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Kelloggs emba application essay questions may seem deceptively simple. Theyre short but complex, and together they draw out a holistic view of you as a person and as a professional, including both what youve done and how you think and perceive. To the extent possible, ground your essays in detail and concrete experience, and use reflection as the thread weaving those details and experiences together into a vivid whole. There are no word limits, which may be good or not (as Linda Abraham has said about long essays and no word limits, They give you lots of rope). The open word limit means you must supply your own discipline. Outline your Kellogg emba essays, and start by thinking, not, Great, i can get everything in, but, rather, What are the 2-3 most important points I must make in this essay, and stick to those points, with thoughtfulness and depth. Quell the instinct to include everything.

We would be spending over an hour as paper a group in a campus cafeteria making sandwiches and packaging unused, sealed food to evanstons homeless and hungry. Reaction to this opportunity was unanimously positive, as our first weekend sold out of volunteer slots soon after announcing. On Friday, february 19th, 12 members of cohort emp 104 began what we hope will be an ongoing tradition in the Executive mba program of volunteering with Campus Kitchens for years to come. The group quickly made over three hundred assorted sandwiches in our launch evening, and had a fantastic time in the process. Since that evening, our cohort has packaged and delivered over a thousand sandwiches with Campus Kitchens. Emp 104 volunteers make sandwiches for the homeless and hungry — with a smile. Now that this opportunity has begun and is scheduled for the next several months out, we will continue to add other ways to impact the community in the limited time we have on campus, such as offering free business consulting to local non-profits. We are hopeful that these small acts of volunteerism can continue to add to a long list of positive things that Kellogg and its current and former students have accomplished and brought to communities across the globe. Brad Sugar is a senior development Executive for The American Friends of the hebrew University (afhu). He has twelve years of executive experience in both national and international educational and community agencies.

kellogg emba essays

Kellogg schulich mba essays

Evanston emba students arrive from across the country to the Allen Center campus on alternating Fridays, with classes and various group work starting at. And ending Saturday at. This leaves barely enough time for socialization, let alone time to contribute to kellogg and the evanston community in positive ways. Yet, dissertation soon after emp 104s inaugural class weekend in August, a social impact committee was formed and over half of the class signed up to participate in its activities. As a lifetime non-profit professional who lives not too far from campus in evanston, i was aware of multiple volunteer opportunities in the area. The challenge was finding one that worked with our busy alternating weekend schedules. Thankfully, i recalled a truly meaningful volunteer experience with my own children several months ago through the northwestern University branch of Campus Kitchens, where we packaged unused university cafeteria food and delivered it to those who were in-need. I reached out to campus Kitchens about a possible venture with emp 104; they were thrilled to hear from us and agreed to set up a special bi-weekly volunteer opportunity for every Friday night when the group was on campus together.

kellogg emba essays

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As a vice president at Jones Lang lasalle, she led and executed tenant representation and corporate solutions work for companies such as Xerox, kpmg and Huron Consulting Group. . Prior to attending Kellogg, beth spent six years in consulting for Accenture based out of Chicago and Sydney. By brad Sugar 17, executive mba students from the emp 104 cohort (class of 2017) have begun volunteering at Campus Kitchens, a non-for-profit which packages cafeteria food from college campuses for those in need. Aside from its academics, kellogg is known for its far-reaching and impactful network of alumni around the globe. Ask any applicant or current student, and theyll likely tell you that Kelloggs appeal goes way beyond the classroom and degree; getting those three little letters at the end of your name from Northwesterns school of business also means that youre part of an elite. Being accepted into a kellogg program is simultaneously an honor and a responsibility to uphold the institutions stellar reputation. For the 66 individuals in the emp 104 cohort of the Executive mba program (graduating June 2017 it was twist clear from the very beginning that it was important to figure out positive ways to add to this reputation and leave a legacy for future classes. The problem was with the hefty responsibilities of classwork alongside full time senior-level positions — not to mention familial and community obligations — time to make any kind of meaningful impact together was at a premium. While full-time and part-time students may have multiple opportunities to get together during the week or weekend, emba students do not have such a luxury.

I already know mud racing is hard, thats why i avoid it! Spend most of your response talking about what you learned from your leadership experience, and perhaps how you have applied. These lessons learned and your changing perspectives are going to be the foundation for your growth as a leader and team member at Kellogg. View Beths tips for question. As you are thinking about your application, take a look at Tidmarshs two series. Tips for Applying and, how Kellogg applicants are assessed. Beth Tidmarsh 03 is the director of admissions for full-time mba programs at Kellogg. .

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kellogg emba essays

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What challenges did you face? Oh yes, we want to understand the challenges for your team. (you had a team, right? Because you were a leader, there must have been some other people involved.) The challenge is what tests you as a leader. Was it a lack of resources?


A last-minute change of scope? A mistake for which your team had to take accountability? If youve led people, then I bet youve faced an obstacle that english would make great essay material. But most importantly what did you learn? How did this challenge and this experience change your perspective? A warning to people who write about marathons, triathlons, mountain climbing and mud races what did you learn that you can bring to kellogg?

Describe a recent and meaningful time you were a leader. What challenges did you face, and what did you learn? So, leadership again, eh? Once again in considering our overall application, we decided that leadership is the most difficult trait to draw out, and we want to encourage you to discuss. Sure, we can see your resume and your list of activities possibly you were president of every single one, and we can safely assume youre a leader. But more often, people choose one area to take on a significant leadership role and do it well whether professionally or maybe in an activity outside of work and you need some space to tell us about that.

Maybe your title does not accurately convey the leadership responsibilities you managed on a particular project. Why do we specify recent and meaningful? Well, you might be surprised how far back people dig to find examples. Heres a good rule of thumb: If the example is from your professional time horizon, great, solid choice. If you think back to college, ok, that may work. If you really want to use a pre-college example that may not stand out for the reasons you hope.

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They might be asked to assess your ability to work with others in groups, review your potential for assuming major management responsibilities, and even list your professional limitations or weaknesses. Finding someone who can best answer to the entire breadth of your professional experience will be vital in succeeding on these types of recommendations. In the end, while writing essays and seeking recommendations might seem tedious and stress-inducing, remember that these could be your best moments to shine. Gmat scores and college transcripts might not give admissions teams the best and most favorable picture of who you are and what you can bring to your cohort. Embrace these opportunities good to tell a story about yourself—and make sure its a story thats memorable and impressive to guarantee you admission. The 2015-16 Kellogg Full-Time mba application features two distinct essay questions. In the first of a two-part series, beth Tidmarsh, director of admissions for Kelloggs Full-Time program, reveals how to write a stellar response. Question 1: leadership and teamwork are integral parts of the kellogg experience.

kellogg emba essays

When asking someone to write a recommendation, its best to have a frank and open conversation before he or she begins writing. If he or she is especially familiar with a particular accomplishment of yours, remind your recommender to include it in their letter. Remember, when youre creating an application, youre trying to create a full picture of yourself to the admissions board—including a third party account of a specific moment in your career can be especially helpful. Moreover, you may be doing your recommender a favor: paper he or she may be unsure of where to start and resort to speaking in platitudes. Ultimately, your recommender may be grateful to have a bit of direction to get writing. Some schools, like, chicagos booth School. Mit have an online questionnaire for your recommenders to fill out.

to their school and what unique experiences you hope to contribute to the program. A similar question you could use the same core narrative to reply to comes from the. Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University : What do you consider to be your greatest skills and talents? How will you use these to contribute to your class as well as a study group? One illustrative story about your career could answer both—and gives you more time to thoughtfully craft the body of your essay while tailoring smaller portions to each school. Letters of Recommendation, at almost every business school, youre going to be required to submit letters of recommendation. With most programs, those letters are a free-form exercise: you ask a supervisor or mentor to write on your behalf and they can choose how to frame your work and experience. Note, however, that while most schools (i.e. Wharton, kellogg and Yale to name a few) prefer at least one of your recommendation letters to come from your current or most recent role, this letter is separate from your letter of employer sponsorship.

If youre applying to multiple programs with several different essay prompts, heres a paperless strategy to help you gather your thoughts and complete this task efficiently and effectively. Before you scurry off to your laptop to grind out essay after essay, take a moment to reflect. Taking into account the past decade or more of career experience, create a list for yourself of your most significant and hard-won achievements, your most painful but educational missteps and mistakes, your finest accomplishments in times of great stress and pressure. Once youve made your list, start forming these bullet points into anecdotes or stories. Consider your narrative: if you had a moment of great career crisis, find a way to bring the story to a conclusion that shows your grit, determination and ultimate ingenuity in solving the problem. Remember that you are the star of these stories so remain highly cognizant of how you choose to portray yourself. Once you have isolated these core stories that illustrate your career and best encapsulate the trajectory youre hoping for after you complete your emba, then its time to start writing.

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Preparing for an emba program can be a daunting task. From planning for tuition payments to laying out how youll balance your job, your personal and family life with your new academic demands, youll certainly have a lot of considerations on your mind. But before you can even get to that point, you have to make it through the good ultimate gatekeeper: the emba application process. For emba program applicants, the list of required documents can seem endless. From college transcripts. Gmat scores and letters of sponsorship from your current employer, getting your application together can feel like a high-stakes scavenger hunt. To help you wade through the document maze, weve put together some key strategies for you to consider as you prioritize what are perhaps the two most important parts of your application: your essays and your letters of recommendation. The Essay, at least one essay—and sometimes as many as three or four if youre applying to Wharton —is going to be required with your application to any top emba program. Fear not: constructing a clever and strategic essay could be as good as writing your own ticket into the program of your choice.

kellogg emba essays
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  1. Wharton, kellogg and Yale to name a few). Do your research on the programs, activities, clubs, classes and p rofessors at Kellogg as you approach your essays. While you are reading and.

  2. Full-time and emba essays at wharton and kellogg differ greatly. S everal top programs are much more schizophrenic. When preparing your emba application, your essays and letters. Note, however, that while most schools (i.e.

  3. Get the inside perspective on the kellogg Executive mba program. The 2015-16 Kellogg Full-Time mba application features two distinc t essay questions. In the first of a two-part series, beth Tidmarsh, director.

  4. Admission to the Executive mba program is contingent upon the full completion and submission of all application materials. Shel (Shelly watts, email: Intereste d in learning if we think you can be successful as an emba applicant. Examples of Kellogg mba essays submitted by successful aringo applicants who were accepted to kellogg Business school.

  5. Kellogg s emba application essay questions may seem deceptivel y simple. They re short but complex. Use these tips to ace the application.

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