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America: Melting Pot

America is not a pot of melted cultures and but rather a place  of coexisting cultures, each vitally alive and unmelted. The good part of the melting pot myth was that, in theory, everyone was welcome, even  the tired and the poor. Each would enrich American culture. Each would embrace the  idea of a common identity. Each would adopt and eventually achieve the American  dream of freedom and prosperity. The bad part of the melting pot was its rationalization of racism and intolerance. The  melting pot metaphor writes off racism as a temporary transition period for minorities. As  each culture is melted into the American culture, racism and prejudice fade away for that  particular group.

As I shared her letter with my life friends in Kosovo, they were very surprised to see that the disputed mindset that Serbians and Albanians do not get along has begun to fade. I was very content to know that with the help of my serbian friend, we will one day make our dream come true. The experiences that I have encountered in the United States made me have a new vision that the future begins with the younger generation and despite the differences between societies, there is a common language that will lead us to a better understanding of each. This is a message that I want to give to my fellow citizens; a better future of peace, a better future with hope, a better future for love, will create an equal and respectful society amongst all individuals across the world. America has a set of creation myths. One of these is that we are a melting pot. Immigrants come to America and blend their unique contributions into an homogeneous broth that is an ever evolving American culture. In this metaphor, children and grandchildren of first gene ration immigrants gradually lose their cultural identity and become more or less indistinguishably American. If this idea was ever true in America, it is not true today. While we may share a form of American identity, we also have separate cultural identities.

living in a melting pot essay

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For the first time in my life i had a chance to meet people from make Serbia; even though there is a tense relationship between my home country and Serbia, we as young people were able to find a common language amongst. Due to the war of 1999 and the problems that occurred in the past, both people from Kosovo and Serbia were raised with prejudices and misunderstandings for each others culture and values. Even though sometimes it seems that this tense relationship is never going to fade, i truly believe that we, the younger generation, can build a better future. It has always been my dream that one day i can do something to bring peace between these two nations, and today i know that am not alone because there is another person from Serbia who shares the same dream as mine; the dream that. She is an exchange student that I met in Washington dc, who right after I came back sent me a letter which had a big impact. She wrote Im glad that we can get along as we are the future generation who has the potential to strengthen relations between our countries and realize that we werent the ones who made bad decisions. Thank you for making my first impression of an amazing Kosovar! I was amazed and I responded to her immediately by saying that I just hope that one day we will be able to accept each other for what we are and to work united for a better future.

living in a melting pot essay

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Once a week i would dance with the senior citizens and paint their nails. Not only did I learn American dances, but i also taught them traditional dances of Kosovo. Spending time with them made me realize that bringing a smile to someone and helping an individual is much more satisfying than doing something just for material benefits. I await the chance to share this experience with my people back home so they can also realize how volunteering in community service and reaching out for people can make our country a better place. By living in this great melting-pot society, i realized that being an exchange student was one of the best things that ever happened. I had the opportunity to be an ambassador of my country and build a cultural bridge between Kosovo and United States. I also had the chance to meet people who came from all over the world. The beauty of meeting these people was that no matter where we came from, we were all equal, speaking the same language and treating each other with respect. This came to a climax with my pen-pal relations with people across the world, one being Serbia.

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living in a melting pot essay

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I was so pleased to finally meet her. As she carried my luggage, she broke the handle. That made us both laugh so loudly, and I suddenly realized my incredible journey in a new country had begun. As days passed, my life started going smoothly, and I couldnt have asked for anything better. I had wonderful host parents and amazing siblings of southeast Asian better Indian origin.

I felt blessed to be part of their generous family. Despite the differences in languages, cultures, and traditions, we were able to create a warm atmosphere and see many similarities between. It was a great experience to be introduced not only to American culture, but also to Indian culture. Even though I was the only caucasian at most of the Indian events, it didnt make any difference because i was welcomed as part of their warm community and family. Being introduced to the Indian community was not my only experience in this country. I began volunteering at a retirement home.

MegaEssays, "The melting Pot. m, ml (accessed July 07, 2018). Alba submitted the following essay as a part of the 2012-13 my american Experience Essay contest and won first place! She was asked to write about her experience as a exchange student in the. And how that has affected her as a leader. Alba is on the yes program and is from Kosovo.

That unforgettable august morning remains in my fondest memories, when the sun was smiling down on the earth as the airplane was heading towards Texas. I was sitting anxiously on the edge of my seat and i knew everyone who looked into my eyes could feel the air of nervousness sweeping over. Time was passing quickly as I was imagining my new life, and just then the captain announced that we had landed in houston. A new chapter of my life was about to begin, and I was excited about my first encounter with my host family. I went to the baggage claim to pick up my luggage, and while i was waiting, someone asked me if i knew what time it was. After a quick response in my thick european accent, she knew that I was a foreigner and she suddenly uncovered a poster that said Welcome home Alba. I was astonished for a moment. My nerves were swiftly relieved as I turned towards her. It was my host sister, Kruti!

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Additionally, in practice, assimilation is a forced process in America and results in immigrants having severed ties with family and relatives in their countries of origin. Conclusion, in conclusion, the write concept of the melting pot does not reflect its common belief and attracts debate worldwide. America is indeed not one as in terms of culture, customs, and beliefs, and will certainly remain a diversified nation for quite a long time. The myth revolving around the American pot includes the widespread racism, and oppression of the minority through assimilation. Apa, mla, chicago, the melting Pot. Retrieved 13:50, july 07, 2018, from. "The melting Pot.". M, (December 31, william 1969).

living in a melting pot essay

personal lives. In some cases, people identify acts of racism and just ignore the act since they are not victims or concern them. Additionally, america is known as the exemplary nation in embracing freedom. Ironically, many minorities feel looked down upon and thus bringing the feeling that their freedom is extremely limited. Therefore, it is more likely that America will never be one for a long time since racism will be constant if people fail to overcome their fears of difference from others. Furthermore, there is also the multiculturalist view of the myth of the American pot. Multiculturalists argue that minority cultures can suffer their distinctive features through assimilation. For instance, there may be cases of the dominant groups developing certain programs aimed at integrating the minority groups in certain institutions. This will eventually result in the less dominant cultures and immigrants losing their original culture, language, and identity.

America just wants everyone to paper become an American so that there will be no differences among others and also, there will be no problems, or conflict, between the different cultures races, religions. But nowadays, many immigrants (most from Latin America and Asia) are not willing to drop their cultures and religions just to be a part of America They are too committed.3 Many people believe that America should become more like. Introduction, the reference of America as the melting pot results from the fact that the country has many of its people coming from everywhere across the world and thus bringing with them different customs, beliefs, and cultures that should be assimilated to one. The purpose of the assimilation of the different cultures and customs is to make america a one nation. However, this is in contrary to the common belief since America is actually not a melting pot. Most researchers instead argue that America is salad bowl owing to the fact that people who come to America decide to hold onto their customs and cultures, thus failing to take on the characteristics of their new society. This implies that the society becomes a mixture of several different things that are easy to differentiate like in a salad. This therefore opens a window of controversy and myth of the common belief of a melting pot. Myth of the American Melting Pot.

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Eboni Smith, world geography B1 18 December 2013, america the melting Pot: Immigrants and Assimilation. The definition of a melting pot is when different cultures, races, and religions combine and form new cultures, races, and religions.1 that is exactly what America. America has taken all kinds of cultures and melted them into the American culture. Although America is not the most multicultural country in the world, it is still a very diverse country. But it was not always like that. In the 19th century, many immigrants were forced to assimilate into the American culture and adapt to the American ways also known as undergo Americanization.2 Many who did not comply with the rule, were most likely not let into the country, so they changed. They knew that America would be their ticket to freedom, and they were willing to change just to get there. Some did not have a problem with the American culture, so changing their culture was not that big improve of a deal for them. But that was the past things have changed since the 20th century.

living in a melting pot essay
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The chall enge is how to live together as a healthy multi-cultural society.

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  1. In his essay the significance of the Frontier in American History, he referred to the composite. The soviet government promoted the doctrine of assimilating all peoples living in ussr into one soviet people, accordingly to marxist. Cultural melting pot you ll find traditional Cape malay restau rants or workshops on Cape malay cooking offered by tour operators like the. One of these is that we are a melting pot.

  2. Whereas the word melting pot is not a term used in the dictionary. With this i dea we are more patriotic to the country that we live in, like in America people. Eboni Smith World geography B1 18 December 2013 America the melting Pot: Immigrant s and Assimilation The definition of a melting pot is when different. The melting pot is a monocultural metaphor for a heterogeneous society becoming.

  3. The Great m elting Pot Many times when you live in a certain area you do start to pick. This expert written essay example explains why America cannot be regarded as a mel ting pot. Feel free to use this article night and day.

  4. So many different people living together in one piece of land. Alba submitted the following essay as a part of the 2012-13 my american. By liv ing in this great melting-pot society, i realized that being an exchange student. Essay about America the melting Pot or America the salad Bowl?

  5. Free melting Pot papers, essays, and research papers. The newly found inhabita nts of America all wanted to live the American Dream full of opportunities. The melting Pot essays In the 1800 s and the early 1900 s, some people gav e the America the.

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