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2013 / 02 / 15, on February 15, 2013 the georgian foundation for Strategic and International Studies hosted a presentation of the research findings of the project Across the georgian-Abkhaz conflict divide: Addressing the needs of locals for the government and international community representatives. This report constitutes the results of the study which was aimed at producing an analysis of the current situation in the samegrelo-zemo svaneti region of georgia and the elaboration of recommendations towards a strategy for the development of the area located along the Abkhaz administrative.  From the beginning, the project was conceived as part of a programme consisting of two parallel research projects looking to explore the livelihoods of the communities on both sides of the georgian-Abkhaz divide (administrative border) with the other being conducted by the gali-based Institute.  The objective of these two parallel research projects is to create a synergy when evaluating the general welfare of the populations living along and on both sides of the administrative boundary line (abl largely running across the Enguri river, as well as when assessing the. Based upon the data obtained, recommendations have been elaborated which are intended to make a contribution to increasing the effectiveness of social policies and development programmes in the region. The present study was implemented with the financial support of the conflict pool of the foreign and Commonwealth Office of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland.

Apart from measuring performance against core strategic goal, the scorecard is also instrumental because it improves external and internal communications. The main areas of interest in the scorecard include financial, internal processes, customer (external stakeholder) as well as learning and growth. The following is a balanced scorecard depicting these perspectives, objectives/activities and measures for success. Perspective objectives/Activities measures Financial reduce unit costs Grow revenue increase market share increase asset utilization of productivity improvement percentage of revenue growth (15) 20 by year 1 percentage of Capacity Utilization (85) Customer bolster customer relationships deliver quality, on-time products become an innovative supplier Improve. Strategic Management: a critical Introduction (2.). A critical analysis of internal and external environment writing of Apple laser Inc. International journal of Economics, commerce and Management, 3 (6 955-967. Kurtz,., boone,. Boston, ma: Cengage learning. Hoboken : John Wiley sons.

presentation of findings

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Product development and product differentiation are the hippie other opportunities available for the business unit to capitalize. The ipad business unit should however be wary of some threats confronting the firm. For example, the uncertain economic conditions witnessed throughout the globe over the past few years can undermine sales because of diminishing spending power among prospective customers. According to godfrey (2015 stiff competition from other players in the market including Samsung, sony, amazon, microsoft and Chinese manufacturers of tablets is the other major threat. All these rivals sell their products at relatively cheaper costs, posing a major threat to ipads market share. Changing regulatory/legal requirements in many countries coupled with shifting consumer preferences also present threats to the business unit. Part iii: Balanced Strategic Scorecard The balanced strategic scorecard is important for aligning the activities of the ipad business unit to its overall strategy and vision.

presentation of findings

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Moreover, technical issues associated with product functionality and problems of negative publicity have further undermined the operations of the firm (Kurtz boone, 2014). The environmental scan also reveals some opportunities available for the ipad business unit to exploit. A major opportunity is international expansion, which it can accomplish through a market development strategy. Even though the business unit has the a strong market presence, most of its retail stores are in first world countries including North America and Western Europe. Exploiting markets in emerging nations and some developing countries that show surging demand can help in increasing sales and brand recognition. The ipad business unit can use its financial standing and market share to expand. Forging strategic alliances can help in pursuit of this strategy (Kurtz boone, 2014).

Ipad business unit also benefits from Apples strong brand presence and loyalty. Other strengths include a strong corporate culture, effective leadership, a commanding market share and an innovative global supply chain (Murph, 2012). Nevertheless, in spite of such strengths, the ipad business unit also has some inherent weaknesses. Khan alam (2015) assert that a prime weakness comes from the pricing of the product. Whereas the average tablet cost charged by competitors is 250-300, the ipad sells at a premium price of 400 and above. This high-end strategy can dissuade many customers who are not from an affluent background. The incompatibility of the product with other platforms such as Windows is also a potential weakness that discourages some consumers from purchasing an ipad or other Apple products.

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presentation of findings

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All employees also have high familiarity with the business strategy and their expectations, a factor attributable to man the conscious decision by the business unit to communicate this strategy to employees. The employees also have a set of shared values such as constructive problem solving, conformity to ethical standards and openness (Murph, 2012). All these have led to the development of a vibrant culture characterized by teamwork, two-way communication, accountability, innovation and respect for diversity. Ipads value chain is also innovative and responsive to the business and customers needs. This is because of the sophisticated technologies deployed in all domains of the value chain. Cumulatively, the internal environment is relatively strong. Swot matrix, positive, negative, internal, strengths, strong financial position.

Strong brand presence strong corporate culture commanding market share weaknesses high price of ipad Incompatibility with other products negative publicity External Opportunities Expansion- increased demand in emerging countries Product development Strategic short alliances to increase market share Threats Stiff competition (Microsoft, Android, Amazon, Chinese manufacturers) Economic. The first strength emanates from the strong financial position of its parent company. In 2014, Apple Inc. Had 233.72 billion in revenue, surpassing the 2013 record high of 188.8 billion (Khan alam, 2015). The strong financial standing on the parent company gives the ipad business unit some advantage over rivals, as it often receives generous allocations for advertisements and product upgrades.

The manager also affirmed that he has a thorough understanding of the interconnectedness between competitive advantage, value proposition and market position of the organization. Creating a strong value proposition and enjoying a leading market position enables the ipad business unit to have a competitive edge over rivals (Kurtz boone, 2014). Cultural Assessment, various shared values and unwritten rules govern the ipad business unit. Some of the most prominent include personal integrity, constructive problem solving and adherence to ethical standards governing the tablet industry (Murph, 2012). The shared values have led to a strong corporate culture that fosters the principles of accountability, honest communication, teamwork, innovation and respect for diversity. In order to reinforce this vibrant culture, the organization provides regular training and offers incentives to staff members who lead by example (Khan alam, 2015).

From the interviewee, i also learnt that leaders at the ipad business unit strive to promote this culture also through exhibiting the desired values. Value chain Analysis, the primary activities in a value chain include the firms infrastructure, hrm and procurement processes. Technology plays an instrumental role in streamlining the value chain of the ipad business unit. Murph (2012) reiterates that the whole value chain of this business unit, from raw materials procurement, warehousing, management of logistics to distribution, relies heaving on technological leadership. Having talented manufacturers, logistics personnel, marketers and r d team has also contributed to value addition in the value chain. Noteworthy, the ipad business unit also has a high reputation of impeccable customer service at various points including pre-purchase and post purchase (Godfrey, 2015). From the succinct internal environmental scan, it is evident that the vision, mission and values of ipad business unit directly support the business strategy that prioritizes on innovation and technological leadership.

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The mission and vision of homework the ipad business unit mirrors those of the parent company. According to Khan alam (2015 the mission is defining the future of computing and mobile media devices through innovative products whereas the vision is to become the leading producer of easy to use, high-quality products that integrate resourceful technologies to enhance user experience. The mission, values and vision of the ipad business unit have a direct relationship to the firms strategy, since the primary emphasis of the strategy is on innovation and creativity to produce high-quality products for the targeted segments of consumers. Some of the shared values of the ipad business unit include integrity, honesty, accountability, delegation, social responsibility, accountability and excellence. There is also a consensus in the mission, values and vision of the organization. Strategy Clarification, an interview with the mid-level manager at the ipad business unit reveals that the organizations members, including ceo tom cook, other senior executives, managers and subordinates, have a heightened understanding of their business strategy. This is because the business unit communicates this strategy periodically to all the employees through weekly meetings, staff notice boards and via online platforms.

presentation of findings

Students Name, institution, course, date, table of Contents 3, executive summary. Part I: Internal Environmental Scan 4, mission, vision and Values 4, strategy Clarification 5, cultural Assessment 5, value chain Analysis 5, summary of Findings 6, part II: swot analysis. Swot matrix 6, analysis 8, part iii: homework Balanced Strategic Scorecard 9, references, executive summary, conducting an internal environmental scan on the ipad business unit is essential for uncovering the assets and operating characteristics of the unit. The organizational assessment will clarify how the guiding statements support business strategy, the strength of the value chain and the prevailing culture in the business unit that supports its strategy. In order to obtain a heightened understanding of the internal environment, it is mandatory to perform a swot analysis. The balanced scorecard is also a component of the organizational assessment, as it aligns the activities of the ipad business unit to its overall strategy and vision. This report highlights and analyzes the results obtained from a thorough internal environmental scan of the selected business unit, Apple Incs ipad unit. Mission, vision and Values.

"The contribution of Tajik women to the development of scientific. Complex «Dushanbe Plaza» is a communal property of the local Executive body of the state authority in a dushanbe city. Complex "Dushanbe Plaza" provides an opportunity to implement these goals, as well as to conduct business and realizations of measures with the highest level of comfort, is the most advanced and modern technology combined with unique architectural solutions. Rental of offices suggests that in your temporary use enters the room in which you will be able effectively manage your businesses. Prestigious location, modern architectural design, comfortable planning of the office premises, high quality interior finish - all this, certainly, important characteristics of the business complex of class a, to which refers the «Dushanbe Plaza». They provide the necessary level of comfort, influence the psychological climate and the ability to work of employees, thus helping to increase the efficiency of business. Important distinguishing characteristic of our office read more. Running head: organizational assessment 1, organizational assessment 2, organizational Assessment.

Jane Gregory, vice Chair of Rape Crisis (England wales). The mwr coalition is a diverse group of individual women and women representatives from who are united by their essay outrage at the continued daily, hourly, minute-by-minute violence enacted against women worldwide. The British delegation of mwr who attended the march in bukavu also attended meetings with women across the drc in Kinshasa, goma, bukavu, and Mwenga. They talked with womens rights activists, women representing armed groups, the police, the congolese army and female politicians from various political groups and experiences. The uk delegation also met with the congolese minister for Justice and the British Ambassador to drc. The delegation received support and solidarity from members of their respective organisations, from the london Feminist Network, roshni, the women and Girls Network, the centre for the resolution of Conflict in Bradford and the womens Resource centre. Many individual women in the uk including MPs, academics and uk officials gave their personal backing to the British delegation solidarity visit.

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Title : A presentation of findings from World March for Women in Democratic Republic of the congo. Location : Grimmond room, portcullis house, westminster, london. Description : Jeremy corbyn mp and the All Party parliamentary Group on the Great lakes Region of Africa in cooperation with the million Women Rise coalition invites you to attend a million Women Rise: a presentation of findings from World March for Women in Democratic Republic. Time : 6:00pm to 7:30pm, date : Wednesday, to book a place : email Jane Gregory, the million Women Rise (MWR) coalition will present the findings of their recent trip to the drc during the Third International Action of the world March of Women that involved. In advance of the drc presidential elections planned for the end of this year, this meeting will address the realities of sexual and gender-based violence essay for Congolese women as well as strategies for ending impunity for these crimes. Speakers will include: Jeremy corbyn. Mp (chair sabrina qureshi, founder of mwr and member of London Womens International league for peace and Freedom (wilpf). Marie-louise pambu, co-founder of Common cause uk (tbc). Marie-claire faray, vice-President of uk wilpf and member of Common cause.

presentation of findings
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  3. On February 15, 2013 the georgian foundation for Strategic and International Studies hosted a presentation of the research findings of the project. Presentation of the main findings and recommendations, and related technical cooperation activities". A public presentation of the preliminary findings of this inquiry will be held in Brussels on 16 February 2006 and an opportunity to comment will.

  4. Running head: organizational assessment. 4Part I: Internal Environmental Scan. Report of, findings, presentation.

  5. The cleen foundation in collaboration with the macarthur foundation hereby invites you to the public presentation of findings of the national Crime. Title: A presentation of findings from World March for Women in Democratic Republic of the congo. Presentation of, strategy audit, findings.

  6. A presentation of archaelogical findings in Tajikistan by the curator of the Ermitage museum of saint-Petersburg. Presentation of, mediadem findings in Zagreb. The School of journalism of the University of Castilla-la mancha and the mediadem project organised.

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