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After thinking long and hard about what medium I wanted to use to keep my journal, i chose m because it offers advantages over traditional paper notebooks and even popular blog sites like wordPress and Tumblr. We have written about Penzu before, but it has grown since then. However, many of the features and tips I share about journal writing with Penzu can be applied in one or another to other similar online writing application sites. I have a box of over a dozen journal notebooks I filled up over a ten year period, and I learned that journal writing was and is a great way to reflect upon ones life choices, aspirations, fears, important experiences, and the like. Though journal writing can indeed be a literary endeavor in which your lifes experiences my well be published to the world, like the. Dairy of Anne Frank, that should not be the initial goal of journal writing. Instead, the journal should be a secret place to share thoughts and insights with yourself.

You may also put students into pairs and allow them essay to pick two of the three journal entries to write. Another possibility is dividing the class into three groups, giving each group one of the journal entries to write, and then having each group present to the class how they used the information to compose the entry, demonstrating their process on an overhead projector. Closure, collect journal entries at the end of the hour, and ask the class to explain in a few sentences how dialectical journals can be used in their math, science, and social studies classes. Homework, have students select an article from a local or online newspaper on a topic that interests them, and have them compose a dialectical journal entry containing a summary of facts from the article in the left-hand column and their reaction, opinions, and questions. Facebook, pinterest, whatsapp, email, advertisement, one of my, new years resolutions. How to set accomplish your New year Resolutions For 2012. We all know that making New year's resolutions is a useful way of getting things done and achieving particular goals; however, setting them is easier than actually doing them. Typically by march what we resolve. Read More is to maintain a year-long journal with the goal of completing at least 250 entries. I started journal writing back in the early eighties when I was in college, but havent really put personal thoughts to paper in the last fifteen years.

features of journal writing

Journal, writing

After wrapping up discussion, explain to the class that today they are going to focus on the dialectical journal entry, which is the most flexible and can be used in many different ways. Ask the class to recall the basic features of a dialectical journal entry: double-column format, left column contains facts; right column contains your reactions, opinions, questions, etc. Have the students explain what a dialectical journal is used for (to analyze and interpret information). You may want to take 5 minutes and use write an overhead projector to model how to fill out a dialectical journal entry. Students will now practice writing dialectical journal writing for a variety of purposes. You may execute the following activity in a variety of ways, but all students should practice writing at least one dialectical journal entry from the dialectical journal Exercise handout. Students may work independently and complete all three entries during class.

features of journal writing

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Have students answer the questions individually or in groups, and collect this assignment for assessment. If time allows, you may discuss the answers at the end of the hour (only after the handouts have been collected). Before class begins, write the following journal prompt on the board: Which journal type most appeals to you: dialectical, creative, or personal journaling? Explain why you think this type of journaling best suits you. Allow students to write their responses in their journals for about 5 minutes. Then, you may wish to take make 5 minutes and discuss their answers to see why they prefer one type of journaling over another. Explain to the class that they will practice using all three forms of journal writing over the next few weeks.

Ask the class to think about what are other reasons why people keep journals, aside from self-reflection. If students struggle with this question, ask them to think about what kind of journals da vinci kept. Students should remember that da vincis notebooks contained his scientific ideas, studies, and numerous drawings of the human anatomy. Note that for this scientific journaling, the dialectical journal is a useful tool. Explain to the class the format of the dialectical journal, and discuss how it can be used in various disciplines. Finally, conclude the discussion by exploring the purposes and format of Creative journals with the class. Now that the class is familiar with these 3 types of journal entries, distribute the handout Match the journal to the job. Review the instructions with the class, and have them match each writing purpose with the appropriate journal type.

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features of journal writing

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Or, write about whatever is on your mind right now. Dont worry about spelling or grammar. Instruct the bill class to take out their notebooks and write at least a half page response to the writing prompt. Give the class approximately 10 minutes to write. Tell the class that no one will read their journal summary entries except you and the journals will stay in a safe place in the classroom. After journal writing, ask the class how they felt about the prompt.

Some questions: Was the entry easy to write? What was the purpose of this journal entry? What were you writing for? Explain to the class that this is one type of journal called a personal journal. Ask the class to think about and identify the qualities of a personal journal the various purposes of keeping a personal journal. List student responses on the board. Continue discussion by explaining that there are two other forms of journal writing which authors use.

A promotional ad explaining why you would want to purchase a new mp3 player and outlining the phone's features, such as an ad for the Creative zen mozaic Mp3 player. Successful Technical Writing, when carrying out a technical writing assignment, you must remember to follow what is known as the three cs and ask yourself the following questions: Is it clear? Because technical writing is so often aimed towards those who may be unfamiliar with technical jargon and terminology, it is important that a technical writer uses clear and unambiguous language in their assigned piece. If the writing is too full of technical language, the message may not come across as intended. If the information being written about is provided in a convoluted and round-about way, the message is likely to be lost entirely. Straight forward and to the point is always best.

If a technical writers information is incomplete, it inhibits the audiences understanding of the topic and can, in some cases such as instruction and safety manuals, prove dangerous. Above all, technical writing needs to be very clear and concise to be successful. Technical Writing Examples, by yourDictionary. Activity, day. Before class begins, write the following journal prompt on the board: How is your day going? Write about all the things you have done or experienced today, up until this moment. Then, reflect on how you feel about the events of your day.

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Examples of end-user documentation might include: blackberry business for Dummies " - that teaches you how to use your new cellular phone and that is written in order to cater to someone who has never before used a essay cell phone or who is not a cell. A manual that comes with a computer. A manual that comes with a video game system, such as the. PS3 users guide, traditional Technical Writing, examples of traditional technical writing might include: A whitepaper published in an engineering journal about a new system that has been devised. An article published in a law review that caters to lawyers. An article in a medical journal summarizing an experiment that has been conducted and written to a medical audience. For example, articles published in the. New England journal of Medicine would fall into this category, technical Marketing Communication, these might include: A promotional ad outlining why you would want to purchase a new computer and explaining the features of that computer. A promotional ad explaining why you would want to purchase a new cell phone, outlining the phone's features.

features of journal writing

Automatic Author Attribution for Short Text Documents / Lecture notes in Computer Science. Technical writing refers to a type of writing where the author outlines the details and operations of administrative, technical, mechanical, or scientific systems. The main goal of technical essay writing is to educate, direct, and give others the ability to use a certain system. Types of Technical Writing, there are three main types of technical writing: End-user documentation: This type of writing includes documents where the writer explains a topic to a novice so that they can understand technical terms and apply them in a real-life situation. Traditional technical writing: This is writing that is geared to an audience already at least somewhat familiar with a technical field such as engineering or politics. Technological marketing communications: This is writing used in promotional marketing such as fliers and promotional brochures that would entice a person to purchase a certain product or service. Examples of technical writing can be found in each of these different types of technical writing. Uses for Technical Writing, end-User Documentation.

Authorship analysis in cybercrime investigation / Proc. Of the 1st nsf/nij conference on Intelligence and security informatics (isi'03). How Unique is your Web Browser? Lecture notes in Computer Science. A survey of Modern Authorship Attribution Methods / journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology.

Zheng.,., Chen., huang. A framework for Authorship Identification of Online messages: Writing Style features and Classification Techniques / journal of the American Society of Information Science and Technology. Iváncsy., juhász. Analysis of Web User Identification Methods / International journal of Computer Science. Abbasi., Chen. Applying Authorship Analysis to Extremist-group Web Forum Messages help / ieee intelligent Systems. Park.,., Zhao., Chau. Analyzing writing styles of bloggers with different opinions / Proc.

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The, journal of Second Language Writing is devoted to publishing theoretically grounded reports of research and discussions that represent a significant contribution to current understandings of central issues in second and foreign language writing and writing instruction. Some areas of interest are personal characteristics and attitudes of L2 writers, L2 writers' composing processes, features of L2 writers' texts, readers' responses to L2 writing, assessment/evaluation of L2 writing, contexts (cultural, social, political, institutional) for L2 writing, and any other topic clearly relevant. Benefits to authors, we also provide many author benefits, such as free add pdfs, a liberal copyright policy, special discounts on Elsevier publications and much more. Please click here for more information on our author services. Please see our, guide for Authors for information on article submission. If you require any further information or help, please visit our. Keywords: anonymous users identification, text attribution, authorship of text messages, author attribution, computational linguistics, information security. De vel., Anderson., corney., mohay. Mining e-mail content for author identification forensics / sigmod record.

features of journal writing
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  1. There is also a website for the national. Business analytics is employed by organizations focused on decision making driven by data and. june 2013 past papers English 0510 English. Searchlight, business, intel, Intro.

  2. The analysis revealed that, although some online journals operate in the same way as print journals, there are others which incorporate innovative features which are transforming the journal to make it a more effective tool for scholarly activity. Journal of Technical Writing and Communication (2006).

  3. About, journal, of, second Language, writing. Here they are: Closure Clarity confidence calm Often our lives are needing closure but we have trained ourselves to ignore this powerful need in our journal writing. A whitepaper published in an engineering journal about a new system that has been devised. Above all, technical writing needs to be very clear and concise to be successful.

  4. Anonymous website user identification based on combined feature set (. Writing, style and technical, features journal, scientific and Technical. Of, information Technologies, mechanics and Optics. Journal, abbreviation: j second lang writ, journal.

  5. I started journal writing back in the early eighties when I was in college, but havent really put personal thoughts to paper in the last fifteen years. However, students may still not see how their own journal writing is valuable to them as individuals. They will also be able to explain different types of journal writing, and.

  6. The most downloaded articles from. Journal of, second Language, writing in the last 90 days. The new river is an online journal that showcases interactive new media writings and artwork. The fall 2012 edition features works from.

  7. Keeping a journal can help you cope. Though keeping a journal is a simple thing to do, most people resist it, says Rank. for many people, writing is hard work. An international journal on second and foreign language writing and writing instruction.

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