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If you are a person who writes a stream-of-consciousness first draft, you must be prepared to rewrite to restructure your material and delete waffle. Too often, board papers end up in the board pack that could do a rigorous rewrite. The information is there, but directors have to read it at least twice to work out whats important. The writing stage, once youve sorted out what you want to say and why, its time to download the board-paper template. Avoid the temptation of using an old paper — the template may have become degraded over time. Also avoid using someone elses old paper as a starting point for an update. Your paper needs to be written in your voice. For many of us, writing is the easiest part of the process, and as with planning, there is no right way to approach writing.

Many board-paper writers will never meet the board, but they should all be resume aware of their role and understand the difference between writing for the board where and writing for the executive team. If you have never written for the board before, i suggest you take a look at their bios, which are usually on the website, to see their skill sets. Its also worth talking to someone who regularly reports and presents to the board to get a better understanding of the audience. There will nearly always be a detail person on the board, but dont aim your paper at that person. If your key messages are supported by relevant evidence, you should satisfy that person too. They can always ask for more information or be briefed outside the boardroom. Once you have agreement about your brief, then its time to plan your paper. There is no right way to plan. I envy people who plan their structure in diagrammatic form using pyramid diagrams or mind maps, but I dont think like that. I mull ideas in my head and wait for them to crystallise before i can start writing with confidence. Other people find that writing a stream-of-consciousness first draft helps them sort out their thoughts, and some people jot down headings on paper.

rewrite my paper

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Whatever analytical or problem-solving tools you are using, you need to be able to state your key messages verbally or in writing in one or two sentences. What do directors know about your topic? A common mistake many writers make is assuming that the board has the same level of understanding about a topic as management, and they even fail to spell out their acronyms or explain their assumptions. Or they make the opposite mistake of thinking that the board knows nothing, but needs to know everything. They then give summary an overwhelming amount of background detail and technical information that smother the high-level key messages. The danger of this approach is that the conversation in the boardroom may be diverted from things that matter into inconsequential minutiae. What questions could directors want answered about this topic? When youre thinking about the board, you need to consider their role and their skill sets.

rewrite my paper

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When you are writing a brief, here are some of the questions to ask yourself. Why is this paper going to the board? For example: Is twist the paper of strategic significance? Are there significant risks the board should be aware of? Has the board requested the information? Having a clear purpose and desired outcome sounds obvious, but i am surprised how often I hear from directors: I have no idea why i am reading this paper or what the writer wants me to do with this information. What are my key messages? Sorting out your key messages is harder than it sounds when you have the curse of knowledge about a topic.

Or even worse, you may have finished a paper and found a key stakeholder disagreed with its basic premises. Writing well is about managing your time, so you have the right amount of time to meet your deadlines. Too often people do not allow enough time for planning, which results in the revision and editing process taking a disproportionate amount of time. Please note, in this article i am talking about decision, discussion and noting papers, not the regular reports the board receives, such as the ceo and cfo reports. The consulting and planning stage, if you are lucky, youll be given a written brief, but in my experience, that doesnt happen often. If youre not given one, i recommend you write yourself one and use it to engage with your stakeholders before you write your first draft. As you are writing your brief, you may find it useful to discuss your ideas with a colleague. Talking about a topic often helps clarify your thoughts.

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rewrite my paper

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Get guaranteed assistance and 100 confidentiality. This article first appeared in LexisNexiss journal, Inhouse counsel. Board papers are a bit like dirty dishes — once youve finished one lot, the next lot has piled up, and the board paper round begins again. So how can you make the process simpler for yourself? If you have a company secretarial role, you will be very familiar with the board paper process, but you may need to guide those new to writing board papers. Even if you are experienced at writing papers, you may have experienced having to rewrite your paper several times to satisfy your colleagues.

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rewrite my paper

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rewrite my paper
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