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8 65 Following the depression of the 1890s, the six colonies agreed to form the commonwealth of Australia. Sydney's beaches had become popular seaside holiday resorts, but daylight sea bathing was considered indecent until the early 20th century. 52 20th centurypresent edit sydney harbour in 1932 Under the reign of queen Victoria federation of the six colonies occurred on Sydney, with a population of 481,000, then became the state capital of New south Wales. The Great Depression of the 1930s had a severe effect on Sydney's economy, as it did with most cities throughout the industrial world. For much of the 1930s up to one in three breadwinners was unemployed. 66 Construction of the sydney harbour Bridge served to alleviate some of the effects of the economic downturn by employing 1,400 men between 1967 The population continued to boom despite the depression, having reached 1 million in 1925.

He established public homework works, a bank, churches, and charitable institutions and sought good relations with the Aborigines. Over the course of the 19th-century sydney established many of its major cultural institutions. Governor Lachlan Macquarie's vision for Sydney included the construction of grand public buildings and institutions fit for a colonial capital. Macquarie street began to take shape as a ceremonial thoroughfare of grand buildings. The year 1840 was the final year of convict transportation to sydney, which by this time had a population of 35,000. 18 51 Gold was discovered in the colony in 1851 and with it came thousands of people seeking to make money. 18 17 Sydney's population reached 200,000 by 1871. Demand for infrastructure to support the growing population and subsequent economic activity led to massive improvements to the city's railway and port systems throughout the 1850s and 1860s. 61 After a period of rapid growth, further discoveries of gold in Victoria began drawing new residents away from Sydney towards Melbourne in the 1850s, which created a strong rivalry between Sydney and Melbourne that still exists to this day. Nevertheless, sydney exceeded Melbourne 's population in the early twentieth century and remains Australia's largest city.

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He raided farms until governor Macquarie dispatched troops from the British Army 46th Regiment in 1816 and ended the conflict by killing 14 Indigenous Australians in a raid on their campsite. 58 59 In 1804, Irish convicts led the castle hill Rebellion, a rebellion resume by convicts against colonial authority in the castle hill area of the British colony of New south Wales. The first and only major convict uprising in Australian history suppressed under martial law, the rebellion ended in a battle fought between convicts and the colonial forces of Australia at rouse hill. 60 The rum Rebellion of 1808 was the only successful armed takeover of government in Australian history, where the governor of New south Wales, william Bligh, was ousted by the new south Wales Corps under the command of Major george johnston, who led the rebellion. Conflicts arose between the governors and the officers of the rum Corps, many of which were land owners such as John Macarthur. Modern development edit 19th century edit aerial illustration of Sydney, 1888 Early sydney was molded by the hardship suffered by early settlers. In the early years, drought and disease caused widespread problems, but the situation soon improved. The military colonial government was reliant on the army, the new south Wales Corps. Macquarie served as the last autocratic governor of New south Wales, from 1810 to 1821 and had a leading role in the social and economic development of Sydney which saw it transition from a penal colony to a budding free society.

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Phillip and several of his officers—most notably watkin Tench —left behind journals and accounts of which tell of immense hardships during the first years of settlement. 55 roads, bridges, wharves, and public buildings were constructed using convict labour and by 1822 the town had banks, markets, and well-established thoroughfares. Part of Macquarie's effort to transform the colony was his authorisation for convicts to re-enter society as free citizens. 55 Conditions in the colony were not conducive to the development of a thriving new metropolis, but the more regular arrival of ships and the beginnings of maritime trade (such as wool) helped to lessen the burden writing of isolation. 1792, convicts and their jailers made up the majority of the population; in one generation, however, a population of emancipated convicts who could be granted land began to grow. These people pioneered Sydney's private sector economy and were later joined by soldiers whose military service had expired, and later still by free settlers who began arriving from Britain. Governor Phillip departed the colony for England on 11 December 1792, with the new settlement having survived near starvation and immense isolation for four years. 56 Conflicts edit between 17, sydney became one of the many sites of the australian Frontier Wars, a series of conflicts between the kingdom of Great Britain and the resisting Indigenous clans. 57 In 1790, when the British established farms along the hawkesbury river, an Aboriginal leader Pemulwuy resisted the europeans by waging a guerrilla -style warfare on the settlers in a series of wars known as the hawkesbury and Nepean Wars which took place in western.

50 The colony was not founded on the principles of freedom and prosperity. Maps from this time show no prison buildings; the punishment for convicts was transportation rather than incarceration, but serious offences were penalised by flogging and hanging. 51 Phillip sent exploratory missions in search of better soils and fixed on the parramatta region as a promising area for expansion and moved many of the convicts from late 1788 to establish a small township, which became the main centre of the colony's economic. Poor equipment and unfamiliar soils and climate continued to hamper the expansion of farming from Farm cove to parramatta and toongabbie, but a building programme, assisted by convict labour, advanced steadily. 52 Convict artist Thomas Watling 's a northward view of Sydney cove, 1794 Officers and convicts alike faced starvation as supplies ran low and little could be cultivated from the land. 53 The region's indigenous population was also suffering. It is estimated that half of the native people in Sydney died during the smallpox epidemic of 1789. 45 54 Enlightened for his age, phillip's personal intent was to establish harmonious relations with local Aboriginal people and try to reform as well as discipline the convicts of the colony.

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Britain decided in 1786 to found a new penal outpost in the territory discovered by cook some 16 years earlier. 14 Captain Philip led the first Fleet of six 11 ships and about 850 convicts into botany bay on, though deemed the location unsuitable due to poor soil and a lack of fresh water. He travelled a short way further north and arrived at Port Jackson on 18 47 This was to be the location for the new colony. Phillip described Sydney cove as being "without exception the finest harbour in the world". The colony was at first to be titled "New Albion after Albion in Great Britain, but Phillip decided on "Sydney". 48 The official proclamation and naming of the colony happened on 7 February 1788.

Lieutenant William Dawes produced a town plan in 1790 but it was ignored by the colony's leaders. Sydney's layout today reflects this lack of planning. 1792, 3,546 male and 766 female convicts were landed at Sydney—many "professional criminals" with few of the skills required for the establishment of a colony. The food situation reached crisis point in 1790. Early efforts at agriculture were fraught and supplies from overseas were scarce. From 1791 on, however, the more regular arrival of ships and the beginnings of trade lessened the feeling of isolation and improved supplies.

He noted in his journal that they were confused and somewhat hostile towards the foreign visitors. 42 cook was on a mission of exploration and was not commissioned to start a settlement. He spent a short time collecting food and conducting scientific observations before continuing further north along the east coast of Australia and claiming the new land he had discovered for Britain. Prior to the arrival of the British there were 4,000 to 8,000 native people in Sydney from as many as 29 different clans. 45 The earliest British settlers called the natives Eora people.

"Eora" is the term the indigenous population used to explain their origins upon first contact with the British. Its literal meaning is "from this place". 46 Sydney cove from Port Jackson to petersham was inhabited by the cadigal clan. 45 The principal language groups were darug, guringai, and Dharawal. The earliest Europeans to visit the area noted that the indigenous people were conducting activities such as camping and fishing, using trees for bark and food, collecting shells, and cooking fish. 42 Establishment of the colony edit The founding of Australia, by captain Arthur Phillip. Britain —before that, England —and Ireland had for a long time been sending their convicts across the Atlantic to the American colonies. That trade was ended with the declaration of Independence by the United States in 1776.

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The city is amongst the top fifteen most-visited cities in the world, 35 with millions of tourists coming each year to see the city's landmarks. 36 boasting over 1,000,000 ha (2,500,000 acres) of nature reserves and parks, 37 its notable natural features include sydney harbour, the royal National Park and the royal Botanic Garden. Built attractions such as Sydney tower, the sydney harbour Bridge and the sydney opera house (which became a world Heritage site in 2007 38 ) are also well known to international visitors. The main passenger airport serving the metropolitan area is Kingsford-Smith Airport, make one of the world's oldest continually operating airports. 39 Opened in 1906, central station is the main hub of the city's rail network. 40 Contents History edit main articles: History of Sydney and Timeline of Sydney first inhabitants edit The first people to inhabit the area now known as Sydney were indigenous Australians having migrated from northern Australia and before that from southeast Asia. Radiocarbon dating suggests human activity first started to occur in the sydney area from around 30,735 years ago. 12 However, numerous Aboriginal stone tools were found in Western Sydney's gravel sediments that were dated from 45,000 to 50,000 years bp, which would indicate that there was human settlement in Sydney earlier than thought. 41 The first meeting between the native people and the British occurred on when lieutenant James cook landed at Botany bay on the kurnell Peninsula and encountered the Gweagal clan.

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24 It is classified as an Alpha world City by Globalization and World Cities Research Network, indicating its influence in the region and throughout the world. 25 26 Ranked eleventh in the world for economic opportunity, 27 Sydney has an advanced market economy with strengths in finance, manufacturing and tourism. 28 29 There is a significant concentration of foreign banks and multinational corporations government in Sydney and the city is promoted as one of Asia pacific 's leading financial hubs. 30 31 Established in 1850, the University of Sydney is Australia's first university and is regarded as one of the world's leading universities. 32 Sydney is also home to the oldest library in Australia, state library of New south Wales, opened in 1826. 33 The city was the birthplace of Australia's first skyscraper, in 1967. 34 Sydney has hosted international multi-sport events such as the 1938 British Empire games and 2000 Summer Olympics.

and engravings located in the protected ku-ring-gai chase national Park. 16 Since convict transportation ended in the mid-19th century, the city has transformed from a colonial outpost into a major global cultural and economic centre. The municipal council of Sydney was incorporated in 1842 and became australia's first city. 17 Gold was discovered in the colony in 1851 and with it came thousands of people seeking to make money. 18 17 Sydney became one of the most multicultural cities in the world after the mass migration following the second World War. 3 According to the 2011 census, more than 250 different languages were spoken in Sydney and about 40 percent of residents spoke a language other than English at home. 19 Furthermore, 36 of the population reported having been born overseas. 20 21 Despite being one of the most expensive cities in the world, mercer quality of living Survey ranks Sydney tenth in the world in terms of quality of living, 23 making it one of the most livable cities.

Blue mountains to the west, hawkesbury to the north, and, macarthur to the south. 9, sydney is made up of 658 suburbs, 40 local government areas and 15 contiguous regions. Residents of the city are known as "Sydneysiders". 10, as of June 2017, sydney's estimated population was 5,131,326. 11 The sydney area has been inhabited by indigenous Australians for at least 30,000 years. 12 lieutenant James cook first landed at Kurnell in wallpaper 1770, when navigating his way up the east coast of Australia on his ship, hms endeavour. It was not until 1788 when the first Fleet, which contained convicts and was led by captain Arthur Phillip, arrived in Botany bay to found Sydney as a penal colony, the first European settlement in Australia.

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This article is about the australian metropolis. For the local government area, see. For other uses, see, sydney (disambiguation). City in New south Wales, australia. Sydney ( /sɪdni/ ( listen ) 7 is the state capital of, new south Wales and the most populous city in, australia and, oceania. 8, located on Australia's east coast, the metropolis surrounds. Port Jackson and sprawls about 70 km (43.5 mi) on its periphery towards the.

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