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León Mantero, carmen María. Utilización de lipasas en la producción de un nuevo tipo de biodiesel que evita la generación de glicerol. Análisis de antígenos presentes en célulasembrionarias humanas. Aplicación del Modelo de Aceptación Tecnológica (TAM) al uso de la realidad aumentada en estudios universitarios. Sistemas catalíticos de carácter básico en procesos de interés industrial enmarcados en la química verde. Aplicación de las actividades lúdicas en el aprendizaje de la lectura en niños de Educación Primaria.

Advanced research and scholarship. Theses and dissertations, free to find, free to use. Recent Additions, see all of this weeks new additions. Eficacia de una intervención centrada en el paciente para incrementar la adherencia terapeútica y reducir los errores en la medicación en pacientes polimedicados mayores de 65 años atendidos en el nivel de atención primaria. Universidad de córdoba, servicio de publicaciones. What is the writing prevalence and factors associated essay with renal lithiasis in the Spanish population aged 40-65? A study conducted by personal telephone survey. Arias Vega, m raquel. Universidad de córdoba, ucopress. Juan Cortázar y su contribución a la formación matemática española en el siglo xix.

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A planner Using Genetic Programming Petursson, a edi-inf-im calibration of Virtual reality Theatre bannai, n edi-inf-im addressing failure in Distributed dialogue protocols Osman, n edi-inf-im prolog Program Similarity evaluation Campos Villegas, g edi-inf-im emerging complex behaviours in dynamic multi-agent computer games Park, j edi-inf-im the. Malhotra, g edi-inf-im applying machine learning techniques to ecological data petkos, g edi-inf-im a platform for the integration of genomic and proteomic data hansson, l edi-inf-im investigation of amino acid preferences in complexes between proteins and small molecules with carboxylate groups Conlin, l edi-inf-im dirty. Roberts, t edi-inf-im chip Tracker: a microarray laboratory Information Management System Yankilevich, p edi-inf-im unsupervised Segmentation for Statistical Machine Translation Sereewattana, s edi-inf-irogrammable Architecture for real-time derivative trading Tandon, s edi-inf-im computational Roles of neural Excitability Changes in learning Janowitz, m edi-inf-im gene network Inference. Orazi, g edi-inf-im roger Penrose and the 'impossibility' of Computer Consciousness - a critique. Or Are some Structures more Equal than Others? Renton, d edi-inf-im agent-oriented Requirements Modeling xiao, l edi-inf-im sampling the web Jun, c edi-inf-im designing an Anaphora resolution Algorithm for route Instructions Knees, m edi-inf-im unsupervised learning on Galaxy Spectra riden, j edi-inf-im reinforcement learning in Basal Ganglia zwickel, t edi-inf-iiscovery vicarious learning tool. Born in Venice, went to Britain to navigate) Menegatti, e edi-inf-im limited Media interface for ai planning System Nixon, a edi-inf-im designing and Implementing a geometric Theorem Prover Mendes da paper costa, a edi-inf-im a real time multi-agent visual tracking system for modelling complex behaviours.

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Suresh Venkatasubramanian: papers: thesis

Timiriassova, e edi-inf-im active learning in Motor Control Robbel, p edi-inf-im mapping Fundamental Business Process Modelling Language to a semantic Web Based Language nadarajan, g edi-inf-im human Resource Scheduling in High-skill Firms Chao, h edi-inf-im simulating the McCollough Effect in a self-Organizing model of the. Griffiths, p edi-inf-im visual Object Class Recognition noulas, a edi-inf-im an Efficient File/Data Structure for query evaluation in a data Stream Management System Christodoulou, k edi-inf-im formator: Software for the easy Creation of Formative exercises leonhard-MacDonald, a edi-inf-im working with Algebraic Curves Wagner, a edi-inf-im. Bonnici, h edi-inf-im integrated Interfaces to lexical Resources Karakechagias, i edi-inf-iioinformatic Approach to Understanding Microrna function in the development of the Brain and its Connections Clark, p edi-inf-im optimized Bandwidth Usage for real-Time remote surveillance system Valtos, e edi-inf-im tracking the movement of Objects with. Whaley, d edi-inf-im small Gene network: An evaluation of Network Inference tee, s edi-inf-im mining housekeeping genes with a naive bayes classifier. De ferrari, l edi-inf-im evaluating Current java technologies for Object Relational Mapping (ORM) Spathoulas, g edi-inf-itructural Synthesis System for lcc protocols Grivas, a edi-inf-im handheld Computers in Medical healthcare huuse, s edi-inf-iisher Kernel Derived Similarity metric For Playlist Generation. Scott, e edi-inf-im properties and Transformations for a semantic Web Umar, h edi-inf-im an ilts for Anglophone learners of Passive voice in French Eliades, d edi-inf-im fusing Relational Databases and P2P: a resource sensitive dht overlay muir, p edi-inf-iarallel Branch and bound skeleton Using Shared. Rolle, m edi-inf-im dynamic Storylines in Interactive virtual Environments Kashani, s edi-inf-im population Markov chain Monte carlo and Genetic Networks ye, f edi-inf-im time and Location Dependent Plasticity in Hebbian learning Erikson, e edi-inf-im mechanisms in an aco algorithm for Encouraging fuzzy co-operative rule singh. Schnadt, m edi-inf-iobust Paraphraser: ParSar Luger, s edi-inf-im on weighted Methods for Classification Rule generation tian, d edi-inf-im revisions And Repairs In a robot dialogue system Frampton, m edi-inf-im importing the semantic Web into a lightweight formal broker : an exercise in incorporating Description Logic. Goderis, a edi-inf-im generating Discourse from Plans of Interpretation: Linking spud to content Planning via dltag tepper, p edi-inf-iross-platform Mahjong with Computer Players li, j edi-inf-im static Multi-processor Scheduling with Ant Colony Optimisation and Local search Ritchie, g edi-inf-im investigating the effect on attention.

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The, yellow, wallpaper, vs The secret Life Of Walter Mitty Free essays

Kumar, s edi-inf-im web Based gui for Natural Deduction Proofs in Isabelle halvorsen, j edi-inf-im soap client plug-in for Einburgh Pathway editor ma, h resume edi-inf-im characterisation and Applications of manet routing Algorithms in Wireless Sensor Networks Warrier, s edi-inf-im improving evolutionary Algorithms with Scouting bousmalis. Meenakshi sundaram, a edi-inf-im machine Transliteration of Proper Names Matthews, d edi-inf-im eclipse plug-in to soap adaptor Sermetziadis, i edi-inf-im evaluation of Web Experiments Gunasekharan, s edi-inf-im sending Processing to data or the Other way around? Galanis, t edi-inf-im maintenance of the convex Hull of a dynamic Set Cisneros, j edi-inf-im range queries in peer-to-peer Systems Kaskoura, c edi-inf-im computational Explorations in Perceptual learning Hennequin, g edi-inf-im approximation Algorithms for Data Cleaning Nawathye, r edi-inf-im incremental evaluation of xml views (xml. Mhatre, p edi-inf-im skin Spot Classification using 3D data ravindranath, h edi-inf-im linking an htn planner to a universal Robot Controller for High-level Activity control Alexander, d edi-inf-im normal walking behaviour recognition from 3d video sequences Ittiacandy, h edi-inf-im image based galaxy classification Bhingare,. (please ignore the first one please) Zhou, z edi-inf-im inferring and modelling periodic patterns of gene expression.

Zografos, l edi-inf-im insect-inspired visually guided behaviours in robots Modi, v edi-inf-im extracting Generic Statements for the semantic Web Suh, s edi-inf-im sift representations li, r edi-inf-im multiagent learning Using an Additional Advice signal Belesiotis, a edi-inf-iimple agent programming environment in java tsorman, n edi-inf-im. Gauns Desai, s edi-inf-im emotion Detection From Weblogs Jambari, d edi-inf-im reading Mathematics out loud Ben Tarif, d edi-inf-im classifying Mutations: An Analysis of errors in a large collection of programs Kontogiannis, m pdf edi-inf-im self-Organizing Visual Cortex Model using Homeostatic Plasticity mechanism Kurniawan, v edi-inf-im. Timiriassova, e edi-inf-im plans from proofs Gallegos ayala, g edi-inf-im pyraGrid: Bringing peer to peer and grid Architectures together Najam, d edi-inf-im ontologies and query expansion Andreou, a edi-inf-im an Algorithm for Network comparison in Ontological Databases Hussain, h edi-inf-im relaxell - a relax. Kyle, r edi-inf-im adding a truth maintenance system to era, the Electronic Referee assistant, to allow backtracking. Crighton, d edi-inf-ieb-based Personalised Text-finder for Language learners Bennohr, j edi-inf-im effects of noise on Retinal Ganglion Cells wiesner, h edi-inf-im alignment of Sequences in Molecular biology Abdulkadir, s edi-inf-im temporal Verification In Lightweight coordination Calculus Using Simulation Tan, c edi-inf-im distributed Visual Tracking. An extension for PG/Eclipse plugin.

Andraszewicz, s edi-inf-im genomic Clustering of Gene Expression Data sveinbjornsson, j edi-inf-im restriction-site Associated dna sequencing as a genetic Mapping tool Cardona, a edi-inf-im neural Models of the Ageing Brain Dasgupta, s edi-inf-im development of a software tool for Modeling Smart Environments pourranjbar, a edi-inf-im. Andraszewicz, s edi-inf-im prediction of Resource requirements for Cloud Computing liu, x edi-inf-im neural Models of bayesian Priors Muscat, m edi-inf-im examination of the computational and neuro-anatomical factors that affect word and object recognition in humans using hierarchical Temporal Memory networks Avramidis, e edi-inf-im experience. Kouloumpis, e edi-inf-im manta: a friendly user interface to display query results from a semantic Web search engine verly, s edi-inf-im designing a parallel query Engine over Map/Reduce Chatzistergiou, a edi-inf-im computational Models of Addiction lee, c edi-inf-im alternative storage methods for online processing gkoutzelis. Marchant, a edi-inf-im an Embedded Genetic Algorithm For Humanoid gait Adaptability In Multiple Environments. Sewell, n edi-inf-im improving Stereo given Initial 3d registration fokerd, o edi-inf-im animating divide and conquer algorithms ravi, r edi-inf-im self-Organised learning in the Chialvo-bak model MSc Project Brigham, m edi-inf-im design and Implementation of a natural Language Front End for rdf systems Parvizi,. Sedthanapipat, p edi-inf-im visual Object Categorization using Topic Models Damianou, a edi-inf-im mining Andean-to-Amazon Ecosystem Data to Understand the Underlying Environmental Factors makrymallis, a edi-inf-im content Addressable Storage for Encrypted Shared Backup (casfesb) Gonsalves, g edi-inf-im movie recommender System Petchko, p edi-inf-im the Stochastic Model.

He, x edi-inf-iennis Guru he, z edi-inf-im from neural activity to neural connectivity qiao, c edi-inf-im reinforcement learning and Spiking neurons Papanikolaou, a edi-inf-im cleaning Archived xml data kainazarov, t edi-inf-im probability distributions as Program Variables Milios, d edi-inf-im image Inpainting with gaussian Processes Kalaitzis. Saengngam, t edi-inf-im distributed Control Algorithm for a multi cellular Robot Ranganath, a edi-inf-im capture dependencies to derive intelligence meimaris, m edi-inf-im combinatory categorial Grammar Parser in Natural Language toolkit na nakorn, t edi-inf-im impact of Channel Width on the performance of Long-distance 802.11 Wireless. Pastoll, h edi-inf-im implementing a workflow Engine for Executing Business Process and Business Analysis li, w edi-inf-im exploring nueral Models of Path Integration Hiremath, s edi-inf-im using Sub-optimal htn-generated Plans as a basis for searching for near-optimal Plans Adamopoulos, p edi-inf-im creating a natural Logic. Huckvale, c edi-inf-iomparison of Algorithms for Ranking Tags and Documents Sisask, j edi-inf-im diet: a fast Marching Framework for Creating Regions of Interest in eye-tracking Research Mital, p edi-inf-im deep Belief Networks in modeling Images of Hand-Written Digits Fragkopoulou, m edi-inf-im expression Microarray meta-analysis Workflows. Meenakshi sundaram, a edi-inf-im half way to protein structure ravindranath, p edi-inf-im extension of the human Metabolic Network: Signal Molecule and Disease Information zou, j edi-inf-im design of a personal Data service with Collaborative capabilities Stefi, t edi-inf-im non-linear dimensionality reduction analysis of the apoptosis. Karaminis, t edi-inf-im enriching input in statistical machine translation Avramidis, e edi-inf-im bayesian hierarchical Clustering using gaussian Processes for Transfer learning saatci, y edi-inf-im an evaluation of Comparison Generation in the methodius Natural Language generation System Marge, m edi-inf-ipu implementation of the sift algorithm Dermitzakis. Levenberg, a edi-inf-im temporal Tag Ranking Filou, m edi-inf-im transcriptional Karyotyping of Stem Cell Gene Expression Data skylaki, s edi-inf-im evolving a sense of valency Snel, m edi-inf-im security api analysis of an emv tpm-enabled system. Alvanopoulos, i edi-inf-im shared vs Distributed Memory Programming - a generic investigation Cunliffe, j edi-inf-im scalable movement Representation In Low Dimensional Latent Space havoutis, i edi-inf-im concurrency control in Distributed File Structures louvros, n edi-inf-im evolving Trading Rules using multi-Agent xcs environment Tajwer, a edi-inf-iritical. (qvt tools evaluation) Fan, h edi-inf-im planet Modelling yeung, k edi-inf-im evolutionary dynamics of conserved non-coding dna elements: Big bang or gradual accretion?

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Ghorpade, a edi-inf-im cracking m Big, i edi-inf-iheoretical Anatomy of a successful Cognitive model Chawla, m edi-inf-iotion Parameter Analysis for Speech Driven Rigid head Motion synthesis quazi, r edi-inf-im from a narrative language for biology to bio-pepa georgoulas, a edi-inf-im one-counter Markov decision Processes huang. Kurandwad, s edi-inf-im chart/Graph-based visualization and geospatial visualization for Database wiki data qu, h edi-inf-im agent-based management of Virtual Machines for Cloud infrastructure vichos, a edi-inf-im databasewiki: Provenance, querying and Visualization waychal, s edi-inf-im architectural extensions for secure computing zhang, x edi-inf-im semi-automatic guesstimation iii. The microscopy case - using rasdaman kamini, v edi-inf-im indoor Localization of Mobile devices for a wireless Monitoring System Based on Crowdsourcing Balas, c edi-inf-im automatic Behaviour Analysis of flies using Auto-regressive hidden Markov model Khan, m edi-inf-im ad Hoc team Formation svigkos, c edi-inf-im. Dynamic evaluation for Data Stream Processing giannakopoulos, k edi-inf-im openCL for Database query Processing Krespis, g edi-inf-im identifying features of Coherence for evaluation of Automatic Summarization taylor, m edi-inf-im data staging for query processing over Hybrid storage bakhsh, n edi-inf-iuman-Centred Car Design System fu,. The microscopy case paraskevopoulos, p edi-inf-im implementing Algorithmic skeletons over Hadoop mouzopoulos, d edi-inf-im adaptability and Procedural Content Generation in Video games Byrne, w edi-inf-im investigating the rule construction Mechanism in Ant-Miner Anantharaman, h edi-inf-im porting Contiki operating System to ProSpeckz wireless Sensor Network Platform. Hattab, h edi-inf-im an Enhanced Abstraction view for the pepa eclipse Plug-in ai, n edi-inf-im an On-line cache simulator for a java virtual Machine Chakravarty, k edi-inf-im finding Clones Chen, c edi-inf-im eye tracking in Second Life: essay a viewer for Automatic gaze analysis using Dynamic. Vafeias, e edi-inf-im joint Calendaring Service Shkunov, v edi-inf-im word learning with Prosodic Information Berndt, d edi-inf-im simulating Trust in E-commerce skropolithas, d edi-inf-im the role of metaphor and embodiment in the development of mathematical concepts: A computational approach svanevik, a edi-inf-im low level Embodied.

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Tassybayeva, a edi-inf-im acyclic Orientations of Random Graphs edi-inf-im. L.a.v.e.T.r.a.c.r - computerised live agents with Varying Estimations of Tempo for real-time collective response skeleton (MSc Thesis) edi-inf-im parameter Adaptation and Criticality in Particle Swarm Optimization edi-inf-im android Application development for the masses edi-inf-im hybridising WordNet with SentiWordNet for the sentiment Lexicon Generation of a review. Edi-inf-im fabiji: a tablet kiosk to facilitate Creating and Sharing Documentation at Fab Labs he, z edi-inf-im texSense a bio-inspired Approach to texture recognition gaidhani, p edi-inf-im evaluating pronoun translation for Statistical Machine Translation Acheson, e edi-inf-im passers-by Interaction edi-inf-im architecture-based Threat Analysis Borozdin,. Bano garcia, m edi-inf-im user Interface with real-World Units Mattaparthi, r edi-inf-im agile methodologies for Mobile Applications Lin, z edi-inf-ioordinating tool for Distributed Software development piao, x edi-inf-im distributed pair Programming in Global Software development hao, j edi-inf-iser Interface for Video annotation on Multi-touch devices. Muscat, r edi-inf-im agile methodologies for Mobile Applications Thandayuthapani, a edi-inf-im extracting and Exploring Time varying 3-d shape Changes Kryoneriti, e edi-inf-im estimating Simple and Complex Cell Receptive fields from Natural Image Stimuli and 2-Photon Imaging Recordings of the V1 in Ferrets Rudiger, p edi-inf-ioin. Shukla, m edi-inf-im learning to recognise fish McGrath, r edi-inf-im motion Illusions as optimal perception cao, w edi-inf-im database wiki- user Interface Dhagat, a edi-inf-im evaluation of Non linear pipeline on StreamIt using direct and indirect technique. Dewan, k edi-inf-im sharing Life: a segment-based Semantic Trajectory Annotation Method qi, d edi-inf-im motion Illusions as optimal perception cao, w edi-inf-im motion Illusion as Optimal Perception cao, w edi-inf-iitation system for scientific data naineni, v edi-inf-im motion Illusion as Optimal Perception cao, w edi-inf-im.

Animal Behaviour. Edi-inf-im, feasibility of Random Wiring in Primate colour Vision edi-inf-iassword Strength Meter for Partial Passwords edi-inf-im measuring the quality of Semantic Web edi-inf-im measuring the quality of Semantic Web edi-inf-im ide supports for lcfg language edi-inf-im parallelism Detection using Dynamic Instrumentation in a virtual Machine. Edi-inf-im grondaia: multi-gateway support for long-distance wi-fi mesh networks edi-inf-im building an energy behaviour advice environment for touch screen tablets edi-inf-im investigating the viability of the eigenworm approach to study the free behaviour of Drosophila melanogaster larva edi-inf-im spotting breaking news and current events. Dynamic evaluation for Data Stream Processing edi-inf-im royalie - an iPhone Application for the royal Infirmary of Edinburgh edi-inf-im agent-Based System for Virtual Machine management in a simulated Environment edi-inf-im subdivision-Based Parsing of Expressively performed Rhythms edi-inf-im does Modality Aff ect Tutee's Linguistic Behavior. Edi-inf-im decision Problems for One-relator Groups edi-inf-im prediction of Multi-word Structures During English Language comprehension edi-inf-im automated Generation of Textual Descriptions For Images edi-inf-im fast optimization of non-convex Machine learning objectives edi-inf-im distributed real-Time first Story detection using Storm Platform edi-inf-im analysis of wsa query. The meadows edi-inf-im effects of self-efficacy on smartphone usage.

Edi-inf-im, efficient Algorithms for the design of weighted Voting Games. Sotirova, e, edi-inf-im, scheduling Task-parallel Programs in a multiprogram Workload. Edi-inf-im, clock synchronisation via resume delay guarantees: a study on Trade-Off between Delay and Clock synchronisation Accuracy. Edi-inf-im, relevance feedback with Minimal Training Data - killer features for Better Web search. Edi-inf-im, feasibility Study of Randomly sampling Student Enrollments. Edi-inf-im, a token based diff engine, edi-inf-im, multi-hierarchies for multi-dimensional relational indexing. Edi-inf-im, adaptive interface with latent variable mdp model.

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Copyright @ 2016 by the University of Edinburgh. The authors and write The University of Edinburgh retain the right to reproduce and publish these theses for non-commercial purposes. Permission is granted for these theses to be reproduced by others for non-commercial purposes as long as this copyright notice is reprinted in full in any reproduction. Applications to make other use of this material should be addressed in the first instance to copyright Permissions, School of Informatics, The University of Edinburgh, Informatics Forum, 10 Crichton Street, Edinburgh EH8 9ab, scotland. Theses are available by mailing for alternative access to current year (2012) theses please try the. Thesis and Date title and Author. Edi-inf-im, recommendation System on The Edinburgh Fringe Show App.

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