Rolle's and the mean value theorem homework

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Zip 1k Integral Area approximation This program takes a given function, evaluates it over the interval, with the set number of intervals, and evaluates at either the left, middle, right, or trapezoidal integration points, and returns the value. Less work than the fnInt function, and also easier to use. 1k average rate of change 2 This program works with the formula (f(x) - f(a x-a). The user inputs the function and the a-value and the program outputs a graph of the ratio. Zip 1k average rate of Change average rate of Change - f(X2) - f(X1) / X2 - x1 bcprecal. Zip 3k Precalculus This program is a pre-calculus program that will cover all your algebra 2 review and all the trigonometry funcions including sine, cosine, tangent, secant, cosecant, and cotangent.

Also gives the user the ability to see the results graphically with lables. Zip 1k Area under a curve this program uses the romberg algorithm to find area under a curve. I have tested other programs for speed and accuracy but found mine to be superior in both. The user can set accuracy to a set number a decimal places. It also shows an estimate of the answer as it zeros in on the exact answer. As far time goes, here are some times for the 84 silver editon and 9 decimal place accuracy in radian mode. Yes, 9 decimal places. E(-x) from branding 0x-50x takes 25 seconds. Sin(x 0 x-10pi x takes 1 second. Cos(x32)2sin(x) from 0-10 takes 25 seconds.

rolle's and the mean value theorem homework

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Zip 1k Area between curves This program will find the area the between curves between two values. Zip 1k solves area between two curves This is a simple basic program for the ti-83 plus. Includes the option of having the calc find the bounds for you! A must for calculus. Zip 1k Area of Surface of revolution This program computes the area of the surface of revolution. 1k Area under Curve.0 (Monte carlo method) This useful program will approximate the area under a curve or line to arbitrary accuracy using the monte carlo method. The realtime progress meter shows how far the program has progressed for time-consuming high accuracy calculations, and the standard interface makes it easy to navigate. Doors.0 optimized. 6k Area under Curve calculator Find the area under a function with 6 different methods (lram, rram, mram, trapazoids, simpson's method, actual).

rolle's and the mean value theorem homework

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Zip 1k Arc Length of a curve enter f(x lower bound, and upper bound, and it will tell you the arc length of the curve. Zip 1k Arclength This program will compute the arclength of a function interests accurate to about 3 decimal places. Zip 1k Arc Length surface Area calculation enter a function, and 2 points a b, and calculate the arc length of the graph from A to b, as well as the surface area of rotation about x-axis from A to b arclength. Zip 1k Arc Length calculator This program calculates the arc length of a function by intergration, and it also gives you the intergrand. Requires Symbolic and PrettyPrint. Zip 1k arc this program computes the average rate of change for a function and graphs the secant line as well as the function over the interval. Zip 1k Approximating Area under a curve enter a function, lower bound, upper bound, and the amount of equal subintervals and it will find the area using four methods, left rectangle area method, right rectangle area method, midpoint rectangle area method, and trapezoid rule. 1k ram graphs.1 Graphs and displays the left, mid, and right ram with the option to pick the order of displaying each and input a, b, and n again.

Then there exists at least one point c between a and b where the derivative is zero. This program finds that/those point(s). 1k ap calculus Series: Simpson Approximation Uses Simpson's method of approximating the area under a function using parabolas. 1k ap calculus Series: Trapezoidal Approximation Uses trapezoial method of approximating the area under a function using trapezoids. Zip 1k ap calculus Series: f(x) of a tangent This program finds the function of a line tangent to the function f(x) at point. You can see the formula in y-y1M(X-X1) and ymxb forms. Zip 1k average rate of Change Graphs This program will generate a graph of the average rate of change for a data set as well as an average rate of change for the average rate of change of a data set. The user just enters in the data and the program will graph these average rates of change graphs. Great for precalculus or physics courses.

Teaching Calculus with Maple - calculus Curriculum

rolle's and the mean value theorem homework

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If you convert a residential root into a function, then it's only a matter of finding the zeroes. Again, iterations are displayed on the home screen. Zip 1k ap calculus Series: Infinity apnfinty (ap infinity) allows the user to find the limit of a function as x approaches infinity. It can also work with indeterminate (0/0) functions, and find vertical and horizontal asymptotes. Zip 80k App4Calc This is a great calculus program for the ti-84 with it you can do the following things: calculate single, double or triple integrals calculate any derivative of any function (even parametric, polar and implicit functions) calculate the terms for taylor functions (this.

Zip 1k Approximate Integration Approximate Integration is used when it is impossible or very difficult to find the exact value of a definate integral. This program uses 5 different techniques, left Endpoint approximation, right Endpoint approximation, midpoint Rule, trapezodial Rule, and Simpsons Rules, to find aprroximate values for the definate integral. Zip 1k Approximating Integrals This program will compute the left sum, the right sum and the midpoint approximation to riemann integrals. Zip 1k ap calculus Series: Rolles Theorem Rolles's Theorem states this: If f(x) is a function whose derivatives exist between the limits x a, and. Suppose also that f(a) 0 and f(b).

As well infinity (both negative and positive). If the limit doesn't exist it will tell you. Also, it compensates for irrational numbers the calculator may give. Essentially, you will get the right numerical answer if there is one. Zip 65k The Ultimate calculus Collection! This is a must download.

This program has over 60 functions, including: trig functions, expression simplification, limits, derivatives of functions, implict differentiation, tangent finder, function explorer, all roots to an equation, ram, 1st fundamental theorem of calculus, trapazoidal/simpson's rule, average value theorem, slope field, euler's method, improved euler's method, runge. As an added bonus, all answers are in exact form. Also this basic program was compiled into an application! (thanks to martin Warmer's BasicBuilder App Creator). Zip 1k ap calculus Series: mean Value ap mean Value finds points on a function that have the same tangent line slope as the line connecting the two endpoints of the function. 1k ap calculus Series: Iterative approximation apnewtn2 estimates zeroes on a function f(x) given the original function, the derivative, and a guess. All steps (iterations) are shown on the screen. Zip 1k ap calculus Series: Newton's Approximation apnewton finds zeroes of a function given the f(x) and interval in which to look using Newton's method of approximation. Zip 1k ap calculus Series: root Approximation This program estimates roots using Newton's method of approximation.

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(Only supports addition property) apgderiv. Zip 1k ap calculus Series: Derivative grapher given f(x this program will graph a function's derivative along with the original equation on the graph screen. This is done by calculating the change between two very close points, all the way across the screen. Zip 1k ap calculus Series: Limits my first file in a (hopefully lengthy) series of way files for ap calculus. Aplimits finds the limit of a user-defined function. Written on my first day back to school, no less. Zip 1k mega limits.0 Solves both the left hand and right hand limit; supports any number (with trig functions, etc.

rolle's and the mean value theorem homework

Zip 1k 04-06-07, ap calculus, if you're taking Calculus or you're going to take calculus, you will definitely need this program. It will save you lots of time and work that you will have to struggle with for about 30 minutes when this program writing does it in about 5 minutes. It will find Area between Curves, volume of Circular revolution Around a vertical Line and Around a horizontal Line, centroid, Arc Length, surface Area of revolution, definite Integral of a function from A to b, riemann Sums (Area approximations - left, right, midpoint, Trapezoid, and. It will do so much for you and it will really help you in Calculus. Now download this program onto your Calculator, and head on to calculus and see how helpful it is! Zip 1k ap calculus Series: Derivative shortcut Derivative shortcuts. Advanced calculus students won't need this file.

for anyone taking ap calc. 1k 04-01-28, antiDerivative.0, do you take calculus? Have you ever wanted to perform a quick antiderivation? Simply plug in the antiderivative of cxn dx, and this nifty program will find the original equation in the form zxpC. Excellent graphics and interface; doors.0 optimized.

Then it will use the nDeriv function but with a better precision. If the derivative is very high, it will warn you that it could actually be /- infinity. So in general the solution is more reliable than the normal nDeriv function. All About Calculus: year i, if you're taking ap calculus ab or any other form of year one calculus, this program will save you hours (literally) on homework, tests, and other assignments. Using a very easy-to-use interface, it provides review a huge range of features, including a tangent line finder, an approximate differentiator, a riemann sum calculator (in all five of the generally used forms an approximate integrator, an average value finder, an arc length calculator, a fast. All of these are arranged into just six step-by-step functions, many of which use a convenient and intuitive mathprint format. Three animated screenshots and a readme file included.

Calculus Honors Workbook derivative tangent

TI-83/84 plus basic math programs (calculus). Archive statistics, number of files 297, last updated, wednesday, total downloads 1,646,825. Most popular file, the Ultimate calculus Collection! Click a filename to download that ick writing a folder name to view files in that ick for file information. Icon legend: File with screen shots, file with animated screen shots. File with reviews, featured programs, name, size. Date, rating, description (Parent Dir) folder, up to ti-83/84 Plus basic math Programs advderiv. Zip 8k 06-05-18, advanced Derivative function, it will calculate f a) based on the nDeriv( function. However, it will first check if the function exists.

rolle's and the mean value theorem homework
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