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In chapter five francine viret Bernal (93-107) investigates, in scenes of Clytemnestra, the iconography in Attic vases of the murderess as a transgressor against socio-political norms. When she is shown with her lover Aegisthus murdering her husband the messages of the vase painters are the same as those of the writers: Clytemnestra was a great danger to the social order. B.'s essay is an excellent demonstration of how a feminist approach bring a better understanding of the evidence. By choosing her lover and participating in the assassination of her husband, Agamemnon, whose throne is usurped by her lover Aegisthus, Clytemnestra makes political claims, and in so doing, appropriates masculine prerogatives. Her weapons, the double ax and the woven net covering her struggling husband, subvert male power. The double-edged ax (pelekus is one that belongs in the realm of male priests who preside over sacrificial rites, and the woven net is used in the hunt to snare the animal but also alludes to female craft. This is a well-research and well-written study.

Along foucauldian lines, he proposes a social and symbolic interpretation of gender roles among the "honor-shame" societies of Iron Age Italy. He pizza observes that gender-related images of weaponry merge with notions of violence, self-assertion, domination, prestige, and male virility, and similarly, body ornaments and weaving with feminine attributes. He does admit to pockets of 'feminine resistance' perhaps expressed through folklore, humor, and cuckoldry. My only quarrel is that these latter are not further explored. But, then that's the topic of another essay. Beth Cohen's paper (66-92) in chapter four explores the nude female breast in its classical contexts, concluding with a new interpretation of the "Barbarini suppliant" as Cassandra. Only in extraordinary instances was the breast bared in Greek art of the classical period (e.g. Female athletes and Amazons, divine lovemaking or rape, prostitution, and frenzied bacchic dancing). Investigates scenes presenting female victims of violence, such as the lapith women attacked by centaurs at the wedding of peirithous and Hippodemeia, the slaughter of niobe's daughters and sons, etc. The 'barbarini suppliant as Cassandra, presents a dazed figure, with one sandal missing, who attempts to hitch up her chiton to cover her exposed breast. Provides a convincing argument and at the same time brings a feminist (but not unwarranted) reading to her discussion, understanding Cassandra as a topos for female victimization with whom the viewer can identify.

another word for thirdly in an essay

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While all of the essays reflect exceptional and far-ranging work and raise important questions, the student must bring an extensive background to these papers. In chapter three, robb's essay (43-65) holds few surprises, demonstrating the transition from a tribal culture with few gender markers to one with more complex symbolism. His period of his study spans neolithic Italy to the Iron Age. In the neolithic phase, gender was symbolized in thank the archaeological evidence only in the case of women with breasts. In the more complex Iron Age gender was identified by the associated with gender activity (male weapons and violence, female ornamentation and beauty). Ultimately these markers become power status symbols as the elite afford more elaborate weaponry and ornament. Does bring to the table is a thorough analysis of the material culture, surveying the skeletal biology, mortuary rites, and artistic representations of anatomy from these periods.

another word for thirdly in an essay

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This is a thought-provoking series of papers that resulted from a 1994 Archaeological Institute of America panel on gender and cultural issues in classical art and archaeology. In one of the two introductory chapters by Claire lyons and Ann Koloski-ostrow (1-11) the issues of gender in archaeology and the approaches of authors in the current volume are discussed. This is followed by an historical survey of feminist scholarship and theory in art history and classical archaeology by Shelby Brown (12-42) in the second introductory chapter. Concludes that the process of 'engendering' the fields has not been easy and is dependent on the participants' "breaking down. The barriers between disciplines" in looking for the ". Many 'ways of seeing' women in antiquity." (26) Her citations are an excellent annotated bibliography of the literature in the field. Of all the essays, i found these two chapters along with Salomon's on the Knidian Aphrodite the most accessible.

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another word for thirdly in an essay

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Some people believe that teenagers today are generally rude, lazy and badly behaved. Other people, however, think that teenagers have a bad reputation for no reason. Do you believe that teenagers are often criticized unfairly? Bryn Mawr Classical review 1999.03.03, ann Olga koloski-ostrow, Claire. Women, sexuality and gender in classical art and archaeology. London/New York: Routledge, 1997.

Pp. isbn. 75.00. Reviewed by Shirley. Schwarz, archaeology/Art History, university of evansville. Word count: 2410 words, contributors: Aileen Ajootian, larissa bonfante, whitman shelby Brown, beth Cohen, natalie boymel past Kampen, Ann Olga koloski-ostrow, Claire. Lyons, joan reilly, john Robb, nanette salomon, jane McIntosh Snyder, Francine viret Bernal, john.

Secondly, some teens belong to aggressive subcultures. Impacted by their older leaders, they express their rebellion in extravagant fashions and rude behavior. Thirdly, teenagers need to discuss their problems. In todays society it is difficult for a teenager to be taken seriously. According to another opinion its quite natural for young people to rebel, show off and try out new things.

In particular, teens make mistakes because they have no life experience. Besides, adults are never pleased with young generation. Its agreed that the problem of the generation gap is eternal, but I strongly feel that both young people and society have to take responsibility and try to cope with the problems. To sum up, not all teenagers have good clothing, food and housing, so they join gangs. These social problems cause violence and depression. In my opinion, teens are often criticized too generally or unfairly. All in all, adults must take the time to hear young people so that solutions can be found to eliminate the problems. You have 40 minutes to do this task. Comment on the following statement.

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Use necessary linking words. Words lines Different groups of people have opposing opinions about teenagers. To my mind, its wrong to generalize and criticize all teenagers. Who is to blame that some teens are rude and badly behaved? One cant disagree that the problems teenagers face daily reflect the problems in society. Firstly, some children essay are raised in poverty. Some poor or underprivileged children are forced to sell drugs or join gangs.

another word for thirdly in an essay

The generation gap is eternal. Adults are seldom fully pleased with the young. To sum up, social problems cause teen violence and depression. I think teens are often criticized too generally or unfairly. Adults must find solutions use to eliminate the problems. Now 20 minutes are over. Develop the ideas of your outline, make some additions and corrections.

teenagers? Who is to blame? On the one hand, the problems teenagers face reflect the problems in society. They express their rebellion in extravagant fashion styles and rude behavior. Thirdly, teenagers need to be taken seriously. On the other hand, its quite natural for the young to try out new things. They must have the right to make mistakes.

More tips: use a question or a"tion in the introduction; make a plan (an outline) with key words and phrases (100-150 words be accurate and specific in presenting opposing viewpoints and giving reasons. Managing Words and Time, count the number of the words in your handwritten line. An average line has 10 words. So you need 2025 lines to cover the content. Write an outline with 100150 words during the first 20 minutes. Then you have 20 minutes left to rewrite your essay making additions and corrections. The table below can help you manage your time and keep word records: nbsp lines words sentences min, introduction, main Body. Conclusion Total More hints: keep word count recording on the left side of each line. number the lines on the right side.

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another word for thirdly in an essay
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