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Customers and Markets from day one /li /ul build a customer development Process, customer development???? Concept/ seed round Product dev. Alpha/Beta test launch/ 1 st Ship Product development. Customer development is as important as Product development Company building Customer development Customer Discovery Product development Customer Validation Customer Creation Concept/ Bus. Customer development: Big Ideas ul li parallel process to Product development Checkpoints tied to fcs, but to customer milestones of Market Types to represent reality is on learning discovery before execution /li /ul customer development heuristics ul li There are no facts inside your building. Customer Discovery: Exit Criteria ul li What are your customers top problems?

Customer development Methodology, upcoming SlideShare, loading in 5, show More. No downloads, no notes for slide, the customer development Methodology Steve. Blank email_address, goals of This Presentation ul li a new model for startups the customer development model this knowledge into a better Company /li /ul Product development Model Concept/ seed, round Product dev. Alpha/Beta test launch/ 1 st Ship. Whats Wrong With This? Concept seed round Product dev. Alpha/Beta test launch/ 1 st Ship handwriting Product development ul li Create marcom create positioning /li /ul - hire pr agency - early buzz - create demand - launch event - branding Marketing. Alpha/Beta test launch/ 1 st Ship Product development ul li Create marcom create positioning /li /ul - hire pr agency - early buzz - create demand - launch event - branding ul li build Sales Organization sales ul li hire sales vp 1 st Sales. Alpha/Beta test launch/ 1 st Ship Product development ul li Create marcom create positioning /li /ul - hire pr agency - early buzz - create demand - launch event - branding ul li hire sales vp 1 st Sales Staff sales Organization sales. Build It And They will, come ul li Only true for life and death products biotech Cancer Cure are development risks and distribution, not customer acceptance true for most other products consumer, web are customer acceptance and market adoption Chasing The fcs date. Learning discovery customer Ship becomes the goal hiring predicated on business plan hypothesis spending hit if product launch is wrong projections, assumes all startups are the same dont know if youre wrong until youre out of business/money /li /ul If Startups fail from a, lack.

methodology presentation

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More about lee hales. When: October 20, 2016; 1:00 - 2:30. Where: georgia tech savannah, 210 Technology circle, savannah, ga 31407 parb building. Please email add with any questions. Interested in the morning Factory layout focused slp session? View the details of the morning session. Successfully reported this slideshow.

methodology presentation

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Location: georgia tech savannah, 210 Technology circle, savannah, ga 31407 parb building. Event Details, renowned Warehouse layout Educator and Practitioner lee hales will be conducting a lecture and question and Answer session on the systematic layout Planning methodology which is used throughout the world to support additions and realignments of good existing facilities as well as in planning. This fast-paced overview of Systematic layout Planning (SLP) shows you how to eliminate and avoid the waste from poor layout of activities and equipment. . Used by thousands of planners around the world, slp is standard practice in leading multinational firms and an essential step in their lean and world-class manufacturing programs. . slp is the fastest way to assure: focused factories and value stream layouts; minimum material handling effort; flexibility and adaptability; better utilization of people, equipment and floor space In addition to better layouts, slp typically knocks weeks and even months from the time that. Lee will be available after the presentation for follow-up discussion. About lee hales,. Lee hales is a senior Lecturer with the georgia-tech Supply Chain logistics Institute and President of Richard Muther associates. Lee is the author and co-author of several books on industrial planning, including: Systematic Planning of Industrial Facilities (with Richard Muther) and Computer-Aided Facilities Planning.

Some responses pointed the lack of adequate in-service training where there are no opportunities to apply what has been learned since the courses are only an introduction to what they do in the work place. The remaining responses show that students are aware of the reality that they fairly might have necessary required skills needed at the industry. They also mentioned that each working environment needs its own particular engineering practices that can only be obtained when working in that specific work-place. The responses to the question soft-skills like communication skills are downplayed by engineering programs while technical skills are over-emphasized showed that they are agree with this statement and know the importance of soft-skills. The remaining responses were in agreement with the idea that soft-skills are less important than hard-skills. These answers echo the traditional view that one set of skills are more important that others and they are not dependent to each other. Important Soft skills Identified, the following factors are the most important soft-skills that students though they need in order to become a successful in work places: Conclusion, this work provides a valuable insight on the importance of development of technical skills as well as soft-skills. Many student expressed dissatisfaction with industry expectations with their engineering program that they may not use what they have learned. It is clear that students require real work experiences to help them acquire more and develop requesting skills in preparation for the world of work which ensures the success of Iranian oil industry with competent graduates.

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methodology presentation

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A literature survey on soft skill reveals that there is no singular definition of the essay set of skills. Some refer to manager them as process skills, generic skills and transferable skills. For many Iranian engineering students, it is important to adequate soft skills, particularly communication skill since the international language of petroleum industry is English. Work methodology, the object of this work was to obtain responses from students on how important soft skills are in petroleum industry. The data collection was based on a questioner containing some user-friendly multiple-choice questions, with few open-ended ones. 50 students from Iranian Petroleum University answered the questions.

Result, the majority of students(40) were positive about the importance of soft-skills by agreeing with the statement: soft-skills are equally important to hard-skills in petroleum engineering. Discussion, the result showed a significant gap between what universities offer and what students demand. Here, we intend to review and discuss some of the questions and the answers given to them to show how the above result was concluded. The students mentioned the importance of being team player and being able to market themselves and their ideas; by answering the question successful engineers must be team players. The majority of students responded negatively when answering the question on how they are prepared for work. They revealed the fact that they might not have adequate and necessary skills when they graduate since the university and industry are different in many ways.

I would like to begin my paper by giving some definitions of the word "presentation" from some serious English dictionaries, which will help to understand the real meaning of this word. Download, skip this Video, loading SlideShow in 5 Seconds. Work methodology powerPoint Presentation, download Presentation. Work methodology 1 / 10, it is generally expected that besides the solid theoretical knowledge(hard skill) included in the basic sciences and engineering sciences, a good engineer should acquire additional relevant non-technical or soft skill. This balance is what gives one graduate competitive edge over another.

Copyright Complaint Adult Content Flag as Inappropriate. I am the owner, or an agent authorized to act on behalf of the owner, of the copyrighted work described. Download Presentation, an Image/Link below is provided (as is) to download presentation. Download Policy: Content on the website is provided to you as is for your information and personal use and may not be sold / licensed / shared on other websites without getting consent from its author. While downloading, if for some reason you are not able to download a presentation, the publisher may have deleted the file from their server. Presentation Transcript, it is generally expected that besides the solid theoretical knowledge(hard skill) included in the basic sciences and engineering sciences, a good engineer should acquire additional relevant non-technical or soft skill.

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In most schools and even universities among pupils and students exists such a myth that a presentation means getting some information and presenting it to an audience. They believe that it is enough to go to internet, to find a lot of information, it does not matter whether the information is necessary or unnecessary, it just should contain the topic they need, and present all this rough material to an audience. They make a big mistake thinking that their main plan responsibility in making a presentation is to get as much information as they can. The second problem seems more serious for all pupils and students, because they clearly understand the thing they should present their topic before an audience, without any mistakes speaking foreign language and at the same time trying to attract the interest of an audience. Almost all the pupils are afraid of making a presentation before an audience, especially if it foreign language. In general, pupils see as a problem only the second one, the first is not a problem for majority of them because they do not understand clearly, what this task requires from them. The main aims of my paper are to find the decisions of these two main problems though some theoretical advices of famous writers and practical exercises, which will help to make it easier for a pupil or a student to prepare a successful presentation. My purpose is to answer the questions, which may arise during the analyzing of this topic.

methodology presentation

The present paper focuses on the words methodology of preparing a presentation in English and the main problems, which a pupil may face while making and presenting his /her topic. To start with, i would like to define the main problems connected with this topic. Preparing for a presentation is not clearly understandable topic for most of the pupils at school and students in university. The main problems a person faces are:. How to make a good presentation the process of preparing. How to present a topic successfully. Such a word like presentation has a wrong meaning in understanding of the majority of pupils.

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methodology presentation
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  5. The powerPoint ppt presentation : "research, methodology " is the property of its rightful owner. An overview of Contemporary roc. Methodology in Medical Imaging and Computer-Assist Modalities. Methodology class presentation (Sem ).

  6. The present paper focuses on the methodology of preparing a presentation in English and the main problems, which a pupil may face while making and. Email, presentation to Friend. Error in Email Address.

  7. Methodology presentation 3 29 12 Final. Methodology, steve blank email_address. The customer development, presentation ul li Answer the implicit.

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