1000 word essay in one day

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The couple is then showered with rice, symbolic of joy and prosperity.(Hartz, paula 101). Zoroastrinism is a small religion made up of about 140,000 people. Even though there is only a small amount of people practicing this religion, zoroastrinism has made a great impact on the religious world. It has brought beliefs such as god, satin, the soul, heaven and hell, saviors, final judgment and resurrection to many other world wide religions. It is one of the oldest religions still alive, and was the first monotheistic religion. The religion was founded by zoroasthra. No one knows exactly knows when zoroasthra lived, but historians generally date his life to be sometime between 10 bc on the basis of his style of writing. He lived in Persia, which is modern day iran.

There are boy some prerequisites to be initiated though, kids must learn the ways of Zarathushtra and what it means to be a zoroastrian.(Harts, paula.99). WeddingsIt is expected of Zoroastrian couples to marry and have children. All participants wear white, it is the traditional color worn for all religious occasions. Zoroastrian weddings are usually held at the home of one the participants parents. There are other places where it would be appropriate, such as a hotel and other meeting places. The groom enters in a procession of musician and guests, led by a priest(Hartz, paula.101). Two priests at the least will lead the ceremony. All weddings will take place with the presence of fire. The ceremony will begin with a benediction. The senior priest will ask if witnesses agree that the couple should be married, when answered yes, he will proceed to ask the couple if they have agreed with in a righteous mind to be married until there deaths. (Hartz, paula.102)Each individual will separately say their answer we have agreed.

1000 word essay in one day

Can i write a 1000, word, essay

They have been burning continuously for centuries.(Hartz, paula.92). Boi ceremonyThere is a ceremony that accompanies the regular tending of the fire. Boi-machi is the ceremony that is practiced five times a day, prayer is also. Which coincidentally is very similar to muslims five time a day prayer ritual. Once at morning, another at mid morning, another at noon one at mid after noon and the last at evening. Ethical guidelines, navojotenavojote is the ceremony in which youths are initiated into. Among Iranian Zoroastrians the age of initiation is age. Elsewhere ages are normally gpa ages 6. The navojote is the coming of age for youths that are considered mature enough to understand and practice principles of the faith.

1000 word essay in one day

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Practices, sacred FiresThe ritual of a sacred fire is one that is still commonly used. Only highest of priests known as Dasturju dasturau, and most purified is allowed to conduct these sacred burns. Sacred fires are traditionally seen at weddings, funerals, and initiations. The fire represents Ahura mazda, and his goodness, and righteousness. Keeping The fireThere are rituals for purifying the sacred fires. The process is performed 1,128 times before a fires is completely pure, which is about a year. This is because the only time the fires are supposed to be tended to is at prayer time. The most sacred of Zoroastrian fires, though reside in consecrated temples in Iran and India.

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1000 word essay in one day

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Zoroastrianism Essay, research Paper, zoroastrianism, modern Presence, today zoroastrianism is the founding smallest world religion, it is also known as Zarathushtra din. No one really knows the exact number of people currently practicing Zoroastrianism. It is estimated that the number of believers is fewer than 200,000. This is a very tiny minority when compared to other large world religions, such as Islam and Christianity. They are still a proud and active group united to keep theyre religion alive florida and strong.(Hartz, paula 8). World Wide religionAlthough Zoroastrianism has a rather small group of followers, it is very wide spread. This religion can be found all over the world, new zealand, England, singapore, germany, australia, india, pakistan, canada, iran, and the.

Many of the religious practices differ from country to country though. World Wide PressuresThere are many pressures on such a small group of followers, that is so widely spread apart. The pressure of living in other cultural societies without other people who have the same religious beliefs may likely pull believers from Zoroastrians. Another problem is being surrounded by millions of people with a variety of different religious beliefs.(Hartz, paula 8). Future Of ZoroastriansZoroastrians actually question whether their religion can make it in the long run. Due to the scattered and lost amount of believers, all the pressure of the larger world religions, and cultures almost force zoroastrians to give up Some traditional rituals and practices.(Hartz, paula.111).

All of America should look at the facts of the matter and collaborate, not separate. Morrow, a columnist for our revered student newspaper The quad, explains it best when he says, When others seek you out, dont look down on them with arrogance. As our society exists today we can not eliminate prejudice or stereotypes. We must change and adopt all cultures and ethnic backgrounds as our own. Americans need to treat each other as a conglomerate, not as separate groups. But the persistence of ethnic enclaves and identification does not appear to be going away, and may not in a country that is now home to, not a few distinct ethnic groups, but dozens (Booth, 397).

We can only hope that some day, as Americans, we can learn to accept and share the significant things every ethnic background has to offer. Bibliography, ackley, katherine Anne,. Perspectives on Contemporary Issues: reading across the. Fort Worth, tx: Harcourt, 2000. One nation, Indivisible: is it History? Minority role models in communities are difficult to come. 2000: The forum, page.

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This, in fact, is how each of our respective ethnic groups derives the reinforcement for our stereotypes and prejudices. Throughout the sixties and seventies, i watched one group after another African. Americans, latinos, native americans stand up and proudly reclaim their roots while i just sank back ever deeper into restaurant my seat. All this excitement over ethnicity stemmed, i uneasily sensed, from a past in which their ancestors had been trampled upon by my ancestors, or at least by people who looked very much like them. In addition, it had begun to seem almost un-American not to have some sort good of hyphen at hand, linking one to more venerable times and locales. (Ehrenreich, 415) we banter over who is right and who is wrong like squabbling children when we do not see what is going on right under our noses. Most are more interested in winning a battle when we need to band together to win the war.

1000 word essay in one day

Language is a big issue in todays society. With dozens of ethnic backgrounds, and the languages that come with them, which do we teach in our schools? How do we discern which to offer and which to adopt as courses in our schools? Then there is the issue of our native tongue. Do we dare change the language that is so well known in our country? And if so what would we change it to? Until we have answers to these questions, they should be looked over and the immigrants who decide they would like to live in America bellman should abide by our laws and policies as our forefathers dictated in the constitution. It is all about perspective which has everything to do with our personal and collective experiences; from our histories we build myths, legends that both guide us and constrain us; legends that include both fact and fiction (Kotlowitz, 411).

other cultures act, and still others have had bad run-ins with other ethnic groups and judge them all from the one incident. As William booth, a washington Post staff writer, said in his essay one nation, Indivisible: Is It History houses of worship remain, as the reverend Martin Luther King. Described it three decades ago, among the most segregated institutions in America, not just by race but also by ethnicity. Think how difficult it is to measure the ratio of cultures and ethnic backgrounds to how we integrate with each other. Whites account for seventy-four percent of the population, Blacks twelve percent, latino ten percent, and Asians three percent (Booth, 395). It is easy to see how Whites could be perceived as the oppressors because of the shear evidence of the numbers, showing Whites as the majority. Morrow lends a good point when he says this might be because of the simple fact that most of Americas celebrated heroes are White. Then again, with rising minority populations across the country, soon we will all be on a level playing field, speaking the same language and things of that nature.

And the cease-fires, when they occur, are just that, cease-fires, temporary and fragile. Even the best of people have already chosen sides (Kotlowitz, 414). To have any race or sect serve another because they believe they are higher and mightier than the other is preposterous. By our own nature we, as a society, strive to homework dominate others and become the king of the hill. This is our major downfall, by doing this we injure our society and the bond that holds this country together. Why does this occur you might ask? That is a question to be answered only by anthropologists and sociologists; for students do not have the time or inclination to sort through behaviorisms and psychological mumbo jumbo. Many of our youth were taught to stay within their own ethnic groups.

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Synthesis On Race And Ethnicity Essay, research Paper. With the commencement of the millennium one might think that what is known as the melting pot of the world would interact more smoothly than what is portrayed in the media. We have long lived in a society that is segregated, not because it has gone unopposed, but because no paper one wants to take on the responsibility of breaking the berlin Wall of segregation. We have, however, come a long way from the kind of segregation that was imparted in our countrys fledgling stages, slavery being the number one offense of segregation. A quarter-century ago, race was part of everyday public discourse; today it haunts us quietly, though on occasion the rodney king beating or the simpson trial or Eric McGinniss death it erupts with jarring urgency. At these moments of crisis, during these squalls, we flail about, trying to find moral ballast. By then it is usually too late. The lines are drawn. Accusations are hurled across the river like cannon fire.

1000 word essay in one day
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