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Instead of creating a universal layout you can instead design depending on the current device resolution and orientation. With the implementation of css3 media queries you no longer have to rely wholly on javascript of detecting user agents. Compare the slight size resolution differences between pixel aspect ratios for 1,.5 and. Css3 media queries give developers the ability to target devices by using variables for device width, orientation and pixel aspect ratio. You can use these variables to load specific styles when developing for mobile devices. For instance the ipod touch, iphone, iphone 3G and iPhone 3GS (pixel-ratio: 1) all utilize one pixel aspect ratio. You can target all of these devices very simply and target iPhone 4 (pixel-ratio: 2) and Android devices (pixel-ratio:.5) separately.

link relapple-touch-icon href/images/g/ link href/images/g/ Older Android devices (1.5,.6) will see the precomposed icon and newer versions (2.1) will use the alternate. Apple recommends a 114114 pixel (high resolution) icon for their retina displays and the same image can be used for Android to achieve a better quality result. The above code will work seamlessly with iPhone and ipod touch but will not always display correctly for Android. There are issues when using an ssl certificate that is expired or differs from your domain and htc phones will only overlay a small version of your icon when saved. You may also want to look into web capable content, status bar style and start up image for further georgetown Apple device customization. link relShortcut Icon typeimage/ico href/images/favicon. Ico / meta contentno / meta contentdefault / link relapple-touch-icon href/images/g / link relapple-touch-startup-image href/images/g / pixel Aspect Ratio the variety of available display sizes makes for a difficult decision when creating your mobile website. As we discussed before, its best to narrow down your customer base and make a decision from there. You can decide to move forward destination with a fluid layout or create layouts for specific groups of devices. Remember the chart we looked at earlier with the ios and Android resolutions?

mobile marketing thesis

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They do not, or very rarely use a desktop, laptop or tablet to access the web. Mobile-only in Egypt is 70 percent, India 59 percent, even in the us its 25 percent of subscribers. On device research Icons A great feature that has arrived with current smartphones in the ability to save website bookmarks to your home screen and being able to create your own icon that will look like an app. There are Android icon guidelines and iPhone icon guidelines to help you through this process but we will discuss the basics to get you going. In the past with websites we only hippie had to identify a favicon (1616 pixels) that would show up in the address bar next to the website url. You would either link a png or ico file directly and this was all that you needed. link relicon href/images/g/ link relshortcut icon href/images/favicon. Ico/ for mobile devices you have a whole new set of options available to you. Besides the tags mentioned above you can now identify an icon for iPhone, ipod touch and Android devices.

mobile marketing thesis

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Mobile websites must offer various media types that differ from the desktop but offer a similar experience. People are used to the simple, flexible interfaces that many apps offer due to the mass offerings of the Apple itunes store. With that in mind you must be sure to provide a similar experience on your mobile website that common apps are providing users currently. These high expectations will force you as a developer to increase performance, create a dynamic environment, test and test some more. With current html5 and css3 technology it is easier for developers to support multiple devices and offer a degraded experience for others. There are also many cross-platform mobile development tools available for use. Many mobile web users are mobile-only,.

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mobile marketing thesis

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In the resume following section we will discuss how to create a flexible site, even when graphic heavy. The market today contains rapidly changing display dimensions and you will want to be certain you pick the devices you support wisely. Since cell phones enter and leave the market at an average of 18 months you will want to avoid devices that are not widely accepted since this will have an effect on the supported screen resolutions. When you start developing your mobile website you will want to utilize the html5 and css3 functionality built into these smart browsers and review which features are widely adapted. Building for Mobile devices When you begin building for mobile devices you will need to take into account the small viewing areas, load times and touch screen support.

Will you be including a quick launch menu or will your site only be one page? Will you offer multiple types of media or just serve specific information? With screen sizes that vary, providing relatively small viewing areas, you will need to provide quick and simple navigation to any information you are offering. This includes preloaded images, videos and identifying the page load order. With many restrictions on older devices, you cannot meet user expectations for feature rich websites thanks to the new standard people expect due to the ios and Android systems.

Over 85 percent of new handsets will be able to access the mobile web. Today in us and. Europe, 90 percent of mobile subscribers have an Internet-ready phone. gartner Defining devices to support After you have reviewed the resolution information we discussed in the previous section you can decide which delivery methods and mobile devices you will support. This will have a large effect on the images and code you will be developing. A mobile device is not just a smaller computer, but a whole different realm of user interaction and web development.

Altering something that works for a desktop user by scaling it down will not work due to the limited screen space and touch technology. Please note that this is a very limited list, and is by no means complete. What is important to take from this data is that a wide range of screen resolutions are out there, and new devices are introduced constantly. Source When working with popular mobile devices you have to account for not only standard viewing (portrait) but for adjusted viewing (landscape) with images and content. By looking at the screen resolution image above you can see that the ios low/high screen resolution and Android low/high screen resolutions are very similar. They are not exact but will help you during development keeping in mind the smallest possible max screen resolution of your mobile website will be 960 x 960 pixels due to the retina display. The lowest screen resolution you will want to develop for would be 320 x 320 for smaller Android devices. All other popular screen resolutions will fit in-between.

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Mobile tags help users initiate the process rather than writing delivering a coupon or content by self-engaging. Qr codes and ms tags can be used for: Content Sampling, event Information, giveaways, hotels/Resorts. Loyalty rewards, location Based Games, product Preview, product reviews. Realtors, retail Stores, restaurants, scan-to-pay tourism Attractions tourist Attractions When users visit your website you should have an immediate call to action. Users can watch a video, vote on a poll, complete a form or even purchase a product. When you immediately engage users you have a better chance of keeping their attention and delivering your message. Usability tests demonstrate that users see and understand less and do not engage unpleasing websites. Get users attention act on their impulses, engage users and complete your goal. Once your campaign gains more focus, it will be easier to determine the project details and make decisions as you continue to plan.

mobile marketing thesis

For example if you are utilizing. Qr codes or, ms tag (free to use) in your campaign, you can only choose to only support iPhone/iPod touch, Android and Windows 7 Mobile. This is due to the fact that scanning technology requires a camera and a scanning app before you can be directed to the website being marketed. If mobile tags were a family, qr codes would be the parents while ms tags would be the spunky children. If you are reaching out to a larger base you can utilize a flier, napkin, product package, label, menu, web banner or even a commercial to display these 2d codes for users to scan. Some establishments even place a window sticker on their front door (eg restaurants, store front merchants). If your demographic is much smaller, perhaps writing you can add a code within a company newsletter, promotion or business card. These methods are most effective with incentives (eg discounts, free gifts) and other methods are more successful with general company promotion. Mobile tags gained extreme popularity as instant entry for contests since personal information can be quickly accessed through a mobile phone and remove the irritation of filling out a form.

important questions you should be asking. While each campaign specifically revolves around very unique goals, we can discuss how you can find your own answers to the questions above. What devices will you support? If you are marketing to any device with an internet connection you must account for regular resolutions, high resolutions, the more complicated mobile screen trends and various mobile screen resolutions. By narrowing your campaign down to specific mobile devices (eg smartphones) depending on your needs, you can focus on as little as three key screen resolutions.

With over 120 million ios devices on market and twist more than 302 million Android devices sold, there is a large customer base that will only continue to grow. With the various devices available and variation of screens, developers must consider all user experiences. Once your idea is in place and you have decided that you want to utilize the mobile platform as your base, you must determine several factors to formulate an effective plan. Whether you are bypassing desktop devices completely and focusing on mobile or just utilizing mobile marketing in your campaign you will need to define a campaign, devices to support and build for mobile devices. On average, americans spend.7 hours per day socializing on their mobile device. Thats twice the amount of time they spend eating, and over 1/3 of the time they spend sleeping each day. microsoft, defining a campaign, before any campaign is launched it must first be defined to help flush out questions that can be detrimental if asked too late.

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As the technology for mobile devices grows, so does the opportunity for development. Many companies are not creating their own apps, but instead utilizing html5, javascript and css3 to aid in the creation of web apps and mobile websites. Reducing the initial investment, companies can get the most out of the money they are spending and release it to the public themselves on their own terms. Who wouldnt want to save money and produce a more expandable product? When building mobile apps with these technologies you essay no longer have to duplicate efforts for mobile cross-platform flexibility. By implementing the latest technology you can rely on full support (. WebKit ) by popular devices that use ios, android and the experience can be altered or downgraded for others. You will receive the best results if you build for the masses but utilize a specific strategy for your demographic knowing that not everyone owns a smartphone with html5 support.

mobile marketing thesis
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  2. As both brands and technology continue to evolve, what does the future of mobile marketing look like? In this in-depth guide to mobile app marketing, Ill show you how to build a useful app that people will be quickly download and use. If you truly want to grab the attention of smartphone users. Or dissertation proposal is also useful to present their thesis marketing.

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