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Instead of printing a hundred thousand copies of a small number of titles, they printed hundreds of thousands of copies of many titles so as to reach every possible outlet and buyer. They were selling pulp fiction, yes, but it was a different, upscale kind of pulp. . On the one hand, the novels published by fawcett and by the best of their competitors, dell, avon, and Popular Library were short (generally around fifty thousand words rapidly paced, with emphasis on action. . On the other hand, they were well-written, well-plotted, peopled by sharply delineated and believable characters, spiced with sex, often imbued with psychological insight, and set in vividly drawn, often exotic locales. The stuff of any good commercial novel, then or now. Thanks to writers such as Gil Brewer, the best of the gold Medal novels are the apotheosis of pulp fiction rough-hewn, minor works of art, perfectly suited to and representative of their era. .

Their Gold Medal line was in its infancy (the first gm titles appeared in late 1949) when they bought Brewers first two novels in 1950; but GMs success was already guaranteed. . They had assembled, and would continue to assemble, some of the best popular and category writers of the period by paying royalty advances based on the number of copies printed, rather than on the number of copies sold; thus writers received handsome sums up front. Into the gm stable came such established names. Burnett, cornell woolrich, sax Rohmer, macKinlay kantor, wade miller, and Octavus roy cohen; such top pulpeteers as John. MacDonald, Bruno fischer, day keene, david goodis, harry Whittington, Edward. Aarons, and Dan Cushman; and such talented newcomers as Charles Williams, richard. Prather, Stephen Marlowe, and Gil Brewer. What the fawcett brain trust and the fawcett writers succeeded in doing was adapting the tried-and-true pulp fiction formula of the thirties and forties to postwar American society, with all its changes in life-style and morality and its newfound sophistication. . Instead of a bulky magazine full of short stories, they provided brand-new, easy-to-read novels in the handy pocket format. . Instead of gaudy, juvenile shoot-em-up cover art, they utilized the peekaboo sex approach to catching the readers eye: resume women depicted either nude (as seen from the side or rear) or with a great deal of cleavage and/or leg showing, in a variety of provocative poses. .

writing out a bill of sale

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Shaw had my essay entire career planned. . I tried writing a suspense book to see if I could do it, and wrote one singles-paced in five days. . Then I wrote satan Is a woman and Gold Medal bought it and asked for more dick carroll and Bill Lengel and joe said to me, youve already got another one finished. . The five-day book, so rich, so dead. . so gm published that. . Then I wrote 13 French Street and was off to the races. Fawcett was the first and best of the softcover publishers to specialize in original, male-oriented mysteries, westerns, historicals, and modern novels. .

writing out a bill of sale

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His early efforts were not crime stories but mainstream and literary exercises. . he sent some of these to joseph. Shaw, the former editor of Black mask, who had become a successful literary agent in the forties. . Shaw liked what he saw and encouraged Brewer to keep writing, though with a more commercial slant to his work. I began as a serious writer, and came close, but married and had to have money so switched to pulp. . I was with joe shaw at that time. . I sold shorts to detective tales, oliver etc. .

It matters because if it doesnt, then nothing does. For all my seemingly sometimes rattlebrained manner, i am actually deathly sincere and serious about my writing. . Am only happy my only real happiness at the machine. Gil Brewer was born in relative poverty in Canandaigua, new York, in november of 1922. . he dropped out of school to work, but retained a thirst for knowledge and a love of books; he was an omnivorous reader. . At the outbreak of World War ii he joined the army and served in France and Belgium, seeing action and receiving wounds that entitled him to a va disability pension. . After the war, he worked at a variety of jobs warehouseman, cannery worker, bookseller, gas-station attendant while pursuing a lifelong desire to write fiction.

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writing out a bill of sale

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Im ashamed of all the evil damned things ive done when drinking. . But Im straight now, and must remain so, because one more drink and Gil Brewer goes down the slot. Sure, its a hollywood cliche. . look at all the writers who have destroyed themselves with alcohol. . poe, stephen Crane,.

Henry, jack london, sinclair Lewis, dorothy parker, fitzgerald, faulkner, ohara. . so does it really matter that a minor mystery writer named Gil Brewer also drank himself to death? Damned right it does. It matters because he was a gentle, sensitive, vulnerable man who felt too deeply and cared too much. . It matters because he produced some of the most compelling noir softcover originals of the 1950s. It matters because he understood and loved fine writing and hungered to create it himself, to just once write something of depth and beauty and meaning. It matters because of the writer he might have been with a little luck, encouragement, and the proper guidance, for in him there was a small untapped core of greatness.

She has no career setbacks, no private demons. . She writes when she feels like it, which isnt very often, and never has to worry about money. . Her life is full of adventure, romance, excitement, joy. . It is the kind of life even royalty envies. You want to know what the life of a working mystery writer is really like? .

Gil Brewer could tell you. . he could tell you about the taste of success and fame that never quite becomes a meal; the shattered dreams and lost hopes, the loneliness, the rejections and failures and empty promises, the lies and deceit, the bitterness, the self-doubts, the dry spells and dried-up. He could tell you about all of that, and much more. He would, too, if he were still alive. Gil Brewer drank himself to death on the second day of January, in the year of Our Lord nineteen hundred and eighty-three, at the age of sixty. I nearly croaked; not through drinking, but because i had an infected lung, emphysema, heart failure and pneumonia-all at the same time. . It was a rough go at the hospital. . Then nearly a year of sobriety and I figured I was ready for work, when things went to pot again. .

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All I review could work out is that i am apparently a newfag and cannot triforce but am unsure as to why i would need to triforce in the first place. I asked some of the people on there for their advice regarding triforcing but the only answer I seemed to get was 'nigger'. Forgotten writers: gil brewer, by bill Pronzini, i dont like the, murder, She Wrote tv show. I dont like it because it gives a false and distorted picture of what its like to be a mystery writer. . Jessica effortlessly produces a couple of novels that become instant bestsellers. . Critics and readers adore them, every one. Film and play producers flock to her door, offering huge amounts of money. . She attends fancy new York parties and everyone knows her name, everyone praises her work. . Her agent is a prince; so are her.

writing out a bill of sale

Especially Mrs Carter in number three who leaves her bins out all week. If I did find a rock shaped like a frog, i would throw it at her cat. Ebay, if I wanted a house full of cheap, dirty, second hand rubbish, i would go to a garage sale in Klemzig. Email, people are always sending me all kinds of rubbish. Why would I want dozens autobiography of pictures of lots of love cats? I went away for a week recently and when I got back and checked my email, i had eight hundred and forty three messages. Eight hundred and forty of these were adverts for viagra and the other three were pictures of lots of love cats. I bought a 'no junk mail' sticker and stuck it on my modem but nobody has taken any notice. I spent a good hour on this site and still have no idea what it is for.

hang the bath mat over the bath when they are finished using. I don't leave the mat all soggy for other people to walk on after I have been in there. Facebook, i have a photo album on my bookshelf full of faces of people i know which I haven't opened since 1982 so why would I want their faces on my internet? None of them are even very good looking. I tried facebook to see what all the fuss was about and was only on there five minutes before some idiot poked. It is easy to be brave when you are on the internet. Reddit / Digg, these sites are the online equivalent of walking down the street, finding a rock shaped like a frog and holding it up in the air while yelling for all my neighbours to come out and tell me what they think. My neighbours can all go to hell.

Chatrooms, if I wanted to chat with strangers, i would pick up the phone and press random numbers. I tried a chatroom once and was talking to guy who claimed he was an obese fifty three year old man living in a caravan park but there is short no way of knowing if these people are telling the truth. Twitter, why would I want anybody i don't know knowing what i am doing? I don't yell out to everyone in the supermarket "I am buying oranges" so why would I want to do it on my internet? When I was young, i lived in a small village where everybody knew each other and knew what everyone was. There was a fat italian kid who lived next door to me named Tony. One day i shot him in the leg with a home made bow arrow from my treehouse that overlooked his yard and his parents called the police. Within hours the entire village was calling me william Tell.

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Google, when I was young and I wanted to know something, i was beaten for being too inquisitive. That's the problem with the young people today, they have a google answer for everything. If they had to walk to their local library every time they had something stupid to ask they would ask a lot less stupid questions. Google Images, google Images is useless. I used it once to search for a photo of farm equipment and it showed me twenty thousand pictures of horse dicks. Blogging, i read a blog once by someone who had bought a scarf and he went on for about three hundred paragraphs about his scarf and where he bought it and how it made resume him feel. The last time i bought a scarf I wore. I didn't write a novel about.

writing out a bill of sale
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  3. Basically, everything on the internet is rubbish but I will try to pinpoint the main areas to avoid. Gil Brewer was born in relative poverty in Canandaigua, new York, in november of 1922. He dropped out of school to work, but retained a thirst for knowledge and a love of books; he was an omnivorous reader.

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