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And while these things might seem like problems, this is why i like. Young Adult - at least, in a way. What this film does, in essence, is take something like my best Friend's Wedding and play it completely straight. What if you decided your soulmate was married to the wrong person, and what you had to do was get in there and convince him of this fact and win him over? What if you really did that? Why not make that movie? Why not have a hugely unlikable, genuinely insane female lead?

She spends all of writing her time preparing for their "dates" which aren't dates at all. Mavis is incapable of empathy. When Matt (Patton Oswalt) explains how he was taken out into the woods behind the school and brutally beaten by her old high school friends (or, the guys she used to give blow jobs to at lunch, as he describes them she stares blankly. The beating damaged his head, groin and legs, and was so vicious it left him permanently disabled. It destroyed his life. Mavis is glassy eyed and remembers only the fun in the woods. The story seems to bore her. Mavis is so chilling that about three quarters of the way through, i genuinely believed she was going to start killing people. "She's going to grab that baby i thought to myself. "And she's going to eat.".

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The movie chronicles a total break from reality. She good sets out from Minneapolis, leaving a one night stand in bed, with no plan. Properly stalks, like a stalker. She becomes delusional, believing that Buddy is feeling what she is feeling. She drinks until she passes out every night. She crashes her car. She neglects her dog. She sits in front of Buddy's house. She orders what he used to drink in high school.

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She'll make it mba happen. I was in no way prepared for what I got. I feel certain many reviews will classify mavis Gary as "an unlikable protagonist." This is true. But there is a bit more to it than that. Mavis Gary is mentally ill. This is not an interpretation on my part-everyone in the movie seems to know it, including mavis. Mavis suffers from depression, alcoholism, and trichotillomania (obsessive hair pulling).

Harry potter, nor vampires and their companions. But the huffington Post asked me if I'd like to review the movie, and by jiminy, i am going to review. The previews and the posters suggested a light rom-com. The basic premise is this: mavis Gary, 37, is a divorced writer of a series of young adult novels (think. Sweet Valley high or similar). She lives in Minneapolis, where she leads a singleton existence of drinking, poor nutrition, television watching, and one night stands. After receiving an email that announces the birth of a child to high school flame buddy Slade, she decides to return to her hometown, catch up with Buddy, and win him back. That Buddy is now married with a child is irrelevant.

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As mavis, she uses her considerable beauty like the plump red leaves of a venus flytrap, and its fascinating to essay see an actress immersed in a role that undermines her glamorous screen persona without requiring her to ugly. Its a hugely satisfying case of right actress, right role, and the dividends are only compounded by the presence of the right director. Reitmans dealing with themes here that are strikingly similar to the ones that propelled Up in the air, his 2009 picture with george Clooney: both films centre on an outwardly successful person falling into an existential panic thanks to an indistinct sense that something. But while Therons faded, jaded prom queen has less to worry about than Clooneys corporate axeman, the stakes feel every bit as high. Young Adult shows us that recessions can be emotional as well as financial, and even erotic capital isnt safe from the slump.

The huffington Post asked if I'd like to go along to view and consider the new film, young Adult. They did this because, young Adult is about an author of young adult books, and i am a young adult author. This is not, as i understand it, standard review procedure. Cops are not sent to review cop movies. Doctors are not sent to review medical dramas. Wizards are not sent to see.

She is one of the least sympathetic heroines imaginable, and one of the funniest). On the way, she listens to a compilation album that Buddy made for her when they were still an item, which, tellingly, is recorded on cassette. In the only abstract angle in an otherwise cleanly and methodically shot film, reitman takes his camera inside the tape deck to show us the obsolete wheels still slowly turning, and allows us to draw an inference, or not. While waiting for Buddy in a bar, mavis bumps into another ex-schoolmate: tubby, geeky matt Freehauf (played by the tubby, geeky comedian Patton Oswalt). She doesnt recognise him at first, but, when she spots a walking aid propped up against his bar stool, the penny drops.

Matt spent his senior year, and every year since, in crutches after an (inaccurate) rumour about his sexuality resulted in him being beaten to a pulp. Youre the hate-crime guy! Shrieks mavis, as if that might have been the caption underneath his yearbook picture. Despite matts vocal misgivings, mavis presses ahead with her plan to win back her strapping ex, and it seems were being presented with a standard-issue nerd/jock/babe arrangement. Thats as much of a romantic comedy staple as the character arc we might expect to follow, but Cody has a lot of fun subverting both of these (and much more besides) in a pared-down, thrillingly efficient script thats worlds away from Junos overwrought punning. One of young Adults greatest strengths is that, even on the few occasions when it does go where you expect, it goes there via an unexpected detour: without revealing too much, theres a sex scene that one member of this cast will have never dreamed. Like cody, theron has clearly dug deep for this film, and the results are riveting.

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But it cures her writer's block. She starts writing again, converting her experiences into emollient and flattering autobiographical fiction. As her life falls apart, what might delicately be called her art starts snapping back into place. One dissertation of the most refreshing things about. Young Adult is mavis's cleverly unexpected dialogue scene with Matt's homely sister, sandra (Collette wolfe who still worships her. Cody delivers a stinging repudiation of that sentimental piety that is also hollywood's biggest and most fatuous lie: that home is always best, and monochrome kansas is better than dazzling, multi-colour. Hollywood was, of course, built by people who couldn't wait to leave home. For all her delusions, mavis has an icily clear and non-pc essay grasp of what nonsense this "home's best" line.

(I wonder if she has read Bossypants, the autobiography by 30 Rock's Tina fey; she recounts how, before she was a professional writer, she was the sort of sensitive, unsexy high-schooler whose boyfriends were stolen by predatory blondes, and she had consolatory friendships with theatre-loving gay guys. Theron shows how mavis's genius for being business a high school queen bee now has a tragically pointless late flowering in the company of Buddy's warily polite wife, beth (Elizabeth reaser). Mavis is coolly truculent, unimpressed with Beth's work with disabled children who need to be taught how to express emotions, inadvertently revealing that she herself needs precisely this therapy. She claims she cannot see any of Buddy in the baby's face, and even later sweetly hints at worries that the child might have down's Syndrome theron gives full, insidious power to this exquisitely evil remark. Her desperation is obvious, but in an important way she is still not quite the loser she appears. And this is where cody delivers the film's real punch. An extra reason for mavis's grotesque reappearance in her old boyfriend's life is to reinvigorate her career as a writer. Her hometown is horrible; going back there is horrible, and how it all turns out is incredibly horrible.

Theron's performance at various stages channels Ellen Page from Juno and Rebecca de mornay from The hand That Rocks the Cradle. Her self-coronation as Homecoming queen is, of course, a catastrophe, but she at least finds a friend, of sorts. She strikes up an ironic, strategic alliance with Matt, and, as both are aware, he is just the kind of sensitive, fat loser-nerd who wouldn't stand a chance of talking to her when they were in high school. Here cody satirically alludes to the great and painful theme of high school reunions: how the passage of time has relentlessly dragged women's status down. The ebb tide of female social prestige lowers all boats, even mavis's. Lonely mavis needs someone unthreatening to hang out with, and even manages a kind of blank quasi-compassion when Matt reminds her how he was once known as the "hate crime guy" after being savagely beaten by jocks who erroneously thought he was gay in the. Mavis is later reminded by someone that she used to call him "theater fag tellingly, she remains vague on this. Cody just lets the implications sink.

Charlize theron as mavis Gary, a successful but damaged writer of twist generic fiction for teens: the lucrative "young adult" market. Recently divorced, she lives alone in a smart apartment in Minneapolis, chugging diet coke to cure her hangovers, watching daytime tv and writing less and less. Theron shows how mavis has made a career of imagining herself into the madeup world of high school drama, eavesdropping upon and plagiarising adolescent talk in stores and malls, and neurotically drawing on a rewritten memory of her own teen years of socio-romantic prom-queen triumph. Mavis is a functioning alcoholic, a narcissist and a secret sufferer from trichotillomania, compulsively pulling out strands of hair. But it is specifically her vocation as a writer that is infantilising her and driving her ever so slightly bonkers. What tips mavis over the edge is an email from her old high school boyfriend, buddy (Patrick wilson now blissfully married, and still living in their crummy hometown; he attaches an adorable picture of his new baby. Instantly, mavis is seized by a new project: she will return to this place and destroy buddy's marriage because clearly she and Buddy are meant to be together.

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  1. Charlize theron is riveting in a mouthwateringly sour anti-romantic comedy young Adult, finds Robbie collin. Critics Consensus: d espite its somewhat dour approach, young Adult is a funny and ultimately. Following mavis for 90 minutes in young Adult is trying and often cringingly awkwa rd, but Theron, cody and reitman earn every difficult moment, and pepper. In this powerful story by yarn alum Elizabeth Maria naranjo, a young girl tries.

  2. Scathingly funny mean girl story has lots of drinking. Read Common Sense media s young Adult review, age rating, and parents guide. The huffington Post asked if I d like to go along to view and c onsider the new film, young Adult. They did this because young Adult.

  3. Charlize theron is exquisitely horrible as a teen fiction ghostwrit er wreaking emotional havoc on her home town, writes Peter Bradshaw. There s an odd line in Roger Ebert s otherwise mostly astu te review of young Adult, the new movie written by diablo cody, directed by jason. Young Adult movie reviews metacritic score: mavis Gary is a writer of teen l iterature who returns to her small hometown to relive her glory days and attemp.

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