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Writing/ Grammar practice put the verbs in the correct form additional reading in the reading-hall my friend Nick and i agreed to meet at our school library. It was oclock when i entered the reading-hall. There were a lot of pupils there. They all ( work ). One pupil at the first table (read) an English text. From time to time he (look up) a word in the big dictionary. Several pupils (read) Polish magazines. A blond girl (copy) some information from an encyclopedia into her exercise-book.

The main character is a really ordinary boy called Adrian and in the book he describes his day-to-day life as if he was writing short a diary. Sounds boring, but believe me, its not. Adrians descriptions of his family, his problems at school, his anxieties about the world and his love for the beautiful Pandora (who doesnt love him) are all funny. The writer describes how it feels to be a teenage boy. Shes written other Adrian Mole books (he gets past older in each one) and theyre funny too, but for me the first one is definitely the best. P5 : The hitch hikers guide to the galaxy by douglas Adams: This is my favourite book, its funny and original. There are lots of scientific ideas but the characters are important, too, and whats even better, theyre incredibly funny. Sometimes i even had to stop reading and close the book because i was laughing so hard. I dont remember ever doing that with another novel. I liked it so much I just didnt want it to end!

writers and books

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Their lifestyles, relationships, and. Which is a complete fantasy for most ordinary people, but so what? Only a minority of people want art — the rest shakespeare of us just want to be entertained and thats why its my favourite book. P3 : Anna karenina by leo tolstoy: This nineteenth century classic is about a woman whos married to a boring politician, then leaves him when she falls in love with an army officer called Vronsky. What she wants is an exciting new life. What happens in the end, though, is that shes rejected by society and loses everything. Yes, i suppose Anna karenina is a tragic story, but its so beautifully told and Tolstoy makes the people seem so real that its not at all depressing. Just dramatic and moving. P4 : The secret diary of Adrian Mole by sue townsend: What a great book!

writers and books

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My mum resume and dad dont understand why i like horror stories so much. Well, its hard to explain, but maybe the best way is to compare it with riding on a roller-coaster. Its a great way to get all the excitement of danger without actually being in danger. You know what I mean? P2: Hollywood wives by jackie collins: i am not much of a reader, to be honest. This book was great, though. I couldnt put it down. Basically, the storys about a group of rich, glamorous people in Hollywood.

A real writer doesnt work for money. Somebody once said, If you can not write — dont write. I cant not write. Writing means more to me than eating and drinking. He received the nobel prize for The Old Man and the sea. Dickens — bronte — shakespeare — byron — defoe — swift, ernest Hemingway, speaking, t: If you had to spend the rest of your life on a desert island with just one book for company, which book would you take? P1:The dead Zone by Stephen King: i am a big fan of horror stories and this is simply the one ive ever read. Its got everything — lots of action. Plus, of course, its very, very frightening.

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writers and books

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It was a book about a sailor who lived on a desert island for many years. This book was great! Everybody knows his famous book about a man who came to the country of Lilliputs. For children it is a book of wonderful adventures., in 1960 the American writer gave an interview to a russian correspondent in an unusual whitman place; it was in his fishing boat, in the ocean 25 miles from havana. Here is only a part of the interview: i have fixed hours for my work. I begin to write as soon as it is light, work for a few hours and then stop for breakfast.

After breakfast I continue working until about one oclock. If there is news that Im very much interested in, i read the newspapers at breakfast. If not, resume i read them in the evening. After lunch I go fishing or I read. I like to read books by my favourite authors. There are not many and I read them again and again, year after year. Work — thats the main thing in life.

When he was twenty-five he began to write himself. He wrote novels about the life of poor people and children. His books are well-known in all the world. she was b orn in a poor family in 1816. There were six children in the family — five girls and a boy. Later the girls were sent to a charity-school which she described in her best novel.

After leaving school she became a teacher at a school for girls. She wrote many poems and novels., when he was twenty-one he went to london. In London he joined a group of actors. At first he only helped the actors. Then he began to play himself. Soon he became the greatest dramatist of his time., the poet travelled a lot. In Italy he joined the revolutionary organisation Carbonari that was struggling for the national independence., he was a man of sixty when he wrote his first novel.

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What books do you prefer reading? Checking up home-assignment (Writing a review of your favourite oliver book). The main part, listening. Literary quiz: guess the names of the famous authors., when he was a boy of ten, his father was put to prison for debts. The boy couldnt go to school because he had to help his family. He began to work at a factory. Later he continued his studies. He liked to read and read very much.

writers and books

During January, february and March the the girls couldn't walk, because they had no boots. In may lowood school was a hospital and some girls died there. Books and writers, objectives: to encourage students to use the vocabulary on the topic in discussions; to practise listening, speaking, writing and reading on the topic; - to contribute to students' love to reading books. Equipment: charts, tables, cards, a tape recorder. Procedure 1 Introduction. Warming-up, t: What services does our school library have? Does the library have a good collection of books? How often do you visit it? What would you like to change in our school library?

for poor girls. The teacher took jane into a room with large windows. For supper they had a piece of cake and some tea. During the lessons the girls read the bible and did exercises in their exercise-books After breakfast they went for a walk. The girls had lessons till two o'clock.

Do not colour the pictures in books. Do not cut out the pictures. Do not lose books. Do not speak loudly. Jane eyre was attacked by the children. Lowood school was a hospital. Jane went to lowood School. They read the bible.

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T, this domain name may be for sale. Please click here to inquire. Die hier angezeigten Sponsored Listings werden von dritter seite automatisch generiert und stehen weder mit dem Domaininhaber noch mit dem dienstanbieter in irgendeiner beziehung. Sollten markenrechtliche Probleme auftreten, wenden sie sich bitte direkt an den Domaininhaber, resume welcher aus dem Whois ersichtlich wird. Classic Literature corner books and Writers. Keep books clean and tidy. Do not make drawings in books. Do not make dog ears. Do not tear the pages.

writers and books
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  1. To be very popular with British children and their parents (her books ).

  2. It is a thing which no novelist should expect. Some writers dug their graves with their own pens bangambiki habyarimana, pearls Of Eternity. Scbwi is the acronym for an international organization for writers and illustrators of books for children.

  3. How do you like it Now, gentlemen? African-American abolitionist and patriot Frederick douglass makes headlines 122 years after his death, inspiring new books. 108"s have been tagged as writers - and -writing: Owen Wister: Forgive my asking you to use your mind.

  4. They are the worst writers of all time, at least according to some people. Tagged: books, authors, writers, worst, poll. Glimpses of the writing life. Lionel Shriver Imagines Americas Collapse.

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