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And you connect the dots through all that. People who think that shes connected to big donors are the ones most likely to think she doesnt tell the truth. So theres still that suspicion and that skepticism there that her campaign has yet to address. Dickerson: All right, Anthony, thanks so much for being with. Dickerson: Republican strategist and cbs news contributor Frank luntz led a focus group discussion yesterday in Pennsylvania and our cameras were there.  Many participants once supported Donald Trump, but dont support him now.  How did Trump lose them and can he regain their support?

They are more likely to call him a risky choice. But even though they do not like hillary essay Clinton and dont have much of anything good to say about her, theres one little piece where they are more likely to say they think hillary Clinton is not always treated fairly. I think that puts Donald Trump in a bit of a box as he tries to go after them, right? Dickerson: Because, if he attacks Hillary Clinton, he offends those voters who worry that shes being treated unfairly. Dickerson: But give us just a little bit more detail on Hillary Clintons fix, because hes in trouble, but shes got weaknesses herself. Now, she has succeeded in making Donald Trump look like that risky choice so far, which was clearly one of the objectives of her campaign. But her numbers on so many other things are really, really low. Her honest and trustworthy numbers continue to be down, and its stayed there. People think that she is under the influence of donors, of foreign donors. And I think this all connects to a larger issue, which is, remember, we started this year, people were looking for an outsider.

where do you put internships on a resume

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Now, in some sense, that puts him in a bit of a box, because, as you know, his supporters, they dont much think he has anything to apologize for at all. Dickerson: And so what we see and what you have outlined is basically what the campaign has now been doing this week, trying to touch those things. Is there a group that he has particular trouble with? You know, lets call them the reluctant Republicans. In all of these wallpaper states, you find not only is he underperforming a bit with Republicans, but they tend to be a little more moderate. They tend to be women. They are not yet sold on Donald Trump.

where do you put internships on a resume

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He has to not just swing a few tossups. Hes got to take back now states, Ohio, florida, north Carolina, virginia, probably a couple of others in which Hillary Clinton has a substantial lead. Dickerson: so, what does he do to come back in places like ohio, virginia, colorado, those places where hes down by - by outside the margin of error? Salvanto: Well, if youre going to swing states, you have got to change voters mind. So, we paper asked people, what would it take for you to reconsider Donald Trump? And there were a number of voters who said that they might, not a lot, but enough. And the top answer there is, show me hes ready to be commander in chief. Thats been one of the things that really weighed down his poll numbers to this point. The other thing is, they would like to see him apologize to the people that hes offended.

Older voters say that they feel American life is changing for the worse. Dickerson: so, of these two states, Ohio is likely to be more like the other states in which hes competing. Iowa is kind of a bit of special case, which turns us to the larger map. What is the - whats the state of the race in that larger map in all the battleground states that we pay attention to? Salvanto: Its a lot of blue, a lot of Democratic blue. In fact, we started this race identifying at least 11 states that we thought could be contested or go either way. You look across that map now, and Hillary Clinton is leading, most times outside the margin of error, in poll after poll in state after state. And what that does is, it underlines Donald Trumps central issue here.

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where do you put internships on a resume

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Ok, anthony, what does it mean? Anthony salvanto, cbs news elections director: Well, Ohio, which is so critical to donald Trumps fortunes now, he sees it moving more towards Hillary Clinton. Shes made gains with women. She continues to do better with her Democratic base than Trump does with his wallpaper Republican base. In fact, last we talked to these folks earlier this summer, there were some democrats who were considering Donald Trump.

They have all gone to hillary Clinton. And the other thing here is, you look at Iowa, where they training are even, but Iowa in some respects just spotlights some of Donald Trumps larger problems. Iowa is a less diverse state. Now, donald Trump does very well with those kinds of voters. In fact, among older voters, its an outlook issue as much as it is demographics.

But now hes being a little too authentic. (end video clip dickerson: And as Hillary Clinton gains in some polls. (begin video clip hillary rodham clinton (d presidential candidate: even though were doing fine right now, Im not taking anybody anywhere for granted. (end video clip dickerson. We will hear from her campaign manager, robby mook, about their strategy for the fall.

And we will take a look at the state of play in the battleground states with new Battleground Tracker polls. Plus, the authors of The washington Posts comprehensive new biography on Donald Trump and our political panel. Its all ahead on face the nation. Good morning, and welcome to face the nation. We have new Battleground Tracker numbers from two key states. In Ohio, hillary Clinton is up 46 percent to 40 over Donald Trump. That is a two-point increase from July, just before the conventions. And in Iowa, its even at 40 percent each. Cbs news elections director Anthony salvanto is here.

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John dickerson, host: Today on face the nation: Donald Trump tries another staff shakeup and debuts yet another version of Trump. But with just 78 days left in the race, can he turn his campaign around in time? The new Donald Trump came close to an paper apology Thursday. (begin video clip donald trump (r presidential candidate: Sometimes, in the heat of debate and speaking on a multitude of issues, you dont choose the right words. And, believe it or not, i regret. (end video clip dickerson: we will hear from the head of the republican Party, reince Priebus, plus Trump supporter Senator Jeff Sessions, along with Pennsylvania voters who once supported Trump, but are now wavering. What reviews will it take to win them back? Unidentified male: I think, initially, being authentic was great.

where do you put internships on a resume

These are just a few ways to really squeeze everything you can out of your internship experience. Definitely make sure to get at least one or two of them under your belt before you graduate, to boost that resume and your confidence in the field. Career Services, career resume Services will help you with resumes, cover letters, interview preparation and more. Jessica wojcinski '16 interned at Colegio esclavas de maria, a catholic School in Spain. Purdue global cannot guarantee employment or career advancement. Sources: 91: Kaplan University Capstone survey conducted prior to graduation; nearly 10,200 students completed the survey. 97: 2016 Kaplan University career Services Survey; reflects survey responses of those who attended classroom presentations, with 1,000 responses. Note: surveys were conducted prior to the March 2018 purchase of Kaplan University by purdue university and subsequent creation of Purdue university Global.

and really show that you. You want to leave your internship with the company begging you to stay on as an employee, or if they dont have the room, at least leave in a way that will make them remember you and that will result in you getting some awesome. Bond with other interns: All of you interns are in the same boat and same position, and while it may not seem cool or optimal to get all buddy-buddy with people that you have to work with, you never know when the connections might come. This doesnt mean you have to be best friends with all of the interns, but if you take the time to get to know them, your future might just thank you for. Students love helping each other out, especially when its about scoring an awesome job, so do good now and good will come to you later. M, be quick on your feet: A lot of internships require you to dive in and sort of learn as you. You might get a bit of training, but after that, you are expected to get your work done and figure it out, and also ask questions if you get lost. This is really valuable for when you go and get your job in the future, because your degree will give you the knowledge to work there, but you might not have all the skills under your belt yet. Youll have to learn as you go, be quick on your feet, and show that you can watch and learn quickly. You can talk about this during a job interview, and prove that you are the right one to hire because you learned how to pick things up quickly during your internship.

For my creative writing internship, all of the interns had to help put on a living Writers Series, where authors would come to our school, read from their books or poetry, and then host a. We had the opportunity to go to dinner with a few of them, and I got to tag along with Chang-rae lee, and he actually asked me about my own writing! I was so star struck and amazed that essay this successful author was taking the time to ask about little old. It was such an amazing opportunity, and I wouldnt have had the chance to be there if it werent for my internship. Moments like this have to be earned through hard work, so if you prove your worth, you might just get an in with the in crowd. Do you know how valuable that is in todays society where everything is based off of connections? Watch the people you work with and for; they might just know someone somewhere who will help land you your dream job someday if you play your cards right. Take on extra work: During your internship, you probably wont be the only intern that is bustling around, so try and really make sure that you stand out.

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Internships are a huge resume booster because you are usually signing up to do a lot of work and spend a lot of time without getting compensated for. Many students try to look for twist paid internships to make some money out of them, but I can tell you that, whether you are getting paid or not, an internship is the perfect opportunity to gain some invaluable knowledge and experience in your field. Image via m, internships are a lot of work, especially on top of school and another job or two, but once in a while, really stop and ask yourself if you are getting the most out of that internship as you can. How can you do this exactly? Lets take a look. Get in with the in crowd: Internships usually mean that you get to work with some pretty cool people in your field or industry. Whether this is a professor who has a lot of experience or a working professional that you aspire to be, you really want to be around them as much as you can and soak in their awesomeness. Sure, you are going to be doing a lot of brunt work and you cant always be at the cool table, but sometimes you get to snag a spot, and you dont want to waste the moment.

where do you put internships on a resume
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  1. Talk with your advisor, career Services and the director of Internships! Respond to internships posted on nazlink or other sites.

  2. Q: Where are internships listed? We typically do not offer other internships online at this time. A : we offer Child Life, psychology and High School Student internships.

  3. In fact, donald Trump had to put advertisements in the paper saying, we solicit African-Americans renters to come to our properties. Internships give you an opportunity to explore career fields. Husky jobs is where you will find job and internship listings 24/7.

  4. I thought Id mention that because every time ive talked about internships on my website somebody. Internships, give students Extra Options. Virtual internships, or micro- internships as they are sometimes called, allow students to garner more work experience for their resumes by completing projects for. Internships, prepare, you for the real World.

  5. And we ve got to put an end to that. And we appreciate the hard work that you put into. I tell them we have internships and personally invite them to apply.

  6. July 18, 2016 Posted in: cep students, internships.energy climate climate change communication conferences conservation development ecosystems education energy environment environmental economics espanol faculty food fracking intern international internship internships. Part-Time jobs Full-Time jobs, internships, babysitting Jobs Tutoring Jobs Employers: Post Jobs. Internships usually mean that you get to work with some pretty cool people in your field or industry.

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