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In 1951, he published The rebel, a philosophical analysis of rebellion and revolution which expressed his rejection of communism. Upsetting many of his colleagues and contemporaries in France, the book brought about the final split with Sartre. The dour reception depressed Camus; he began to translate plays. Camus's first significant contribution to philosophy was his idea of the absurd. He saw it as the result of our desire for clarity and meaning within a world and condition that offers neither, which he expressed in The myth of Sisyphus and incorporated into many of his other works, such as The Stranger and The Plague. Despite his split from his "study partner sartre, camus was still categorized as an Existentialist. He specifically rejected that label in his essay "Enigma" and elsewhere.

During modern the war Camus joined the French Resistance cell Combat, which published an underground newspaper of the same name. This group worked against the nazis, and in it Camus assumed the nom de guerre beauchard. Camus became the paper's editor in 1943. He first met Sartre at the dress rehearsal of Sartre's play, the Flies, in June 1943. 29 When the Allies liberated Paris in August 1944, camus witnessed and reported the last of the fighting. Soon after the event on, he was one of the few French editors to publicly express opposition and disgust to the United States' dropping the atomic bombs on Japan. He resigned from Combat in 1947 when it became a commercial paper. After the war, camus began frequenting the café de Flore on the boulevard saint-Germain in Paris with Sartre and others. He also toured the United States to lecture about French thought. Although he leaned left, politically, his strong criticisms of Communist doctrine did not win him any friends in the communist parties and eventually alienated Sartre. In 1949, his tuberculosis returned, whereupon he lived in seclusion for two years.

ma maison essay

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28 he was survived by his wife and twin son and daughter, jean and Catherine, who hold the copyrights to his work. Two of Camus' works were published posthumously. The first, entitled a happy death (1970 featured a character named Patrice mersault, comparable to The Stranger 's meursault. There is scholarly debate as to the relationship between the two books. The second was an unfinished novel, The first Man (1995 which Camus was writing before he died. The novel was an autobiographical work about his childhood in Algeria. Literary career edit The first publication of Camus (co-written by jeanne-paule sicard, yves bourgeois and Alfred poignant, and edited by Edmond Charlot ) was revolte dans essay les Asturies in may 1936. This concerned a revolt by Spanish miners brutally suppressed by the Spanish government. In may 1937 he wrote his first book lenvers et lEndroit dedicated to jean Grenier and edited by Charlot.

ma maison essay

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In 1944, camus founded the "French Committee for the european Federation" ( Comité Français pour la féderation Européenne cffe) declaring that Europe "can only evolve along the path of interests economic progress, democracy and peace if the nation states become a federation." From 22 to, the. 23 This specific branch of the european Federalist movement disintegrated in 1957 after Winston Churchill 's ideas about European integration rose to dominance. Death edit camus died on t the age of 46, in a car accident near Sens, in le grand Fossard in the small town of Villeblevin. In his coat pocket was an unused train ticket. He had planned to travel by train with his wife and children, but at the last minute he accepted his publisher's proposal to travel with him. 24 Albert Camus' gravestone The driver of the facel Vega hk500 car, michel Gallimard ( fr who was Camus' publisher and close friend, died five days after the accident. 25 26 In August 2011, the milan newspaper Corriere della sera reported a theory that the writer had been the victim of a soviet plot, but Camus' biographer, Olivier Todd ( fr did not consider it credible. 27 Camus was buried in the lourmarin Cemetery, lourmarin, vaucluse, france. He was the second-youngest recipient, at the age of 44, of the nobel Prize in Literature, after Rudyard Kipling, at the age.

20 A professional footballer appears as a character in The Plague and football is discussed in the dialogue. Revolutionary Union movement and Europe edit As he wrote in l'homme révolté ( The rebel in the chapter about "The Thought on Midday camus was a follower of the ancient Greek 'solar Tradition' (la pensée solaire ). In 194748, he founded the revolutionary Union movement ( Groupes de liaison internationale gli) 6 a trade union movement in the context of revolutionary syndicalism ( Syndicalisme révolutionnaire ). According to Olivier Todd, in his biography Albert Camus, une vie, it was a group opposed to some tendencies of the surrealist movement of André Breton. For more, see the book alfred Rosmer et le mouvement révolutionnaire international by Christian Gras. His colleagues were nicolas lazarévitch, louis Mercier, roger Lapeyre, paul Chauvet, auguste largentier, jean de boë (see the article: "Nicolas lazarévitch, Itinéraire d'un syndicaliste révolutionnaire" by sylvain boulouque in the review Communisme, n 61, 2000). His main aim was to express the positive side of surrealism and existentialism, rejecting the negativity and the nihilism of André Breton. From 1943, Albert Camus had correspondence with Altiero Spinelli who founded the european Federalist movement in Milan—see ventotene manifesto and the book "Unire l'Europa, superare gli stati altiero Spinelli nel Partito d'azione del Nord Italia e in Francia dal 1944 al 1945-annexed a letter.

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ma maison essay

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While in lyon during the wehrmacht occupation, on 15 December 1941, camus read about the paris execution of Gabriel Péri ; 19 it crystallized his revolt against the germans. He moved to bordeaux with the rest of the staff of Paris-soir. In the same year he finished The Stranger, his first novel, and The myth of Sisyphus. He returned briefly to Oran, algeria, in 1942. Football edit camus was once asked by his friend Charles Poncet which he preferred, football or the theatre. Camus is said to have replied, "Football, without hesitation." 20 Camus played as goalkeeper for Racing Universitaire d'Alger role (rua won both the north African Champions Cup and the north African Cup twice each in the 1930s) junior team from 1928 to 1930. The sense of team spirit, fraternity, and common purpose appealed to camus enormously.

22 In match reports Camus would often attract positive comment for playing with passion and courage. Any football ambitions disappeared when he contracted tuberculosis at the age. The affliction, which was then incurable, caused Camus to be bedridden for long and painful periods. When Camus was asked in the 1950s by an alumnus sports magazine for a few words regarding his time with the rua, his response included the following: "After many years during which I saw many things, what i know most surely about morality and the. Camus's belief was that political and religious authorities try to confuse us with over-complicated moral systems to make things appear more complex than they really are, potentially to serve their own needs.

It lasted until 1939. From 1937 to 1939 he wrote for a socialist paper, Alger-Républicain. His work included a report on the poor conditions for peasants in Kabylie, which apparently cost him his job. From 1939 to 1940, he briefly wrote for a similar paper, soir-Republicain. He was rejected by the French army because of his tuberculosis.

In 1940, camus married Francine faure, a pianist and mathematician. Although he loved her, he had argued passionately against the institution of marriage, dismissing it as unnatural. Even after Francine gave birth to twins, catherine and jean, on 5 September 1945, he continued to joke to friends that he was not cut out for marriage. 16 Camus had numerous affairs, particularly an irregular and eventually public affair with the Spanish-born actress María casares, with whom he had an extensive correspondence. 17 18 In the same year, camus began to work for Paris-soir magazine. In the first stage of World War ii, during the so-called Phoney war, camus was a pacifist.

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Camus joined the activities of the Algerian people's Party ( le parti du peuple Algérien which got him into trouble with beauty his Communist party comrades, who in 1937 denounced him as a trotskyite and expelled him from the party. Camus then became associated with the French anarchist movement. The anarchist André Prudhommeaux first introduced him at a meeting in 1948 of the cercle des Étudiants Anarchistes (Anarchist Student Circle) as a sympathiser familiar with anarchist thought. Camus wrote for anarchist publications such as le libertaire, la révolution Prolétarienne, and Solidaridad Obrera (Workers' solidarity the organ of the anarcho-syndicalist cnt (National Confederation of Labor). Camus stood with the anarchists when they expressed support for the uprising of 1953 in East Germany. He again allied with the anarchists in 1956, first in support of the workers' uprising in poznań, poland, and then later in the year with the hungarian revolution. 12 13 I do not believe in God and i am not an atheist. He told le monde in 1956, "I would agree with Benjamin Constant, who thought a lack of religion was vulgar and even hackneyed." 14 Marriage edit In 1934, camus married Simone hié, but the marriage ended as a consequence of infidelities on both sides. In 1935, he founded Théâtre du Travail (Worker's Theatre 15 renamed Théâtre de l'Equipe (Theatre of the team) in 1937.

ma maison essay

gained acceptance into the lycée bugeaud ( fr ) and eventually was admitted to the University of Algiers. After contracting tuberculosis in 1930, he had to end his football activities: he had been a goalkeeper for a prominent Algerian university team. In addition, he was only able to study part-time. To earn money, he took odd jobs: as a private tutor, car parts clerk, and assistant at the meteorological Institute. He completed his licence de philosophie ( ba ) in 1936; in may 1936, he successfully presented his thesis on Plotinus, "Rapports de l'hellénisme et du christianisme à travers les oeuvres de Plotin et de saint Augustin" relationship of Greek and Christian thought in Plotinus. Augustine 11 for his diplôme d'études supérieures ( fr ) (roughly equivalent to an ma thesis). Camus joined the French Communist Party in early 1935, seeing it as a way to "fight inequalities between Europeans and 'natives' in Algeria." he did not suggest he was a marxist or that he had read Das Kapital, but did write, "We might see communism.

Sartre and i are always surprised to see our names linked." 5, camus was born in, french Algeria. Pied-noir family and studied at the, university of Algiers, from which he graduated in 1936. In 1949, camus founded the Group for International liaisons 6 to "denounce two ideologies found in both the. Ussr and the usa". 7, tree contents, early years edit, albert Camus was born on 7 november 1913 in Mondovi (present-day. Dréan in, french Algeria. 8 His mother was of Spanish descent and could only hear out of her left ear. 9 His father, lucien, a poor agricultural worker of Alsatian descent, was wounded in the battle of the marne in 1914 during World War i, while serving as a member of a zouave infantry regiment.

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Albert Camus ( /kæmu/ ; 2, french: albɛʁ kamy ( listen 7 november 1913 ) was. French philosopher, author, and journalist. His views contributed to the rise of the philosophy known as absurdism. He wrote in his essay. The rebel that his whole life was devoted to opposing the philosophy of nihilism while still delving deeply into individual freedom. Nobel Prize in Literature at the age of 44 in 1957, homework the second youngest recipient in history. 3, camus did not consider himself to be an existentialist despite usually being classified as a follower of it, even in his lifetime. 4, in a 1945 interview, camus rejected any ideological associations: "no, i am not an existentialist.

ma maison essay
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