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Wikihow Contributor Yes, i would recommend including the production year. Ask a question 200 characters left Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Submit Tips 10 point font is the absolute minimum size you should use. 12 point is preferred. 16 look at sample resumes to use as a formatting guideline. You can find these online, or ask relatives for their examples.

Because reading it plan aloud takes more time, it will help you catch any typos and grammar mistakes. 15 Community q a search Add New question I was a member of an acting troupe life and had several roles within that same troupe. Do i list the troupe multiple times with each role, or type the troupe once and list the roles under that troupe? Wikihow Contributor you should probably type the troupe once and list the multiple roles under. Otherwise, you might run out of space. Will my age matter when I send in a resume? Producers and directors are usually interested in actors of all ages. What if I had as a larger part, but I was down-graded. Do i still write down the role i first got or do i write down the role that was given to me later? Wikihow Contributor On your resume, you list the role that you ended up playing. Should i include the year that the production took place?

staple two page resume

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It's almost always best to keep your resume to one page. In fact, it is often standard practice to staple your resume to the back of an 8-by-10-inch head shot for acting gigs, giving you even less space. 12 avoid patterned paper or designs that make your resume look busy or difficult to read. You may use paper with texture. 13 dream 3 Don't send it without proofreading. Fair or not, you will be judged on your grammar. If your resume is riddled with typos, it is likely to get tossed out. Read it over yourself before sending it, but also have someone else look at, as he or she may catch typos that you don't. 14 Try reading it aloud.

staple two page resume

Staple a 2- page, resume?

That is, your resume doesn't need to include every job you held in high school. It also doesn't need to include every high school wallpaper play you had a role. Stick to the most current roles you've played, the jobs you've had on the stage, or plays you've written; you don't want to overwhelm them with information. 11 Part 3 Knowing What you shouldn't do 1 Don't lie. While it's sometimes acceptable to stretch the truth a bit, you should never out and out lie on your resume. In a digital world, you can be easily found out, and you may even be caught out in an interview when the interviewer asks you a question. Stick to the roles you've actually played, the jobs you've actually had, or the plays you've written that have been produced. 2 avoid long or busy formatting.

If you're applying for a stage management position, you need to highlight what you've done as a stage manager and play down your acting roles. 9 2 Catch your employer's eye. Generally, you have, at most, 20 seconds to catch anyone's eye who's reading your resume. Most of the time, your resume is skimmed to see if you seem like a good fit. Make sure the design is clean, and you use the design to highlight what's most important. 10 For instance, if your experience is more relevant than your education, you should include that first. 3 weed out the extra stuff.

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staple two page resume

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Generally, as an actor, you can include skills such as accents you know, languages you can speak, sports you can play, and musical instruments you can play. You may also want to list other special talents, such as stage combat. Also, this section is a duties good place to list your vocal and dancing abilities. A short bullet-point list is fine for this section. You may not need this section for every type of resume. For instance, it makes sense to include in a resume for stage management, since you can list skills such as "able to work with power tools." However, it may not make as much sense to list it in a writer's resume. If you have any special awards, you can include them in a short section at the bottom.

However, you can also place it under the skills section, or add it in the appropriate area with your experience. If you put it in your experience, use an asterisk to reference it, and put it at the bottom of the appropriate section. Part 2, making your Resume Stand Out 1, make it relevant. You should always tailor your resume for the job you're applying for. For instance, if the job is an action film, the casting director will likely be more interested in your film credits than your stage productions. You can still include a few stage credits, but you want to focus your resume on your film credits.

You can also include web series, voice overs, commercials, and theme park or cruise ship work. Otherwise, go in chronological order. If you're a technician, you'll divide it into categories such as "design work" and "production experience." As a stage manager, you certainly want to include your stage managing experience, but you might also want to include when you worked as a stage hand, as well. Similarly, as a director, you need to include your directing experience, but stage management and acting roles are also relevant. As a writer, you want to include the plays produced that you wrote, but stages readings are also relevant. 5, make three columns in this section.

Include the name of the theater, movie, or show in the first column. Next to that, you need the role you played or the job you worked. Finally, you need the name of the director, if it wasn't you. You can also include big name stars here. 6 6, create a skills section. In this section, you list any skills you have competency. What you list may change depending on the job.

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You won't be expected to have all the experience you need right away. 5, subdivide experience into types of credits. How you divide way this category depends on the type of work your applying for. If you're an actor, you'll divide by types of roles. If you're a technician, you'll divide by the type of work you're doing. 4, for instance, if you're an actor, begin with your theater credits, then go to your movie credits. Television should be last.

staple two page resume

attended. This section is especially important if you don't have much experience in the field. 2, don't forget to include workshops and any other formal training you've had in this area, especially if the person you studied under is well-known. 3 4, add your experience next. As stated, you may want to put this section above education if you're an at's also true for directors and stage technicians. Highlight what you've done. You don't need to include every job or role, just the ones that are most recent or that were particularly notable. When you're first starting out, you'll have some obscure roles, work in some obscure theaters, or direct some obscure plays, and that's fine.

It's common practice to staple the resume to the back of an 8x10 headshot. If you have an agent, you'll also need to leave room at the top for the agent's letterhead. 2, include your website and description if you want. You can also include a website if you have a professional one. In addition, it used to be standard to include your eye color and hair color for acting jobs because most photos were good black and white. However, these descriptions are not strictly necessary today. Put your education next, especially if you're a writer.

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We use cookies to make wikihow great. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Okay, part 1, formatting the resume 1, begin with your biographical information. Center and bold your name at the top of the page. Below plan your name, add any relevant professional societies you are in; acronyms are fine. 1, underneath your name, add your address, phone number, and email, not bolded. Even in the theater world, it's best to use a professional email, such as your full name in email form. Actors have two additional space limitations.

staple two page resume
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At the beginning of the game, the 99 grid will have some of the squares filled. Problem solution essays are a type of essay question sometimes given to you in the test. If two pages are necessary, do not staple both the pages together.

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  4. If two pages are necessary, do not staple both the pages together. It s common practice to staple the resume to the back of an 8x10 headshot. It s almost always best to keep your resume to one page.

  5. Resume, length: One- page resumes are preferred by virtually all employers for most entry-level positions. Use our free resume templates which have been professionally designed as examples to write your own interview winning. If sending in a paper version then do not staple or fold. Let us talk about a few pointers on how to write a teacher s resume.

  6. A good resume cannot get you a job; but. Example of a 2 page resume. Your resume provides an employer with a first impression of you and your qualifications.

  7. Second, resumes are documents that are reviewed by countless people and studied carefully-if chosen for further interest-and without a staple, a resume is much easier to reference. Staple, your, resume, and Other Sins of the job Hunt.polled believe a single page is the ideal length for a staff-level resume, 44 said they prefer two pages. Do not be afraid to staple a few pages together or print the resume on the front and back of one piece of paper. Better jobs have become more competitive than ever before, and they will continue to get more competitive.

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