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The steel of the candle holder itself is rebar, we took graphite and heavy shellac, then textured the whole thing and burnished it all back with aluminum foil to give it that real graphite platinum look, so it didnt look like rebar. There are about 500 candles in the temple set theres a lot of everything on this show. Earlier you said the cave entrance is one of your favorite parts of the temple set. Yes, tom meikle the lead Sculptor did such a nice job that we had a lot to work with. Theres a lot of veining that we did, and crystal, it also has a very wet feeling. We were really happy with. All of the girders and bits and pieces here are plastic and wood. We textured it all with really heavy texture, painted it black, glazed it with a white to give it a real grayish look, and then started rusting it all down with dry colors.

He wanted a little bit more red to it, so when you stand back and shoot into it, you have that sense of more depth into the walls. With the face being lighter and the wall being deeper, you get the image of it being deeper than it looks. Matrix: Describe the process to get the crystals and the wet look. Joe: First we lay it in with a really good primer to give essay it a hard shell. When the surface gets really hard like that we can do washes on top and control the wash with the color. The clears we put on were basically the best water-born clears we could buy, and we sprayed those on to give a good kick. Next we took some gold pearl and essence and shot that into crevices, then we took mica and basically just put it all over. Wherever we wanted to give it some white area we shot some white into it, then took the mica and dropped it into. Matrix: Was there any trick with knowing the candles were going to be put into place? The plasterer came up with a great idea, he made a mold of wax dripping, a flex mold, and we just wrapped it around each candle like a skirt, like a hula skirt almost, to give the sense that the candles were dripping.

painting foreman resume

Construction Foreman Resume sample construction Resume

Joe: Yes, there was a shot where they followed Morpheus up around the path and the camera came right across, so Owen wanted a little more extensive work there to give it more of a wet feeling, like it was really drooping and had. When you see a natural cave, it has this quality in it, is very wet. Youll see areas of the cave that are, basically, still moving, theyre alive. We took a lot of the mica and shot very, very light white into the crevices, and put the mica into it to give it a very crystal look, which gives it more depth. When you have your colors come out on the surface and it gets lighter inside, it gives it more depth, like youre looking at paperless something thats still alive. Another of the main sections is the bridge where they come across and Morpheus stands up on the podium. Owen wanted a very warm feeling of gold and yellows and a lot of crystal, and then the back walls were a lot deeper.

painting foreman resume

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Joe: Yes, little nicky had a lot of foam. That was more charcoal and black, it was supposed to be like the devils home, like the center of the earth, this is more like a natural cave. To get the right look, mark mansbridge, us art Director, nanci noblett, us assistant Art Director, butch West and myself all took a trip one day and took a look at some caves. We took a bunch of photographs and got some samples from the caves of the different crystals, which were pretty unique, i learned a lot. The directors the wanted a natural looking cave, something that was really earthy, as though wed come in from the center of the earth. They wanted a wet feeling to it, so we gave the foam a real gloss and a lot of kick with mica. Basically, there are four colors in the temple, its all in earth tone, which is raw sienna, burnt sienna, raw umber and burnt umber. Then theres a little bit of gold that we shot into it to give it some depth. Matrix: Are there some areas you have put more work into; hero areas?

It was an insert shot of this guys head hitting the floor and the camera came right down on top of him, then they pulled it back to reveal the entire floor of this rotunda which was like a city hall in Mississippi. They were really, really happy with that, the director, joel Schumacher, just flipped out. He couldnt believe that floor, that it was painted. That right there made me feel really good, it was a nice feeling. Zion temple set, matrix: For the temple set, how did the colors develop? Joe: we talked about this back in October 2000 and we started looking at photographs and doing samples to get a feel for color for Owen Paterson, Production Designer. I started doing samples for him to figure on color and texture, to give him something to think about as it progressed along. Matrix: How much r d and testing was there; have you ever worked this extensively with foam?

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painting foreman resume

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The designer said he wanted it to be really down, so we really gave it a lot of color and peels, a lot of feeling. He walked in and said, man, Al Pacino can film in this. He was really happy, he loved it a lot, and it was just a small set, real easy. It made him feel like, wow, we can really film this. Matrix: having been in the set painting business for so long, professional do you still get caught up in movie magic when you go see the films youve worked on? I very rarely take pictures anymore of anything.

I used to, i used to go wow, that was something, and take pictures of it and show people. Probably my biggest challenge of all was this floor I did on a time to kill. It was an eagle about retail thirty foot round, the actual seal of the State of Mississippi. The designer wanted it done in terrazzo. Terrazzo is cut rock thats actually crushed with inlaid brass. They put the colors of rock they want in there and then polish it down and youve got crushed stone of all the different colors of the image you want. They wanted this thing like thirty foot round, it was massive, and we had a week to do it and we pulled it off.

Matrix: Is it your responsibility to orchestrate the number of painters? Joe: I pretty much orchestrate that part of it, as far as manpower. I say, look butch I have to hire 5 more guys or 10 more guys to get this done, itll take two more weeks, and hell say fine, or hell say, if you can do it with eight then do it with eight. He is the money man, he runs the budget, i just have to let him know where everything. Matrix: do you get called in to do practical set paint jobs?

Joe: quite a bit, yes. Matrix: What do you enjoy more, practical or building a set from scratch? Joe: building from scratch by far. I like the character work and working with the designer. When they say we want to make this look like it has been beat to hell, we want to give a lot of feeling. Dolittle, we did a jail set, a really small set with a couple of cells, and there was a shot with a bear inside the room.

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My brother, rick, was at Universal for 25 years and now hes back doing independent films too, hoping to maybe retire soon. Matrix: What are some of the films youve worked on yourself? Dolittle 2, we did Galaxy quest and deep Blue sea, i wasnt the paint Foreman make on that. We did Patch Adams, The hunt for Red October, Enemy of the State, crimson Tide, and Forget Paris, there are a lot of them. Matrix: do you run your own company? Joe: no, im in a painters Union, so i dont hire out of the union unless they run out of people, which is very rare. A lot of the work i get comes from people like mark mansbridge, the Art Director, or Butch West, our Construction coordinator, who will call me and say theyve got a job.

painting foreman resume

Matrix: do you remember some of the early films where you were on set with your Dad? Joe: The russians are coming, The russians are coming, and The hawaiians over in Hawaii, how the west Was Won, and he worked on Lassie for years. He was the paint Foreman at Goldwyn Studios for 19 years, and thats where i got my start, as soon as I got out of high school, boom, i was right into the business. Goldwyn Studios did all the tv shows for quinn Martin, Dragnet, tenspeed and Brown Shoe, there was a bunch of them, ufo, todays. B.I., The fbi story. I worked for my dad for about 10 years, then fast broke away and started doing independent films, then I met Butch West us construction coordinator and hooked up with him and took off. Matrix: At a young age, did you know you wanted to get into and work around film? Joe: Yes, my dad said I had no choice, i was going to work, that was. I was a baseball player, i wanted to play ball and thats all I wanted, but my dad said, youre going to paint, so i started out painting signs.

1 Surveyor 1 Turner 1 Warehouse supervisor 1 Waste Incineration Operator 2 Waste Truck Operator 1 Water Treatment Plant Specialist 1 Water Vehicle Operator 2 Welder. Archival interview with joe hawthorne from the official Matrix website. Background, matrix: How long have you been working in film? Joe: This is my 23rd year, and my father was in it for 45 years. He was a painter and a couple of my brothers have been in it now for about 35 years, and other brothers for over 20 years. There is a whole family of us: 6 brothers, my father, and my sister is in this business too, were all painters. We followed my dad, he took us everywhere, on many different locations.

Foreman - machine Operation 1, foreman - mason 1, foreman - mechanic. Foreman - painting 1, foreman - structural Fitter 1, fuel Clerk. Helper 2, junior Cost Controller 1, labourer. Mason 3, mechanic 3, mechanic -. 5, mechanic -. Mechanical Technician 1, mooring Man 2, operator - computer. Operator - excavator 3, operator - forklift 3, operator - grader. Operator - loader 1, operator - sewage Treatment Plant. Operator - steam Truck mattress 1, operator - vacuum Truck 3, operator Water Treatment Plant.

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painting foreman resume
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