Building superintendent responsibilities to put on resume

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"In most cases, you either have it or you don't." The best superintendents have not only technical skills but also understand how to supervise and manage people, how to communicate productively with the board, management and residents, and how to deal honestly and effectively with. Super or Resident Manager? "In smaller buildings says Picaso, "you typically find supers performing all the duties commonly associated with a superintendent as well as those of a handyman and a porter, such as doing repairs and taking out the trash. In slightly larger buildings, the super may have a porter but he still does hands-on repairs. In still larger buildings, where there's a staff of handymen and porters, the superintendent's job of necessity becomes more managerial." "Resident managers are generally not covered by any labor agreement, nor is there any definition in the labor agreement as to what they are says. The Staff hierarchy, where your super stands in the hierarchy of your building's management, and how he is perceived and treated by the board, by management and by residents, are important issues to address. Universally, it is the job of the board to set policy, the job of the managing agent to implement that policy and supervise the super, and the super's job to supervise the building staff and report back to management.

Who decides what your superintendent is supposed to do? "The super, managing agent paper and board have pretty much free range in constructing a job description as long as it's consistent with the collective bargaining agreement says Maher. "However, i don't know that I would always recommend that there be a written job description because later on if you ask someone to do something that isn't explicitly in there, you can get, "That's not my job.' nevertheless, from the perspective of management,. Managing agents Kessler, goldwater and Picaso all strongly advocate written job descriptions, pointing out the necessity of specifying job duties so that they can be referred to if disputes arise and also so that they can be used to quantify and measure performance. The board, the managing agent and the super should all collaborate on the creation of a job description, and should agree that it is fair and reasonable and that it will be used as the minimum standard of job performance. Goldwater suggests that the job description contain clear directives regarding whether or not and under what circumstances a super can perform private work for residents, so that no misunderstandings occur. An even Better Super, in terms of job training, Union 32B/J provides many classes, as do several area educational institutions. However, while most of these courses are technical in nature and many lead to eligibility for licenses appropriate to a superintendent's position, there are few, if any, courses that train superintendents in the necessary people skills they need to be top-notch in their profession. "Many of the guys who came up through the ranks have had no training in supervision, management or interpersonal communication observes Maher, "and they can be a little rough around the edges.". In response, several management companies have instituted in-house superintendent training programs that include such topics as staff supervision and how to get along with residents. "But not everyone can be trained in those areas observes Kessler.

building superintendent responsibilities to put on resume

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"The super must be trunk conversant with every mechanical and technical system in the building, work diplomatically to solve problems in the building, be responsive to residents and be able to work as a team member with the board and the managing agent says Steve kessler. "He should be cost-conscious and honest when it comes to working with vendors and contractors, proactive when it comes to heading off problems, and he should have all the appropriate training and licenses in such areas as boilers, hvac (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) and. "he also should be on the premises or immediately available 24 hours a day, seven days a week she adds. In fact, the housing maintenance code of Union 32B/J, the union that covers building workers such as superintendents, clearly states that in residential buildings of ten or more units, the super must live either on-site or within 200 feet of the building. "And says Jerry picaso, principal of the manhattan-based management company gerard. Picaso, "he should be able to effectively manage the handymen, the porters and all other building staff members." Despite all these "shoulds it's interesting to note that no specific description of a superintendent's job responsibilities is included in the Union 32B/J contract. "It does sometimes say what the super can't do points out Donald Maher, a partner with the law firm of Maher brown and a labor and employment expert. "For instance, supers can't collect rent. But in general, job duties are not described.".

building superintendent responsibilities to put on resume

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Experience working on smartphones and tablets. Cad experience a plus, ability to work with numerous contractors and sub-contractors in an efficient manner. By barbara dershowitz 1999 Apr, maintenance, if you had to name the single most valuable individual to your co-op or condo, who would it be? Certainly, your board president, managing agent, corporate counsel and accountant are key players. But boards and residents should never underestimate the importance of a competent, conscientious superintendent. The condition of your building's mechanical systems, how well maintained its public areas are and even aspects of its financial condition can all be traced to how well your superintendent performs. Knowing how to gauge your super's performance and how to improve it for the future will go a long way toward making your property the best it can. The super's Role, the role of the superintendent demands an ever-increasing level of professionalism and competence in a wide variety of areas.

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building superintendent responsibilities to put on resume

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If this is the case, you will want to make sure the individual has credentials which show he or she is skilled and capable of doing this type of work. Extra set of keys The superintendent will have an extra set of keys to each apartment. If the tenant locks themselves out of the apartment, the super will be able to let them. Your eyes and Ears Since the super will likely live at the property, he or she can give you the heads up if there is an issue. This could include glory a paragraph problem tenant, a tenant with an illegal pet or a health and safety issue at the property. Construction Superintendent qualifications and skills, next, outline the required and preferred skills for your position.

This may include education, previous job experience, certifications and technical skills. You may also include soft skills and personality traits that you envision for a successful hire. While it may be tempting to include a long list of skills and requirements, including too many could dissuade qualified candidates from applying. Keep your list of qualifications concise, but provide enough detail with relevant keywords and terms. Examples of Construction Superintendent skills 5 years experience as a project Superintendent in the construction industry 2 years experience in build-out construction preferred. Proficient in Windows operating systems and associated software.

Checking all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Checking all door and window locks. Showing Rental Property, another responsibility you may give your building super is showing the rental property to prospective tenants when you have a vacancy. The super will not be responsible for choosing the new tenant at the property. He or she will give the prospective tenant the tour of the unit and will collect a rental application if the tenant fills one out.

You, the landlord will still be responsible for screening the tenants to make sure they qualify to rent the apartment. Having the super do the showings will save you the time of having to do them yourself and will allow you to use this time on other matters. Small maintenance Issues building supers usually have the responsibility of dealing with small maintenance issues. This could include changing a door lock, fixing a dripping faucet or spackling a small hole. More Advanced maintenance Issues you may decide that you want to hire a super with more advanced maintenance knowledge. This could include dealing with heating, cooling or plumbing issues.

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When a tenant moves out of a rental unit, there will usually be some form of maintenance required before a new tenant can move. This maintenance can include: Sweeping, plan vacuuming and mopping floors. Replacing cracked floor or wall tiles. Changing any burned out light bulbs. Making sure all plumbing fixtures are in working order. Checking for any plumbing or roof leaks. Making sure heat and air conditioning work.

building superintendent responsibilities to put on resume

Shoveling sidewalks, walkways and driveways. Salting so that melting snow does not refreeze. Handling Tenant Complaints, a building super will serve as the middleman between you homework and your tenants. When a tenant has an issue with the property, they will first contact the super. Depending on the supers qualifications and the severity of the issue, the super may be able to handle the issue himself or may contact you to determine how to proceed. This will often allow you to avoid dealing with trivial matters at the rental, such as changing a light bulb and will leave you to handle the important problems, such as a roof leak. Apartment Turnover, you may decide to put your buildings super in charge of apartment turnover.

a bulk pick-up. Knowing the schedule and procedures for recyclables. Keeping Property Clean, a super has the basic obligation of keeping all common areas of the property clean. This includes picking up garbage, broom sweeping halls, and stairways, mopping and keeping all walkways clear. In the winter, a super may have an additional obligation of shoveling snow. In certain parts of the country, supers will constantly be shoveling snow, while in others, this could occur once a year. The responsibility to remove snow includes. Knowing how long after the end of snowfall the sidewalks and walkways have to be cleared.

Here are the 10 potential responsibilities twist if a superintendent. Before placing a super in your rental property, you need to decide what duties you want the super to perform. The two main categories the super will deal with are property maintenance and tenant issues. Taking Out the garbage, someone needs to take the garbage out of the rental property. This is a typical job of a building super. He or she must become familiar with your towns garbage collection rules. This includes: Knowing what days of the week the garbage is collected. Taking the garbage cans back in after garbage is collected.

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Adam Crowley / Getty Images, many landlords decide to hire a building superintendent, or save "super" for short, to help manage their rental property. The responsibilities of these supers will vary based on the duties agreed upon between him or her and the landlord. Learn ten tasks a super can be in charge. What Is a building Super? A building superintendent will occupy a unit in a landlords rental property (often a basement or ground floor unit) which they may live in for a reduced rent or rent-free in exchange for the services they will provide. The super does not have to live at the rental property but must reside within a certain distance from the rental property; within the same county, for example. Some towns will require rental properties with a certain number of rental units to have a building super. The responsibilities of a building Superintendent.

building superintendent responsibilities to put on resume
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Alternate jobs titles include property manager, facilities manager and real.

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  1. When applying and interviewing for a building superintendent job, you need to disp lay in your. Try our free resume builder or learn how to write a resume. A building property superintendent maintains a building or group of buildings and.

  2. The key responsibility of a building superintendent is to keep the building looking clean, safe. Other responsibilities can include. The role of the superintendent demands an ever-increasing level of professionalism and. The superintendent s job is between a rock and a hard place.

  3. Job Description for building Superintendents. Areas of study you may find at Madison Area technical College include: Graduate. As with any other job, a degree helps; however, in this case, it is more about the experience.

  4. Review our building superintendent resume sample for ideas. Learn how to write a stand out Construction Superintendent job description. See ex amples of Construction Superintendent job descriptions and other tips.

  5. Do you know what to include in your building Superintendent resume? Handled th e general custodial duties and maintenance of three apartment buildings. Only include related skills, experience, and qualifications that match each employ er s needs.

  6. Common duties listed on a building Superintendent resume sample include enforcing safety regulations, monitoring janitorial staff, identifying repair needs. A building superintendent can take some of the responsibilities of f of a landlord of a rental property. This is a typical job of a building super. Many towns will issue tickets if the garbage is put out too early.

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