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Technologies utilized: html5 css3, xml, xslt, streaming video (html5 flash jQuery, media queries, progressive enhancement, mobile optimization, svg, symphony cms, paypal apis, git git based deployment scripts, lamp stack servers, google Analytics, mvc design patterns. Kava massih Architects, marketing Manager, may 2007-September 2009, designed marketing collateral, proposal writing, client presentations, and website management. Art directing on-site architectural photo shoots and managing project databases. Technologies utilized: Flash, ActionScript, google Analytics, html/CSS. California college of the Arts Communications Office. May-september 2005, October 2006-may 2007, designing and producing website features, advertisements, posters, brochures, building signage, and other marketing collateral.

Apigee, ui engineer, march 2012november 2012, at Apigee i implemented ui designs as Backbone. My contributions included ui feature development on Apigees cloud-based api services essay platform, evaluating designers work for technical feasibility and functionality, an internal dev portal site, illustrating and documenting platform systems, customizing Twitter bootstrap for company branding, and creating a set of Illustrator resources that allowed. Js, svg, json and xml based rest apis, jQuery, jQuery ui, twitter bootstrap, less, play framework, drupal, github, svn, jira, google Analytics dotBlu Inc. m, lead User Interface designer. June 2010-February 2012, at BluLabel I designed product features from initial conception to technical execution including creating wireframes, workflow diagrams, visual mock-ups, and front-end code for BluLabels desktop and mobile e-commerce websites and apps. I met with corporate clients write including cbs, openTable, and Cumulus Media to assess and execute their branding and feature goals for white-label websites. I produced multiple design variations for site features to facilitate a/b testing. I also designed marketing materials, corporate identity system, and branding. Working closely with project managers and engineers to ensure an intuitive product with a great user experience for both mobile apps and websites. Technologies utilized: html5 css3, media queries, progressive enhancement, jQuery, customization of open-source ruby on rails tools, yaml, xml, svn, git, trac, jira, redmine, lamp stack servers, google Analytics, hyperv, iis server Manager, t (c visual Studio. Kymc design, Principal and Proprietor, may 2006-Present, provided freelance design services — website design and coding, branding and corporate identity, commissioned photography, and printed collateral — to a wide variety of clients in industries including architecture, historic preservation, government, museums, education, and entertainment.

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I contribute to the design of and review internal and customer-facing rest apis, and have completed lead capture integration and major corporate website redesign projects on behalf of the marketing team. I work closely with product managers, back-end, test, and ops engineers on all of these projects during all phases of our sprints. Js,.js, docker, gpa nginx, sass/scss, svg, json rest apis, raml, redis, git/gitlab, svn, confluence, jira, symfony2 framework, yaml, php, jQuery, google Analytics, vsphere. Product feedback and recognition for my work on Cloudmark Trident. One of the best dashboards ive seen — andrew Walls, gartner Research Vice President. Exactly what enterprises need it now allows them to be smart with training —deb Kish, gartner Security Analyst. Trident qualified for inclusion in Gartners cool Vendor award in 2016.

git resume

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Today tools like opentsdb and Graphite are used for the same job, it seems. Cricket still works to the best of my knowledge, but development is dead because of lack of interest from users. Cricket is written in Perl. My earliest open source project was Digger, from Bunyip. If you can unearth archeological evidence of it from the 1996 strata of the Internet geology, youre a better digger than. It was written. Download pdf resumé, employment, cloudmark, senior Web developer, november 2012present. At Cloudmark i design and develop user interfaces for both customer-facing web applications and internal technical tools — taking them from business requirements, to mockups, to production ready code. I am the lead user experience designer and a senior web engineer working on Cloudmark Trident (cloud-based anti-spearphishing) and Cloudmark security Platform (carrier-grade messaging infrastructure protection).

It ships as part of the device software for the. I found an interesting change to reduce network overhead in the mqtt serializer i used. Copies good, more syscalls and more packets bad. I worked on control software for a drone in go for a while. It still crashes instead of flying, but it was an interesting way to learn about control systems, soft realtime systems, websockets, and go on arm. I have written articles about go on this blog since i started using it in 2010. Some interesting ones in particular are: i am also active on the golang sub-reddit, where i like answering newbie requests for code reviews. I also posed a challenge for the golang Challenge. My earliest open source project thats still interesting to look at today was a more scalable version of mrtg called.

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git resume

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I introduced fuzz testing of the vom decoder, which found several used critical remotely exploitable crashes. I am working on an experimental miniature version of Vanadium in C that would be suitable for small embedded devices too small to run. I have been an occasional contributor to the go standard library since 2011. Some examples i am particularly proud of include: I profiled the bzip2 decoder and realized that the implementation paper was cache thrashing. The fixed code is smaller and faster. I noticed that the http implementation (both client and server) was generating more trash than was necessary, and prototyped several solutions. The chosen solution was is in this checkin.

This was, for a while, the most intensely exercised code ive written in my career; it saved one allocation per header for most headers processed by the billions of http transactions that go programs do all around the world. It was later replaced with a simpler implementation that was made possible by an optimization in the compiler. The same allocation reduction technique was carried over into gos http/2 implementation too, it appears. I improved the tls client Authentication to actually work. I needed this for a project at work. I wrote an, mqtt server in go in order to learn the protocol for work. It is by no means the fastest, but several people have found that the simplicity and idiomaticity of its implementation is attractive.

Convert it to plaintext! Javascript 9 5 Updated Jun 7, 2018 resumetopdf convert your resume. Json into a pdf, it runs through our html parser javascript 65 8 Updated Jun 7, 2018 registry-serverless mit updated may 15, 2018 theme-manager Theme server for json resume javascript 117 27 mit updated Feb 22, 2018 theme-utils Utility methods for theme developers javascript. Bring your own mongodb client instance and this will do the rest. Javascript 3 2 Updated nov 11, 2014 resume-docs Work in progress 2 Updated Oct 18, 2014 you cant perform that action at this time. Press h to open a hovercard with more details.

For a while now, its become clear that a useful and important piece of data about how a future colleague might work out is their open source contributions. While the conditions of open source work are often somewhat different than paid work, a persons manner of expressing themselves (both interpersonally, on issue trackers for example and in code) is likely to tell you more about their personality than you can learn in the. I am currently starting a job search for a full time job in the lausanne, switzerland area (including as far as Geneva and neuchâtel) with a start date of September 1, 2016. Touching up my résumé is of course on my todo list. But it is more fun to look at and talk about code, so as a productive procrastination exercise, heres a guided tour of my open source contributions. I currently work with, vanadium, a new way of making secure rpc calls with interesting naming, delegation and network traversal properties. I believe wide-scale adoption of Vanadium would make iot devices less broken, which seems like an important investment we need to be making in infrastructure right now.

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Resume-cli, cli tool to easily setup a pdf new resume. Javascript resume-schema, json-schema is used here to define and validate our proposed resume json. Html resume-website jsonresume website, html theme-manager, theme server for gpa json resume, javascript registry-server. Upload and store your resume on our registry servers or host your own. Javascript resume-website jsonresume website html jekyll resume website, html 259 52, updated Jul 25, 2018 registry-server. Upload and store your resume on our registry servers or host your own nodejs javascript resume server, javascript 74 43, mIT 2 issues need help, updated Jun 10, 2018 resume-cli, cli tool to easily setup a new resume javascript resume cli json, javascript 2,874 217. Json into a markdown file which can then be converted to html javascript 21 11 Updated Jun 8, 2018 resumetotext Prefer your resume to just get straight to the point?

git resume

the landing page of, bear. Use gsap to create animation sequences. Interactive media management, sheridan College, september 20, graduate with High Honors. Focus on front end web development. Guide and help classmates as peer tutor. Lead the grad show website development team, business Marketing, humber College, september 20Graduate with Honors.

Zručnosti, pHP 10/10, oliver html 10/10, cSS 9/10, javascript 8/10. Adobe Photoshop 5/10, sCM (Git, svn) 8/10, linux 8/10. Android 6/10, wordpress 10/10, yii framework (v1) 6/10, kohana framework 10/10. Composer 8/10, sugarcrm 7/10, rest 10/10. Filmy, osoby, kapely, kulturní akce. GitHub, linkedIn, languages: javascript (ES2015 css (Sass/scss and TypeScript. Libraries: react, Angular 2 and gsap, tools: Git, webpack, electron, front End developer @Jam3. March 2017 - present, front End developer (Contract) @Jam3, january 20, develop.

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Osobné údaje, ahoj, som Mário pálka rojko a milovník spánku. Zamestnanie 08/2008 - súčasnosť živnosť, programovanie webových stránok a mobilných aplikácií na oliver živnosť. Tvorba internetových stránok na vlastnom cms ale i na open-source platforme ako wordpress. Kompletná správa od prijatia grafického návrhu až po spustenie a udržovanie stránok. Administrácia vlastných Linux serverov. 10/2012 - 10/2013, krea, krea. Programátor internetových portálov, vývoj rozšírení pre ExpressionEngine cms a zákaznícka podpora v anglickom jazyku. Vzdelanie 2011, vysoké učení technické v brně, fakulta elektrotechniky a komunikačních technologií.

git resume
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  1. Contribute to resume development by creating an account on GitHub. A wordPress Theme to use as LandPage resume. Contribute to landresume development by creating an account on GitHub.

  2. Contribute to resume -cli development by creating an account on GitHub. Use git or checkout with. Wenchen li (Neo) Front End developer in Toronto.

  3. Json into a markdown file which can then be converted to html. generator creator builder-generator builder automation parser resume -parser resume cv cv- resume employee-service parsing javafx java. Cli tool to easily setup a new resume.

  4. the new resume, few if any seem to have actually put any thought or time into making their GitHub accounts look and work well as such. foundation, git, html5, Illustrator, javascript, Jquery, photoshop, responsive web Design, sass, sublime text, web Design. tosh.0 6/4 - ben's Video. Resume (2014) - seriál - komentáře neděle.

  5. RelayStore - :fire: VineRelay is Content Management boilerplate which enables you to quickly scaffold a shop with the basic features. GitHub_REF: your Github resume repo url, like m/Pinkyjie/ resume. Gita hazemi web site designer and developer, each site is designed to be fast, easy to navigate and memorable.

  6. Mário pálka, php programmer and passionate website developer. Git log grep Résumé i am currently starting a job search for a full time job in the lausanne, switzerland area (including as far. Git clone m/paulfioravanti/ resume. Git cd resume bundle install.

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