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Societies are meant to change as well as the people in it, i just change at my own pace. Garvey had a look of bewilderment on his face, so the old man grabbed his jacket and walked out the front door, closing it behind him. Now if you'll excuse me, i'm going down to the community center to flirt with the old ladies. As the old man walked down the path,. Garvey turned around to face him and asked Aren't you going to let your car drive you there? You would get there in five minutes.

I guess you're thinking I could be one of those 'privacy fundamentalists' you young people see in the presentations news feeds. Well, i'm sorry to tell you, i'm just old-fashioned, i'm no longer receiving cultural updates. I don't care to look at the world through transparent screens, even if it enhances my vision. I keep my screen on the weather channel because that's the only kind that interests. All those other feeds, webnet news? Heck, people have been complaining about government, politicians, taxes, the economy, civil rights, rich people, guns, crime, and everything else under the sun since before i was born! I lost interest in those arguments and conversations when I was your age. I am fully aware that your government databases have flagged me as a case that requires further scrutiny. One of you government employees actually show up to my door every few months to check up on me as the file gets passed around. For your system and for people your age, old men like me don't really fit in to current society anymore. You know what, i'm fine with that.

future of the internet essay

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Oh, i, i, uh, wasn't expecting you, uh, to be-er how much picketing, protesting, and petitioning occurred, the government refused to back down. You thought I was dead, didn't you? The old man said, smiling. Well, yes I did, actually. Garvey replied according to your personal data feed, you haven't moved in six days. Your house's inside camera feeds seem to be partially blocked by houseplants and there has been no significant internet activity in the past help week. As your assigned social caregiver, i am required by federal law to ensure your well-being and monitor your general health, and our network indicated you might be deceased or possibly 'off-grid'. The old man sighed.

future of the internet essay

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An electronic jingle from the wall screen grabs the old man's attention, and he turns to see mattress the notice on the screen. It indicates that. Garvey is driving up the driveway and will be at the door momentarily. He reluctantly lifted himself up off the couch and walks toward the front door. He waits patiently, gazing at the camera feed and opens the door just. Garvey arrives at the door. Garvey looks at the old man with a startled look on his face, with a toothy grin looking back at him.

Because it travels with the user, secureity allows people to freely explore the Internet without concern for their privacy and safety. Its easily added as an implant to the worldView contacts, where it encrypts each piece of data from a users brain as it uploads to the Internet. With this technique, secureity provides a convenient opportunity for the government to ease up on restrictions and resume protecting instead of controlling its people. Thats why i set out this morning on my way to obtain secureitys service with a hope that i, and surely many others, havent felt in a long while-that soon, i could be free. Hide Essay 2016 Scholarship First Runner-up Topic: we own the future picture yourself in 2050. An old man sits on his comfortable couch, looking out the window, watching the trees sway with the gentle breeze and the birds singing. A large screen on the wall updates to show the weather: 68 degrees with a light west breeze, 10:17. A moment later his eyeglasses flash with the same update. The old man glances over to the glasses sitting on the table, a fine layer of dust accumulating on them.

Essay on The future of the Internet

future of the internet essay

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With so much ease and relative convenience, contact usage quickly encompassed almost everyones lives. But it didnt take long for full the government to realize that the contacts posed a huge security risk. Masquerading as a reasonable effort to safeguard citizens everywhere, the digital Brain Activity Protection Act was passed on September 6th, 2045. Under this act, worldView contact users would be required to install government-issued firewalls around their digital brains. Although these firewalls worked well to keep prying companies and criminals at bay, they were hiding something-a filter heavily censoring a variety of sites deemed suspicious by the government. This news emerged after 6 weeks of firewall use, and a public uproar ensued.

Most people agreed that the firewalls themselves were reasonable, but undisclosed censorship was reprehensible. As a result, curious citizens were unable to do non-work-related research. Families were unable to connect with children on the other side of the world because the only permitted communication sites werent available in some other countries. But no matter how much picketing, protesting, and petitioning occurred, the government refused to back down. The proceeding uproar has continued for almost 5 years, but an alternative has finally arisen. Secureity is a company dedicated to providing Internet privacy, safety, and freedom all in one package. Their protective internet service acts as a flexible, filtering shield around a users brain as they navigate the web, keeping potentially harmful people and information out.

Activated by the sunlight, the gps in my contacts orients itself and points me in the direction of secureitys Madison headquarters. Thanks to the incessant growth of technology and the Internet, much of a middle-class urban residents daily life occurs online. Its 2050 now, and Im on my way to an in-person meeting that could shape the next few years of my life. 2045 was the year everything changed. For decades, scientists had been relentlessly working towards more interactive and collaborative technologies.

Although theyd been struggling since the mid-2030s, june 13th, 2045 marked a breakthrough. A leading technology company, eyeful, Inc., released their incredible worldView Internet-enabled contact lenses. These were created to project the online world into the air before a user, enabling them to navigate through the resulting holograph using their hands. Unfortunately, for the contacts to work, users had to temporarily upload their minds content to the Internet, with the optic nerve as the lenses link to their brain. But because the technology had not advanced enough to support a complete upload, users would have to sync and take down their brain content every day. The necessity of this coming and going, along with the inadequacy of the existing security made established protection for the digital brains impossible, leaving them vulnerable to private agencies and individuals trying to reap information. Nevertheless, school and work could now be easily attended online and at home.

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They have been careful to leave behind no digital foot prints, nothing but an obsolete physical paper trail no one would think to follow. She turns down the 7th row and searches the 4th shelf, because just like any rebellion, they thrived on hope, and symbols held a certain power. She pulls down volume 17, coated in oliver dust (its tax code and carries little threat of ever being read restaurant on purpose opens to page 76 and leaves a dozen or so pages of hope to be spread to millions. As she leaves, she passes the old man with the newspaper, and he does not make eye contact, but gives a nearly imperceptible nod of his head which she does not outwardly acknowledge. Hide Essay 2016 Scholarship Winner Topic: we own the future picture yourself in 2050. How will the evolution of the Internet affect our social structure and/or the authority governments have over citizens? As I step outside for the first time in days, my eyes struggle to adjust to the glare.

future of the internet essay

It has been eight years since the government gave itself full freedom to monitor the digital activities of every citizen, including everything from your exact gps location, to where you bought your morning coffee. She cant even check out a book here without it being tracked. So instead she had spent her days in the medical library with meticulous hand-written notes and every book she could find about cancer, each of them back on their shelves by nightfall. She had carried on this tedious work with the maddening knowledge that orders the information she sought was never more than a few clicks away. Citizens data had been used, among other things, for voter redistricting, and their democratic republic had covertly transformed into a corrupt authoritarian entity. Anything that did not help the bottom line of the corporations that now held the governments purse strings was prohibited. The simple, cost-effective cure she had discovered instead of lengthy, expensive treatments would find her in much the same predicament as Gallileo, lavoisier, Oldenburg, and the countless others before her who had challenged the world in the name of science. But unlike history, she is not a lone scholar, but part of a vast underground network of doctors, researchers and scientists, secretly spreading information.

an opinion. Clear and articulate writing, past Winners, winner, elizabeth Fijalkiewicz. University of Minnesota, read Essay 2017 Scholarship Winner Topic: Its 2027 and government surveillance on citizens internet activities is legal, in force, and widespread. Governments worldwide are watching everything youre doing. What happens to art, culture, innovation, scientific research, freedom of expression, etc? She enters the library of Congress, heart pounding, palms sweaty, carrying nothing with her but todays paper and her lifes work pressed carefully between the pages of the classifieds. She passes an old man reading the same paper she has clutched in her hands, todays date sprawled across the front page; March 18th, 2027. Its a momentous day; she hopes someday history remembers.

Please submit your entry to by august 31, 2018, no later than 11:59 pm, pacific Standard Time. (see, contest Rules for more details. why you should Enter, you will have a chance to win a 5,000 cash prize. The winner will be featured on multiple communications platforms. This is a great resume-builder for a career in journalism or any relevant field of study. This is an opportunity to become a leading voice in the growing debate over encryption, digital rights, internet privacy, and the fight against censorship. Awards and Selection Process. Scholarship award amount, the winner of the 2018 Scholarship will receive a 5,000 cash prize.


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Introduction, the essay Expressvpn future of Privacy Scholarship was created to raise awareness of internet privacy and security. The internet is undoubtedly having a transformative effect on our education system. Expressvpn found, for instance, that virtually all classrooms across the us are being equipped with unprotected high-speed broadband, leaving them open to data breaches, cyber attacks, and surveillance. Across the pond, uk schools are pouring billions into educational technology for both teachers and students, but more than a quarter of them still lack basic cybersecurity measures to keep such technology secure. As the number of internet-ready devices entering classrooms in the us and the uk skyrockets, so do the threats and vulnerabilities to the privacy of the individuals who use them. Awareness, then, of online security and a fundamental understanding of privacy rights are more important than ever. How to Enter, enter by submitting a short essay exploring the prompt below: Essay prompt, if you had the combined powers of all the worlds leaders, what would be your 10-year plan to ensure the next generation has the right to privacy? Essay length 300-400 words.

future of the internet essay
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