Dark wood writing bureau

Writing bureau in London Other Dining living room

Hope Chest - a hinged top chest for the storage of items in anticipation of marriage. Huntboard - originally used to serve food and refreshments after a hunt; light or portable sideboard. Hutch - an upper cabinet consisting of shelves; with or without doors placed upon a chest, desk or buffet. I inlay - decorative technique of inserting contrasting wood veneers or materials to create a feature or design. Intarsia - a form of inlay similar to marquetry; decorative inlaid panel or dimensional image. J jacquard - woven fabric with intricate patterns created on a loom. Japan Drier - a drying agent or solvent used to speed up the drying time of oil based finishes. Japanning - a finish imitating oriental lacquer work.

Gimp - a fabric fold used to hide upholstery fasteners or tacks. Glazing - finishing step of applying and wiping off stain used to highlight wood grain and features such as carvings. Glide - applied to the bottom of furniture legs to protect the floor surface and make the piece easier to move around; commonly made from metal, nylon or felt. Glue block - a small block of wood used to reinforce a joint. Gold leaf - thin leaves of gold used in gilding. Grain - the natural patterns in wood created by the direction of fibers. H hand Rubbed someone Finish - an oil finish applied to a piece of furniture by hand. Hardwood - the wood from deciduous trees (trees that lose their leaves during winter). Harvest Table - a narrow, rectangular drop leaf table headboard - the upright structure attached to the head of the bed frame. Hepplewhite - an 18th century furniture design. Highboy - a tall or high chest of drawers upon a lowboy (base) raised on long legs; a two part case piece.

dark wood writing bureau

Writing desk bureau, other Dining living room

Fleur de lis - a french floral emblem or carving in the shape of an Iris or Lily. Footrest - the brace or bar at the front of a stool for your feet. Formica - registered brand name of plastic laminate material. Frame - the basic structure of an upholstered chair or sofa; usually made from a hardwood. Front rail The front cross piece of wood between the legs of a piece of furniture such as a chair. Four Poster Bed - a bed with posts at each corner; may vary in height. G gallery rail - small or low railing used around a shelf or table mom top. Gateleg table - drop leaf table with leaves supported by legs that swing out from the side like a gate. Gilding - decorative effect of applying gold leaf or powder to a surface.

dark wood writing bureau

Bureau, office desks tables for Sale - gumtree

Fall Front - a hinged door of a secretary desk that drops down to create a writing surface. Faux Finish - decorative finish used to imitate the look of a natural material. Feather Banding - narrow bands of veneer inlaid in opposing diagonal directions. Fiberfil - polyester filling material or cushion wrap. Fiddle back - the back splat of a chair that resembles the shape of a fiddle or violin. Figuring - the natural grain patterns of woods such as curly maple. Finger joint - used to join short pieces of wood at the ends to make a longer one; provides strength through increased glue surface area. Finish - the protective coating applied to furniture to protect the substrate; common finishes include paint, lacquer and polyurethane.

Writing desk office desks tables for Sale - gumtree

dark wood writing bureau

Vintage in Dowanhill, Glasgow Stuff for Sale - gumtree

Drawer - an open top box or compartment for storage that slides in and out in a cabinet. Dresser - a chest with drawers for the storage of major clothing. Drop leaf - a table having hinged extension leaves that are supported by a bracket when in use and hang vertically against the table when not in use. Dust cover - the material or fabric used to cover the bottom of a sofa or chair; also called cambric. E ebonized - wood stained dark and polished to simulate ebony.

Embossed - a low relief raised design such as an ornamental piece made through pressure rather than carving. Engineered wood - man made sheet goods made from wood chips and glue under pressure; commonly referred to as particle board. Entertainment Center - cabinet or shelving unit used to store a television, video and audio components. Epoxy - a high strength two part adhesive consisting of a resin and hardener. Escutcheon - a decorative or plain plate that protects the area around a keyhole. Etagere - an open shelving unit used for display purposes. F fabric - cloth produced by weaving natural or synthetic textile fibers together.

Damask - a reversible fabric with design. Davenport - compact writing desk features a sloped top above drawers. Daybed - seating unit that can double as a bed. Deck - the foundation of a chair or sofa where the loose cushions are placed. Density - reference to the weight of foam used for seat and back cushions; either low density or high density.

Dentil Molding - decorative molding utilizing evenly spaced blocks. Dining Chair - chair used at a dining table; available with or without arms. Dining Table - a table where meals are served and eaten. Distressing - a finishing technique to make the wood appear aged or old by adding rub marks, small holes and indentations. Dovetail joint - common interlocking joint noted for it's resistance to pulling apart; typically used on drawer sides. Dowel - round wooden pin; usually spiral fluted or reeded used to join pieces of wood together and strengthen the joint.

Writing desk in London Office desks tables for Sale

Corner Blocks - small blocks of wood glued in place to reinforce or strengthen adjoining pieces of wood. Corner Cabinet - triangular shaped cabinet designed for use in a corner. Couch - modern adaptation of a daybed; provides seating for more than one individual. Credenza - sideboard or buffet with doors used for storage; commonly found in an office behind a desk. Cross Banding - veneer applied to the edge of table tops or drawer fronts at a right angle writing to the face veneer. Curio cabinet - tall, slender, sometimes lighted cabinet with glass doors and panels used to display collectibles. D dacron - common trade name for polyester fiber; used as a wrap on seat cushions.

dark wood writing bureau

Chintz - brightly colored and polished fabric. Chippendale - ornate, carved style of speak furniture from the 18th century. Claw foot - carved furniture foot resembling an animal's claw. Club Chair - low back upholstered chair with arms. Coffee table - long, low table placed in front of seating. Coil Spring - a conical coiled spring used in rows for seating support. Commode - low chest of drawers or cupboard; originally referred to a nightstand that concealed a chamber pot. Console table - small or narrow table designed to be placed against or fixed to a wall. Contemporary - modern look or style of furniture.

allow furniture to be moved; used on chairs and antique case goods. Catalyzed Lacquer - a highly durable reactive film finish; a lacquer with an added catalyst to accelerate a chemical reaction during evaporation. Chaise lounge - long chair; sofa with one or two arm in the shape of an elongated chair for reclining. Cherry - hardwood obtained from the cherry tree used in furniture construction. Chest on Chest - tall chest consisting of two stacked chest of drawers with the upper chest being narrower than the base chest. Cheval Mirror - freestanding full length mirror supported by uprights on each side allowing the mirror to pivot. Narrow chest of drawers commonly used to store lingerie. China cabinet - display cabinet placed upon a buffet used to display or store dishes.

Cabinet - a cupboard with doors, shelves and or drawers used for storage or display. Cabriole - furniture leg which curves outward from where it's attached descending in a reverse curve into an ornamental foot. Camel Back - the broad curve and rise of the center section of a sofa back. Cane webbing - pre-woven cane machine made from individual strands of chair cane available in various widths and patterns. Held in place using a tapered reed spline pressed into a groove. Caning - weaving or interlacing of narrow strips of the skin of the rattan palm to form chair seats, backs or sides. Captain's Chair - a short backed, rounded arm chair with spindles.

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dark wood writing bureau
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