exterior paint color chips and codes.

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funky wallpaper

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I am so happy with how it turned out. Total cost was only 50 and hooke it completely changed the look of my kitchen. I was very skeptical when I read about using wallpaper, but I (and my husband) love how it turned out. I highly suggest giving it a try. I am not a "crafty" person at all and this duties was a breeze. Here are some pictures of my finished countertops. (click images to enlarge).I was very hesitant to do this for fear of hating it and having to buy new countertops in the end.

We love it though and have had rave reviews from everyone who has come over. People just can't believe it's wallpaper. At 50 total cost and about 5 hours of time i recommend it for anyone who hates their current counters. mandie we used the paper Illusions we bought from you to redo our kitchen walls (put up over primed wallpaper that wouldn't come off). We put a few coats of satin polycrylic over the top to protect it from spills.

Just prep the walls properly: wash, rinse well and let dry. Then follow up with an application of a good quality wallpaper primer (Zinnser Universal is recommended). Your paneling is then ready for an easy and pleasing extreme makeover. It's so easy and doesn't take a lot of time. With two little ones home with me i can't do projects that are too complicated or time consuming and this was neither.

It was very simple and i've gotten a lot of compliments. Kristie briones available in seven Different faux Wall Finishes! (Click images below to enlarge and see product details) i used Paper Illusions to do my bathroom floors as I couldn't afford to ceramic tile them. Everyone who sees them is simply amazed. I did the bathroom walls tuscan red and used Multi on the floor as my fixtures are beige and the multi has some burgundy flecks. It turned out beautiful. It looks like i installed a stone or marble floor. I used Satin finish Poly. barbara (bebe) I just resurfaced my kitchen counter yesterday with Paper Illusions wallpaper.

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And there's a textured effect built into dream the application as a result of overlapping the torn pieces. So, unlike regular faux finish wallpaper, uneven, cracked or damaged walls are no problem for PaperIllusion. You can just cover them up! This easy-care product is also completely washable and a breeze to remove. To remove just moisten with warm water and repeat until the pieces peel off. A perfect Wall covering for wood Wall Paneling! Before after unlike with regular wallpaper, paper Illusions wallpaper does not require a wall liner over paneling to camouflage the grooves, provided they are 1/4" or less in width. This wall covering for wood wall paneling bridges the gap!

funky wallpaper

Free 7-day e-course where you'll discover, how to faux Finish Walls, furniture, counter Tops more with Paper Illusion wallpaper. First Name: Email: your privacy is protected and your contact information will only be used by me to communicate with you about the decorating related subjects resume mentioned here. PaperIllusion is the Ultimate faux Finish Wallpaper Customer Testimonial I have been using the various paperillusions wallpaper colors for the last 6 or 7 years. I love them because they look funky and are extremely easy to use, more so than regular wall paper. I also like that you can easily stick a piece over another piece at a later time if there is a mark or damage to the original, rather than having to rewallpaper the whole wall or room. I have used it in my last few houses and love it, though it is very difficult to find. michelle bowden PaperIllusion can be applied over any clean, flat, dry surface. Including walls doors, ceilings floors, furniture fixtures, counter tops cabinets and even sheet rock paneling! The paper is pre-painted with various faux finish effects, such as faux marbleized stone and florentine marble.

for this faux Finish. While paint is the central element in most faux finishing projects, it is not the only one. Besides being messy and time-consuming, it is toxic-smelling and can be complex, requiring multiple coats. Faux finish wallpaper is an excellent alternative to us it's more durable. According to industry statistics, wallpaper lasts considerably longer than other wall finishes-a life span of 7 to 10 years versus 2 to 3 years for paint. But how can you just tear paper, dip it in water, and apply it to a surface to get results like this? Learn more about PaperIllusion and, discover how you can have jaw-dropping results like these. Please enter your name email address below to subscribe to our.

Step 3 : Apply the torn wet paper in an overlapping manner to your clean, flat dry surface. Paper Illusions Customer Testimonial, i really like this product. The walls in our home were damaged from years of abuse, and even though I repaired them, painting was really not a good option. I found this product and have resume done two bathrooms, an entry hall, and a formal dining room. Each in a different pattern, each in a different color, and each with a very different look. This product is very forgiving and covers little imperfections with ease. It is very simple to apply and the scraps can be used for room accessories, i covered the mattes on pictures and reframed prints. I even covered the cold air return grates so they would not be so obvious.

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Resource center for the Original, paperIllusion, wallpaper by village and Newest Designs by Imperial. Wallpaper Illusions is homework the place to find Paper Illusions wallpaper information and products. Dedicated to meeting your needs, you'll always find the largest selection of Paper Illusions products and valuable resource information. Paper Illusions Home, free 7-day ecourse, buy paper Illusion Wallpaper. Free resource network, help Desk, paper Illusions is the, easy. Way to faux Finish. Just 3 Simple Steps! Step 1 : tear specially formulated faux finish wall paper randomly into irregular shapes. Step 2 : Dip each piece of this unique faux finish wallpaper into warm water.

funky wallpaper
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  2. Bathroom Wallpapers available direct & online from the uk, great Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas & Designs at best buy prices. Order today for quick delivery. Choose your favorite commercial wallcovering from the vast collections of discounted wallcoverings. Also visit us to buy thibaut Wallpaper at reasonable prices!

  3. Find thousands idea and download for free grasscloth wallpaper for natural wallcovering. Eades Discount Wallpaper & Fabric Inc. Is your one stop online store for discounted designer wallpapers, fabric, borders, trims & commercial wallcovering.

  4. We have the best selection. Whereas the first chair above has an air of formality to it, this one is plain whimsy and funky to boot. These fabric mixes work well in a kids room or playroom, a sunroom. Home of Paper Illusions wallpaper by village and Imperial, wallpaper Illusions is the place to find Paper Illusion products and information.

  5. The largest selection of wallpaper in stock in Australia. Located in Mississauga near Toronto, we offer designer wallpaper. Stop looking at other wallpaper stores.

  6. Wallpaper installation is a serious craft and takes many years of practice and experience to become a master hanger. Flavor Paper prints on some finicky materials with matches and layouts that can get confusing so, for the sake of your walls, we highly recommend using a professional installer. The largest online collection of original vintage wallpapers from the '50s, '60s, '70s & '80s dead stock - low prices - fast shipping. From our showroom in Perth, wall Candy wallpaper brings you the best in Wallpaper, vintage furniture and Interior Design.

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