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Prezi for business teams allows for real time collaboration among team members, no matter how far apart. Easily include images and link to videos. Google Slides, you probably already use your google Drive daily, so why not add slides to your repertoire? This app provides a very traditional PowerPoint feel, but with easy shareability. Better yet, youll avoid that awkward wait time while your presentation loads from a thumb drive in front of a crowded room. Photo courtesy of m/slides, highlights: Works seamlessly with your existing google accounts. Comment on slides to send an email notification, access anywhere you access your Gmail, and share seamlessly with any google drive. Ideal for traditional and strictly professional audiences.

Selective long hedge strategies tied to moving averages will be particularly professional effective in an upward trending market such as the corn markets that can emerge in dry years. Sitting through PowerPoint presentations might be the very definition of boredom. Consider how many powerPoint presentations youve sat through in your lifetime. Did any of them stick? Dont fall into the same trap. These free alternatives to powerPoint will keep your presentation exciting and interesting, and make sure your audience remembers your message. Prezi, if you havent used Prezi, youre missing out. Not only is Prezi an enjoyable presentation, its fun to make. You can waste hours of your life playing in the world of this presentation site. Photo courtesy of m, highlights: Ideal for a presentation that requires visual movement, like zooming in on a concept or idea.

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In all, 13 trades would have been generated by the time the december corn futures contract closed out.92 in December 2009. The 18- and 40-day moving dissertation averages are less effective in getting the highest total price in this type of market with a mix of trending and choppy periods. The signals, dates, price and profit (loss) for the 18 and 40-day moving averages are shown in the table below and in Figure. The advantage of the 18-40 day moving average over the 40 day moving average method is that the 18-40 day method will generate fewer trades meaning less commissions and slippage. There would be 5 round turns, with a combined.635 profit before commissions. The net price would have been (assuming zero basis for simplicity).92.635.555. Whether a producer watching for chart signals would have fared better is not clear. The moving average systems impose a type of discipline in that they are based on arithmetic measure of the closing prices and are objectives. The moving average strategies have obvious application to the user of agricultural commodities.

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The net addition to.0281 cash selling price would.1739 for a you net price.202, and commission costs would be less. As a contrast, figure 5 shows what can happen when using much shorter moving average combinations, such as a 4- and 9-day set of moving averages. A table of detailed trades is not shown here because there would have been many round turn trades with several having an entry 1 day, and an exit in the next 1-3 days. In an attempt to reduce the number of false signals getting the user in and out of trades so quickly, some analysts will suggest using a filter such as a minimum penetration, or multiple closes before the signal is accepted. The corn futures (Fig. 6) offered rallies to various resistance planes in July, august and September 2008, and again in June 2009 and sell orders just under those planes would have been filled and short hedges set. But if the chart opportunities were missed, the 40-day moving average shown in Figure 6 would have been effective in helping to lock in some price protection in this quick market decline. An early sell signal on March 19.1850 would have set short hedges to early initially, and that short hedge position would have been lifted on a buy signal on March 25 at the closing price.39. A better sell signal on July 17, 2008, on a close below a declining 40-day moving average would have replaced the short hedges.42.

How would the moving averages have done in this market? Figure 3 shows the chart and the 9- and 18-day moving averages. Actions, dates, prices and profits (losses) would have been as follows: overview cont. In July, the net price would be a cash price.0281.0102 -.094 -.0343.0810.2445.2355 if the cash-future basis is near zero and the cotton is sold.0281 on or near the date the last short hedge is bought back. An obvious question emerges: Which is the correct set of moving averages to use for a particular commodity? The 9-and 18-day is a widely used and generally applicable set. To illustrate the differences that can emerge, here are the actions, dates, prices, and profits (losses) for an 18- and 40-day set of moving averages used on the same cotton futures chart: overview cont. Figure 4 shows later signals, fewer tables, less commissions, and only one round turn trade that lost money.

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When paper two moving averages are used, the reasons shorter of the two is quicker to respond to a change in price direction. The 9-day and 18-day moving averages are a widely used set. When the 9 crosses the 18 from above, a sell signal is generated. When it crosses the 18 from below, a buy signal is generated. Figure 2 illustrates this on the same live cattle futures contract.

Actions, dates, prices and profits (losses) to a selective short hedge program are: overview cont. If the cattle are sold in cash at 94 in late October, with the short hedge in place, the net price for the cattle before commissions would be 94 -. 106.88. This assumes the last short position is bought back.75. Note that the live cattle futures offered a price just above 112 as a high between January and October. While the producer did not achieve the highest price, he/she did far better than the 87 low seen during October. The cotton futures contract offered the chart reader an excellent selling opportunity when the market rallied in April toward the resistance plane drawn across the february highs (Fig. What if a short hedge was not entered on the price rally?

A set of two moving averages can generate sell and buy signals as they cross each other in the chart. A 40-day moving average is widely used as an indicator of price trend. Figure 1 shows a 40-day moving average of closing prices on a live cattle futures contract. A simple application of the 40-day moving average allows it to generate objective sell and buy signals. The rule is: Sell when the closing price drops below the 40-day moving average, buy when the closing price moves above the 40-day moving average.

If this approach were used in a selective hedging program for cattle placed in January, the action, the dates of action, the closing prices for those days, and the net profit (loss) from the trade before commissions would be as follows: overview cont. As a selective hedger, the cattle feeder would place short hedges on sell signals and remove the short hedges on buy signals. The four round turns in futures trades gained.74 per cwt before commissions. This approach provides a safety net. If the cash cattle had been sold at about 94, the net price before commissions would have been 107.74. (If you have bought and sold a futures contract or options contract, that is referred to as a round turn because you have gotten into and out of the market.).

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Under the scrutiny of a skilled chart analyst, the chart reveals sell and buy signals as important components of a price risk management program. However, not all producers are comfortable reading a chart. There is also the danger that when one is waiting and watching for a particular price level tied to a chart pattern, that pricing objectives may never be reached. That dream may be the very year a producer needs to forward price, by placing hedges, to maintain financial viability. An alternative to chart analysis is the use of moving averages. Moving averages are mathematical, objective, simple to use, and very effective. A single moving average is used to determine the likely direction of price trend.

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Download Presentation, technical Analysis: Alternatives to Chart Analysis 1 / 23, technical Analysis: Alternatives to Chart Analysis. Copyright Complaint Adult Content Flag as Inappropriate. I am the owner, or an agent authorized to act on behalf of the owner, of the copyrighted work described. Download Presentation, an Image/Link below is provided (as is) to download presentation. Download Policy: Content on the website is provided to you as is for your information and personal use and may not be sold / licensed / shared on other websites without getting consent from its author. While downloading, if for some reason you are not able to download a presentation, the publisher may have deleted the file from their server. Presentation Transcript, overview, technical analysis uses past price information to form expectations about essay what will happen in the future. The bar chart shows the high, low and closing prices for each day for a particular commodity.

scenes that caught our eye. Geektime 8 tools to take your Product Presentations to the next level. Business 2 Community (B2C) 5 Hidden Social Media hacks Millennials Can Use to boost Their Careers Adweek revenge of the goldfish: Marketing to the 8-Second Generation cmswire The keys to designing the most effective investor presentation The next Web Technology tools for teaching and learning. 4 ways Padlet Can Help you get your Groove back EdSurge 21 Top Presentation tools for teachers More Than a tech build an eye-catching Website with these Free tools TechAcute cool App Creates Full-Fledged Websites With your Facebook, instagram Profiles DesignTaxi Emaze wants to help. PNG) Vertical logo horizontal logo Black ampWhite logo follow. Download, skip this Video, loading SlideShow in 5 Seconds. Technical Analysis: Alternatives to Chart Analysis PowerPoint Presentation.

5 Programs to Bring your Presentations to life. Lifehack, the cure for the common presentation? Best movie Techie 20 tools for Creating and Delivering Amazing Presentations. HubSpot 15 Best Presentation Software Alternatives to powerPoint. Digital Information World, emaze: NextGen presentation platform, geektime. Emaze enables Users to Create Amazing Presentations in Minutes. Business Wire 40 Free productivity dashboards and Templates. Sitepoint, emaze continues to Grow, presentation Magazine, capture your Audience with these 5 New Presentation Alternatives.

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Media - emaze, emaze raises 800k for The Presentation Sweet Spot Between PowerPoint And Prezi. Tech Crunch, cloud-based presentation software Emaze (david) throws 2M at Goliath (aka powerPoint). Venture beat, emaze website builder launches to give influencers a new home on the internet. Tech Crunch, the self-proclaimed "Prezi-killer" can add impressive animated themes to your existing PowerPoint presentations. With Emaze, users can integrate all oliver of their social media feeds to create a professional website in under five minutes. Martech Advisor lets anyone create their own personal websites by importing their Facebook. The next Web 9 Best Online Presentation makers, better Tech Tips, emaze review. The balance, how to create Amazing Presentation in 15 Minutes with Emaze. Office ninjas, death by powerPoint?

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Tap the drop-down bolt by Presentation quality to choose the size and nature of your video. These free alternatives to powerPoint will keep your presentation exciting and interesting, and make sure your audience remembers your. PowerPoint presents several alternatives to enhance or even totally alter the way that you deliver presentations.

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  1. Presentation, alternatives 15 Best Presentation Software Alternatives to powerPoint. In the presentation entitled, Integrating safer chemicals into consumer product materials decision-making: Enabling chemical screening. html5 Presentation Template best Powerpoint Alternatives For Web Based Presentations On 2013 Download html5 presentation template. PowerPoint Alternatives : Presentation -tool Showdown processor, spreadsheet, presentation program, database, and more) that provides.

  2. on best presentation software alternatives to powerPoint: /powerpoint- alternatives / I personally think visme is one. free powerPoint, alternatives for All your, presentation, needs 7 Free powerPoint, alternatives for All your, presentation, needs Microsoft. successfully interpret the message of any powerPoint presentation in 2 minutes or less much better than any powerPoint presentation can. Capture your Audience with these 5 New.

  3. Technical Analysis: Alternatives to Chart Analysis - powerPoint ppt. Alternatives to an e- lens for lhc halo cleaning - powerPoint ppt. SlideDog is a powerful presentation tool that seamlessly switches between multimedia presentation files and makes it easy to present.

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