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This not only helps put them at ease, but will help determine how the rest of your pitch will. Here are some questions you can ask your homeowner to get a sense of their background and how to tailor your pitch: When do you need to move by? Why are you moving? Where are you moving to? Have you already found a home there? Is getting a good price or timing more important for you? What will you do if your home doesnt sell?

One of the biggest fears any rational person will have after inviting a salesperson into their home is that theyll never shut up, and theyre going to be stuck in an awkward, aggressive pitch for hours. You need to dispel this notion right away to put them at ease. Give foreign them an out, chris Mygatt, designated Broker at Coldwell Banker in Colorado, offers all his potential clients a promise when he first arrives. He tells them that if his presentation is not making great business sense for them in the first 15 minutes that hell pack up his things and leave. Unless theyre the rudest people on earth, theyll never take him up on this offer, but offering it shows youre empathetic and builds trust. Remind them this is a dialogue they can (and should) ask questions. At the end of the day you want to open up a dialogue with the homeowner. Instead of having them sit paper back and keep their questions and concerns to themselves, you want to actively encourage them to involve themselves in the presentation. This not only makes your presentation a lot less boring, but it also gives you a chance to address their objections directly. Get to Know your Homeowner Better. After your introduction, you should take a few minutes to get to know your homeowner a little bit better.

listing presentation

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Then, you should talk about good marketing in general and provide a specific marketing plan for good the homeowners house. Finally, you can discuss your comparative market analysis (CMA) and talk about pricing strategy for the home, as well as your recommendation for pricing. Lets go through it step by step. Your Introduction, since your homeowner may be as anxious as you and a whole lot more curious, be sure to start your presentation with brief introduction. Quickly go over what your listing presentation will include, what you plan on teaching them, and what you hope to learn from them during the course of the presentation. You should also include a very brief introduction of you and your business. This is also a great opportunity to give the homeowner an out.

listing presentation

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Its generally used as a tool to show a homeowner how much their home is worth during or after a listing presentation. For more information specific to cmas, read our guide. Planning your hazlitt Pitch: What to Include in your Presentation. Now that you understand what a listing presentation and why its important, its time to sit down and gather your materials and write your listing presentation. Your listing presentation can be in a microsoft Word Document or PowerPoint deck or for a more professional looking presentation, try cma software like, cloud cma. Whatever format you use, a general rule of thumb is to first briefly talk about your experience and skills, then your team and brokerages experience and skills. After that, discussing the state of the local market would be helpful.

Visit Contactually, what is a listing Presentation? A listing presentation is essentially a job interview for representing the seller in a real estate transaction. Much like a job interview, you need to focus on building trust as well as demonstrating that you are a better fit for the job than any other candidate. A listing presentation can simply be a conversation with a homeowner about why youre best equipped to represent them, but the best prepared agents bring a slide deck, visuals, and/or documents to help make their case. Another way that listing presentations are like job interviews is that your performance on a listing presentation is far more important than how well you can do the job. If you dont put in the time and effort to learn to pitch homeowners, no amount of sales talent will help you get listings. Is a listing Presentation Different from a comparative market Analysis (CMA)? These are two different things, but a comparative market analysis (CMA) is often part of a listing presentation. A cma is a well-researched list of comparable, recently sold homes used to determine market value of another home.

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listing presentation

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And many, therefore, do not have a plan or idea of where to begin when their first few listing appointments fall in their lap. Set yourself apart from all the other agents with these easy hacks. Key takeaways, to make a big impression, submit your resume, be charming and take notes. Grow your Referral Network. Limited seating available for Inman Connect San Francisco. Register Now, article image credited to Photo by 85Fifteen on summary Unsplash.

Those who list, last is a cliche for a very good reason. Buyers are not only a dime a dozen these days, but they can (and will) drop you like a bad habit after months of work. If you want to get ahead, you need listings. In order to get them, you need a great listing presentation. Before we dive in, are you following up with the leads you already have to build referrals for listing appointments? A crm that focuses on relationship marketing like. Contactually can take the guesswork out of nurturing your leads and help you become a full time listing agent in no time.

If you provide a service, make sure that It's Presented: If you want to really feel like you've blown it, have a prospect tell you that they went with another company because "they attach a virtual tour to the listing in the mls.". You showed them your spiffy virtual tour, and of course, you attach it to the listing. Apparently not, as you lost the listing by not letting them know the obvious. Your marketing materials need to feature everything you do for your clients, no matter how mundane you think. They're not in the business, and it may not be obvious to them at all.

Update your Data if the Presentation is Postponed: Assuming you had done your comparative market analysis as close as possible to the listing presentation appointment, a postponement should prompt you to refresh your data if necessary. Watching the hot sheet for new activity could save you some embarrassment and make you look good by having the very latest info about the neighbor's home that just listed the day before. The devil is in the details: If you go into a listing presentation without all your bases covered, you shouldn't expect the best of results. Planning and preparation are part of any successful business venture or marketing presentation. As a real estate agent, you are responsible for your business success, so put together a presentation plan and package that puts all your services forward to the seller prospect in the best light. If you show up and they perceive you as prepared, professional and competent, you have a leg up on the competition. Update: Check out my article about the. It's getting far easier to make a great computer listing presentation. Many new real estate agents are often thrown into the middle of the real estate ocean, left to sink or swim in a sea of competition.

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Have a professional Listing Marketing Package Prepared: If you believe that part of your value to pdf your seller client is in how you'll package and market their home in print and other media, how can you expect to get that across with poor quality marketing. We're not talking about the cma here, but more the print or online display materials that you're using to promote your services and those of your brokerage. It's better to bring very little than to bring inferior brochures or less-than-professional marketing materials. Know your Strengths and be ready to communicate Them: Don't do a "dog and pony show wallpaper but be comfortable in the value of your knowledge, expertise, and resources. Notice that resources is part of this package. If you're new to the business, you don't have to apologize for. Resources include the support and knowledge of your broker and/or mentor. If It's a feature service, have a demo If Possible: As real estate agents embrace technology in their business and marketing, some really innovative listing marketing services are employed. If you plan on using things like a toll-free hotline recording, web site text messaging or other new "gadget have a demo ready, preferably with the actual home you're wanting to list as the demo.

listing presentation

on this appointment, then have a detailed Comparative market Analysis (CMA) prepared. With very similar homes or condominiums, this may be a viable option. Not having seen the home yet, the more consultive approach would be to have a cma that is broad with a range for listing price. You would arrive with this knowledge, but then view the home and talk with the sellers. Getting more information and returning with a refined listing price recommendation would be the plan. Don't just do one cma however.  do a second one using the list prices of currently listed comparable homes.  Markets are constantly changing, and your sold comps may already be a bit stale.

The more you know going into the presentation the better off you'll. This is where you need to get a relationship started with some trust, as you want the truth about their timeline and urgency. talk hippie to the prospect when you make the appointment. Ask questions about reasons for selling. It's even ok to ask what they want to realize monetarily from the sale. get the tax records. see if the property sold in past mls records. do a drive-by photo.

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Chris Whitehead / Getty Images, if you know What They want, you'll Know What to do: Throwing around "Top Producer" statements or flashing previously sold signs isn't the best approach when making a listing presentation. Going on about qualifications or services that your seller prospect finds of short no interest is a waste of your time and theirs as well. By paying attention to what sellers indicated they want in a survey, you'll know how to prepare for discussion centered around their needs. In this Internet marketing world, you can have all of the stuff about how great you are on your site where they can read it if they want. However, make information about selling, listing, preparation, and pricing very prominent so they can see what is important to them. When you get to the presentation, it's all about their home and their needs. Do your Research: What do you know about the listing prospect, the property, their motivations, etc?

listing presentation
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  1. Many new real estate agents do not have a plan or idea of where to begin when their first few listing appointments fall in their lap. Here are three simple, and often forgotten, details that separate a memorable listing presentation from the others. Get this versatile, professionally designed presentation too l for digital or print use. Download and customize with your information and.

  2. Want to know how to create a killer listing presentation that land s seller clients? Check out our in-depth guide filled with expert advice. Real estate listing presentations can make or break your lead-to-c lient conversion, so use these 15 sales tips to perfect your pitch to seller.

  3. We ve done all the hard work for you. Here s a beautifully designed and fo rmatted listing presentation that you can open in Powerpoint or keynote and customize. Tips for preparing for a listing presentation showing your experien ce, expertise, marketing and transactions services. Download your free listing presentation template, learn how to customize it, uploa d it into dotloop, and start winning more real estate listings.

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