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If you type in money, for example, haiku deck will give you a ton of money images that you can use in your slides. With these images, its easy to create themed presentations. The app is available for free on your ipad and on the web. You can also purchase additional themes in the application. You can head here to get inspired or create your own haiku deck. Finally, meetings, pitches, reviews, theyre a part of our work life and cant be avoided. But, presentations dont need to be boring.

Its also more engaging than most other presentation software products. That its available across a range of devices like the ipad and even a viewer on iPhone means that you can always capture ideas and create presentations on the run. The basic version of Prezi is free but if essay you depend heavily on creating and presenting ideas then we suggest the paid version starting at 59 a year. You can learn more about. Haiku deck for your ipad, haiku deck lets you build and tell good-looking stories. Haiku deck is made for the ipad. There is a web version too, but we find it much easier to use on the ipad because of the touch screen. Haiku deck lets you can create presentations on the go in no time so if youre on your way to work and forgot that you had to make a presentation at the office, haiku deck can bail you out. Haiku deck stands resume out because of all the great artwork it lets you add to your slides. This artwork is customized to the words you type.

online presentation maker like prezi

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Whats more you can send your presentations as links and can be viewed online and offline. You can learn more about, customShow here. Prezi build Dynamic Presentations if youre tired of the much-abused, run of the mill presentation software and are looking for something that lets you be creative, look no further than Prezi. Prezi doesnt use the typical linear slide formula. Instead, it lets you create a dynamic, visual presentation spread across a large canvas. On this canvas, you can place objects, create relationships between them and scale them to be bigger or smaller. During the presentation, you are supposed to use Prezi tools to navigate between them, zoom in and zoom out and even rotate the entire improve canvas. Prezi is perfect for when you want to get your audience to see the bigger picture.

online presentation maker like prezi

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CustomShow business Presentation Software, custom Show can help you create graphic rich presentations. The customShow presentation software is suitable for small and medium businesses. The software lets you build big, content rich presentations that can be shared with everyone in the organization. Apart from being good looking, these presentations come with additional features like expiration dates and authentication. Also read : 10 Very Useful Online Presentation tools to help you share Slides Online. A presentation, for example, can be set to be valid for just a few months and then it will automatically expire. The authentication feature lets you track who exactly has been watching your presentation and as well as how popular it is with your colleagues trunk or employees. You can even import your other presentations created on any other programs.

KingSoft Presentation Free a free powerPoint Clone. Kingsoft presentations are much like the powerPoint, albeit costs less. If youre looking for something exactly like ms powerPoint but less expensive, then KingSoft Presentation is what youre after. If you have experience using ms powerPoint, you wont have a problem with KingSoft Presentation both software offerings have similar interfaces and a similar layout. You can make some good-looking presentations with KingSoft and the software is compatible with Windows, Android and Linux systems. The best part is that the software is completely free to download and use. KingSoft Presentation can be downloaded separately or together with the kingSoft Office suite.

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online presentation maker like prezi

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Many of them, unlike powerPoint, are even free! Some of the better ones even add features not found in PowerPoint. If youre tired of ms powerPoint, here are 5 alternatives to it that you can use to make some kick ass slideshows. Googles answer to powerPoint is a simple, no-frill online collaboration tool. Google docs contain google docs Presentation (also called google Slides which is a part of their online office suite. If you dont want to waste time installing bloated software on your pc or if you want to be able to access your presentation from any computer, then google docs Presentation is perfect for you.

See also: google docs. Ms office web Apps Which ones a better Online business Office suite? The software was not as fancy as some of the other software on this list a while ago, but google recently updated it add new templates, animation, and effects to make it more interesting. Ease of use is its biggest draw and you can easily jump in and create or collaborate on a presentation without breaking a sweat. To begin using google Slides, all you have to do is navigate to this google page and start creating.

Its not a cross platform solution obvious enough really considering the technologies used, but for browsers not supporting css3 3D transforms impress. Js adds additional css classes so fallback styles can be applied. Google and others continue to improve their online alternatives with the google docs team recently managing to improve their animation and transitions within docs earlier this month, to relatively little fanfare. As web technologies advance weve all noticed traditional office based programs such as powerpoint move increasingly towards the browser. The ability to collaborate with others over the web and in many cases use them for free has seen many people abandon the package altogether.

For those of you with the technical chops impress. Js will give the ability to bring flat html to life with the same level of interactivity and wow factor of Prezi. If a presentation invite feels like a walk to the gallows then its time to shake things up! Microsoft PowerPoint has been the dominant slideshow presentation software in the market for many, many years now. While ms powerPoint may have everything you need from a slideshow maker, it does get a little stale after a while especially if everybody else in your office or school uses it too. Luckily, ms powerPoint is not the only good slideshow software in the market. There are many other great products out there that can do everything Microsoft PowerPoint can.

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Js one of the recent shining stars of the online presentation world. Prezi a different beauty approach to the way we think about presentation generally. Instead of the traditional slide by slide / left to right viewport Prezi allows you to zoom in and essay out with Flash technology to both play and create the presentation. Mimicking this functionality, impress. Js is a javascript library created by developer. Bartek szopka, which takes the power of css3 transforms and transitions and enhances it recreating the Prezi presentation experience in the browser. If youve a browser which supports the latest and greatest in css3 3D transforms have a peek at the demo. For the geeks out there, you can fork the library on GitHub.

online presentation maker like prezi

customers, ipad - is an ideal solution to show presentation on the. Besides, now the spectacular presentation tool has appeared - prezi for ipad. We have already reviewed Prezi - it's one of the most original and exciting services for online presentations. And on the ipad it looks impressive. It's interesting that presentations are not saved on the tablet, but broadcasted from the Internet. Besides this first version doesn't support video, animation and pdf files. It also doesn't allow to edit presentations - only to demonstrate. Posted in: Archive, url: m/impress.

LinkedIn rolled out the first-ever ios app for SlideShare, the presentation and content-sharing platform. It's offering a modern, clean layout to browse and search through the presentations hosted on SlideShares service. It also adds more social experience, allowing you to like and share the presentations you come across, and follow the categories you care about. Users have their own profiles wallpaper on the app, where youre able to see all the presentations youve liked, uploaded and saved. And you can view presentations from your friends and professional network, tying LinkedIns social graph into SlideShare more directly, so you can see whats popular within your own group. 2011, preziipad - ideal presentations at conferences. We continue to find new interesting ways of how ipad (and other tablets) can be used in the Enterprise. We have already mentioned that for executives and sales persons who often go to business meetings ipad can serve as a cool accessory to impress the client.

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32, prezi, prezi is a cloud-based presentation software and storytelling tool for exploring and sharing ideas upon a virtual canvas. Prezi is distinguished by its zooming User Interface (zui which enables users to zoom in and out of their presentation media. Prezi allows homework users to display and navigate through information within.5D space on the z-axis. 21, slideShare, slideShare is an online slide hosting service. Users can upload files in the following file formats: PowerPoint, pdf, keynote or OpenOffice presentations. Slide decks can then be viewed on the site itself and embedded on other sites. Face to face in the news: 2014, slideShare gets ios app to keep up with Prezi.

online presentation maker like prezi
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  1. One of the recent shining stars of the online presentation world is Prezi a different approach to the way we think about presentation generally. putting the person back into Presentation. Filed in: Programming Tagged with: cool javascript library online presentation. Digital Presentation software free downloads and reviews at WinSite.

  2. Jeff Borden narrated presentation analyzing a best-in-Track submission example. In this presentation, we will describe a partnership approach to bringing a program online that is process-oriented, strategic. LinkedIn rolled out the first-ever ios app for SlideShare, the presentation and content-sharing platform. Online presentation services, for which the rich-interface is most important, are ditching Flash in favour of html5.

  3. Our quest for cooler, more effective and engaging presentation ideas led us to try, prezi. Read on for highlights on how it can help you create better presentations! The pgi learning space /.

  4. Getting the most out of the latest online presentation tools. Express points, presentation, software.02 Free presentation software for your Windows. Presentation software that can help us make non-linear presentation, most of them will highly recommend. BrinkPad : BrinkPad is a java-based presentation creator that allows you to save your finished work to the web, save to disk, save as jpgs and more.

  5. If a presentation invite feels like a walk to the gallows then its time to shake things up! Microsoft PowerPoint has been the dominant slideshow presentation software in the. A presentation suite as an alternative to powerPoint presentations : Prezi for Windows is a freeware presentation creator app filed under office software and made available. For a new generation of presenters — and a new generation of presentation tools — thats all changing.

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